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Re: Dora and the Golden Candlelabrum
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One year later

Arthur Maddocks had been retired from the Diplomatic service on health grounds.Stress had played a big part in this. He and Prudence had decided that it was time that they moved nearer to their daughter. She'd written to them and told them about Steve's dilemma and having to choose between selling the house or the grounds. Reluctantly it had been decided that the grounds were too valuable to sell so it would have to be the house. 'We'll buy it' said Arthur immediately putting their London house up for sale. 'That way, when anything happens to us the house will come to you Dora.' 'But daddy- it's huge and it will need a lot of work.' 'Well at least we'll come and have a look.' Surprisingly Prudence loved the place- probably  the name Witherby Hall had something to do with it. Although all the legalities were not quite complete as it was a 'friendly deal' they moved in. Their London house had been quickly snapped up being in a very fashionable area of the capital. The old tired looking furniture had been removed from the Hall and already the addition of the Maddocks exquisite furniture had begun to transform the old house. today a huge marquee had been set up in the grounds as the family celebrated the christening of Stephen Geoffrey Ross. Dora looked lovely having quickly regained her figure she wore a maroon suit with a pink floral blouse. She wore a necklace of real pearls. When Steve and Dora had spent their night in the old bedroom as they had suspected they had two very short dreams- in the first they were shown what had happened when Dora had been shot. She became briefly transparent, the same thing happened to Steve. The bullet passed through both of them and thudded into the wall behind. The official story was that the shot had missed. They had gone back to the room and examined the wall finding the bullet hole. The other part showed the wall safe and the Bible open where the list of numbers were 32L 6R 17L 23R. They had tried the combination and the safe had opened. Inside were copies of new wills made by Cissie and Amelia. Jeannie was not mentioned- it was as if they knew she would not be able to claim an inheritance. Dora was bequeathed their jewellery- hence the pearls and a £5000 from each of them. There was also a further £1000 each donation to Follyfoot. The balance of the cash was left to Steve and although it was quite a substantial amount there was no duty to pay as the property was not theirs, they were just holding it in trust till they found their nephew. Steve looked at Dora and baby Steve with love shining in his eyes. 'I just need to speak to your father  girl' he said. Steve's Auntie Milly went over to Dora 'Ee he's a beautiful boy- spitting image of his dad at that age - that's right isn't it our Kathy.' 'If you say so' said her sister taking a glass of champagne from a passing waiter. 'Would you like to hold him?' said Dora. Kathy shook her head and brushed imaginary crumbs off her skirt. Milly however said 'I'd love to. 'I'm just going to find Steve- I'll only be a little while.' She went and slipped her arm through his looking up into his face. 'Is it okay?' It's fine' said Steve putting his hand into his pocket. Arthur stood behind the table where the cake had stood banging on it for attention. 'Ladies and gentlemen- please get yourself a drink as I wish to propose a toast 'To my grandson- Stephen Geoffrey Ross. Everyone raise their glasses and then Steve and Dora made their way to the table too.
'When I came here nearly four years ago now I had nothing. Dora's uncle gave me a chance, I tried to deny my feelings for her for a long time. She was going to come into money some day- what could I offer her. I was proud and stubborn. When the business of the candelabrum started and we went through a lot together I realised she would love me whatever my financial circumstances and I for my part finally admitted she was my one and only love- my soulmate who has just become my fiancee.' The whole assembled company erupted into cheers. Colonel Maddocks turned to Slugger and said 'I feel a lot happier about the future now.' Slugger took out his handkerchief and blew his nose loudly. Ron finished his champagne and took another glass. Taking Dora's hand in his Steve looked down at the ring. 'It will always remind us of Cissie' he said as the ring had belonged to her. 'Arthur spoke again ' The toast is the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ross. Minnie, no longer a kitten and resplendant in a pink bow jumped onto the table purring loudly. 'I don't believe in long engagements- let's go see the vicar.' said Steve. Prudence was shaking hands with everyone as they prepared to leave. She tripped over a pair of legs sticking out from under a table. Lifting the cloth to see who it was she saw Ron. 'Get up at once' she said throwing a glass of water in his face. 'Sorry mittheth dragon lady' said Ron staggering to his feet. ' The colonel came over. 'You're very drunk, Ron he said. ' Ron looked over at where Steve and Dora now stood sharing a loving kiss. 'Sorry Colonel- drowning me sorrows.' 'You need to line your stomach Ron' said Slugger. How about i make you a nice drop of stew?' Dora took baby Steve back from Milly. 'He needs a nappy change.' she said. They walked back into the house past the little memorial garden where Cissie and Amelia's ashes had been scattered. After seeing to the baby's needs they went to look at the new portrait that a local artist had done from photographs to replace the one Jeannie had destroyed. 'That's your great grandfather Steve' said Dora. Baby Steve gave a gigantic yawn. They were staying the night and had brought the carrycot for the baby to sleep in. 'I think it's time this young man was in bed.' They walked upstairs to 'their bedroom', Minnie following behind. 'I wonder if this room will work it's magic again.' Dora said as she closed the door leaving a reluctant cat outside. 'No doubt about it' said Steve certain that he heard Tom laugh.    The end
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