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Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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(This story partially overlaps 'A surprise for Kathy)

Theresa O'Sullivan pulled up outside Follyfoot Farm. It was a beautiful morning and she was on her rounds as a community midwife. She had met her patient, Dora Maddocks,once before in her office early in the pregnancy and this was a follow up home visit.
Ron Stryker saw her arrive. He thought she looked good in her uniform and studied her from the stable he was supposed to be cleaning out.

'Very nice' he said to himself. 'I'd like to get to know her'

Steve Ross, Dora's fiancee and father of the baby, was working in the far barn and Ron went to get him in case he hadn't heard the car arrive. As they walked back over together  Ron said 'Ere Steve- can you introduce me to the nurse?'

'Midwife you mean. She is pretty isn't she?'

'Cor- not arf!'

'Well I'll see what I can do.'

On the whole apart from morning sickness early on Dora's health had been reasonably good but there had been a few problems with her blood pressure even before her pregnancy. Checking it now Theresa found it slightly raised but not enough to cause undue concern. When Steve came in she advised them both about the importance of plenty of rest and advised that early morning starts for Dora were now not a good idea. At first she had had reservations about Dora having a home birth but having talked at length to her and Steve and looking round the farmhouse she was somewhat re-assured although she did say that a lot depended on how the pregnancy progressed. She still had hopes of persuading Dora to have her baby in the special unit where mothers were delivered by their own midwife and spent the minimum of time away from home. Dora was however still going through the grieving process after losing her beloved uncle recently. The idea of going into the same hospital he had died in albeit a completely different part did not sit well with her. Theresa said she would monitor the pregnancy closely.

As she had always loved horses and was an accomplished rider Theresa welcomed the opportunity to look round the stables. Steve introduced her to Ron and after a few minutes left with the excuse that he had a phone call to make. Ron continued with the tour. He was an amusing guide and kept Theresa entertained with anecdotes about various horses. All at once she looked at her watch and realised she would have to leave or else she would be late for her next appointment. Ron took his courage in both hands and asked 'Er I don't suppose you fancy coming out for a drink with me some time this week do you?'

Theresa had taken a shine to this young man and did not have a boyfriend at that moment. 'Yes- thanks-I'd like that. I'm free on Friday. Is that your bike if so can we go for a spin first?'

'Of course- shall I pick you up about seven?'

'Yes- fine. she handed him a card on which she wrote her home address and telephone number. 'Oh- and Ron- please can we wear crash helmets?'

'Sure- and if you need to contact me I'm here till five o'clock most weekdays.'

As she pulled away Theresa saw him light up a cigarette. Smoking was something she really disliked and she hoped if they continued to see each other that she could get him to give up particularly as it would be bad for the baby if he smoked in the farmhouse.

Ron was feeling really chuffed with himself when he went in for lunch and even the sight and smell of Slugger's stew did nothing to dampen his spirit.
'I've only gone and got myself a date with your midwife' he told Dora.

'Well you mind your manners with her- she's a nice girl!'

'I know how to behave myself with the ladies.Treated you alright when I took you out didn't I?'

Their one and only real date had been just before Steve went to Liverpool to find his mother. while Steve was away Ron and Dora had become closer but the relationship was more like that of sister and brother. Although they had their disagreements she didn't argue with him the way she did with Steve. Things between the three of them were a little strained when Steve got back and it took a long time for them to realise their true feelings for one another. When this finally happened Ron had stopped being jealous of Steve and the two of them had become firm friends although Steve still got annoyed with him when he sloped off early or hid in the barn to have a quick nap. When Dora and Steve married in a few weeks time Ron was to be their best man. He was eagerly looking forward to Friday and his first date with Theresa

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Ron's Romance continued.
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Chapter 2
Friday night went well. Theresa said that she preferred to be called Teri. she enjoyed being on the back of Ron's bike, holding onto his waist and leaning in the right direction when necessary. When they had toured round the country lanes for some time they headed back to Tockwith to Henri's bar. When they dismounted their cheeks were rosy from the wind and their eyes glowed with the pleasure of the ride. They found they had a common interest in music and Ron told her that he played guitar and knew several people in local groups. He promised to take her next time he was going to a gig. He knew that he should not have too much to drink so he had two half pints of lager then went on to Cola. Teri drank orange juice and because neither of them had eaten they had a basket meal of chicken and chips. They made a date to go to the pictures the following Friday. When they arrived at her flat Ron dismounted but she did not ask him in. He gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek. This was not Ron's usual style at all as he was normally very forthcoming with his kisses. Somehow it didn't seem right to him to kiss Teri as he had kissed other girls on the first date.

When he got home he lay on his bed to smoke his last cigarette of the day. He pictured Teri in his mind. She was a little shorter than him- just right! Her hair and eyes were brown, her figure had curves in all the right places and her legs were long. Feeling very content Ron undressed and got ready for bed. He dreamed of Teri. In the morning he woke with a smile on his face and felt in a really good mood. He even remembered to cut his engine when he got to Follyfoot and wheeled his bike in at the gate.

'You feeling okay mate?' asked a very surprised Steve.

'Fantastic mate!'

Over breakfast Ron asked Dora if Teri could come to ride at Follyfoot on a regular basis. She readily agreed as it would mean one less horse to be exercised which would take a bit of pressure from Steve and the others. She liked Teri very much and hoped they would become good friends. Callie and Hazel were a bit too young and Anna too old to be the sort of friend she needed.

Teri also woke in a good mood. she had to work on Saturday morning and one of her colleagues, Susie Baxter asked if she had enjoyed her evening out.

'Yes thanks- Ron and I had a great time'

'Ron who works at Follyfoot- Ron Stryker?'

'Yes that's right- why?'

'Oh he lives quite near me. A bit of a ladies man is our Ron - love them and leave them- he loves and they leave usually.'

'Well I think he's got a lovely sense of humour and his hair is gorgeous. We've got another date on Friday- we're going to the cinema.'

'Well just watch him that's all.'

'I'm a big girl now Susie!'

On Friday it rained heavily all day and Teri phoned Ron at the farm to say that she would pick him up in the car to save them arriving at the cinema soaked to the skin. Ron gave her his home address and telephone number. He dressed for their date with great care in a pair of navy jeans and navy checked shirt. A scarf was knotted casually round his neck. He was very liberal with his deodorant and aftershave. He heard the toot of her horn when she arrived and pulling on his hooded coat ran through the rain to join her.

The film,' holiday on the buses' was a spin off from the television series and was hilarious. They held hands and Teri rested her head on his shoulder. When the lights went up in the interval Ron admired her appearance.She was wearing a cornflower blur knee length skirt with matching figure hugging sweater. He bought ice creams resisting the temptation to succumb to his normal habit of buying two for himself. Afterwards they went for coffee and talked about the film. They sat side by side and Ron draped his arm lazily round her shoulders.

'Are you coming to the farm for a ride tomorrow?'

'Yes providing the weather is better than it was today.'

'Dora and Steve have said I can invite someone to their wedding- would you like to come?'

'When is it?'

May 10th 2pm at the village church.'

'I'd love to come. I sometimes have to work on Saturdays so I'll be sure to book that day off.'

When they arrived at his house Ron leaned over and kissed her on the lips. 'I won't ask you in because my dad will only make some snide comment- hopefuilly I'll see you tomorrow.'

Teri stroked his cheek and kissed him back. 'Goodnight Ron- and thank you for a lovely evening.'
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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Chapter Three
The next day was fine and Teri arrived at the stables early. she went to speak to Dora. 'I think that Barney is a beautiful horse but Ron says he's rather a problem'

'He's fine with me and usually okay provided he's not startled.'

'Do you think he'd let me ride him? I'd love to try.'

'I'd spend a bit of time getting to know him first. I'll come out with you and we'll see what kind of mood he's in. He's not been ridden for a few weeks. Steve and Hazel have been schooling him to try and get him used to someone else. I can't risk getting thrown.'
Ron got him out of his stall and Dora patted and stroked him encouraging Teri to do the same and to speak to him softly.

'You're a beautiful boy and we're going to be good friends' said Teri.

'Lead him down to the paddock and walk him round for a bit- Ron you go too and stay with them'

'Yes ma'am' he said sketching her a salute.

After spending some time with Barney and knowing that she should not try and ride him yet Teri asked Ron if there was another horse she could ride. They led Barney back and whilst Teri groomed him Ron consulted Steve. 'She can ride Domino- I assume you want to go too so you take Thistledown- they can both do with the exercise.'

Steve watched them ride off and it brought back memories of when he and Dora went  out riding together on Copper and Alex .It had been weeks since they had done it and he really missed those times. Ron showed Teri Copper's Rest the bungalow where Steve and Dora would be living in a few months time.
'It looks to be a better place than the farmhouse for bringing up children' she said. On the ride back Teri asked Ron if he would like to go with her to a friend's birthday get together at the Saracen's Head on Wednesday week and he agreed eagerly.

Before she left Teri went to have a cup of tea and a chat with Dora while the others did some more schooling. Dora said that she was welcome to come to the farm the following weekend but that she and Steve would be in Liverpool picking up Steve's mother. She also said that they were taking Ron out for a meal on Tuesday as it was his birthday. It was to be a surprise and she wondered if Teri would like to come.

'Yes- thanks that would be good. If you tell me the time and place I'll try and make a date with him for tuesday and say that we'll take my car.'

'It's 'La Taverna' at 7pm.

'Right- leave getting him there to me. I won't even let on that I know it's his birthday.'

'Oh he'll probably drop some big hints- he's been doing that to us for several weeks now.' Teri set up the Tuesday date with Ron before she left.

On his birthday Dora and Steve gave Ron a card and a new pair of gloves for his bike as their present. There were cards and gifts from Slugger, Hazel and Callie and Anna too so Ron left work well pleased with his lot and the fact that he had a date with Teri that evening added to his pleasure. She picked him up at a quarter to seven and when he asked where they were going she told him to wait and see. He was amazed when they drew up outside the restaurant and Teri said they would go and get something to eat. He wasn't very flush at the moment and he knew the reputation of this place was that it was good but expensive and even going dutch would be more than he could afford. He was about to suggest that they go somewhere else when Steve and Dora drew up in the estate car. 'Happy Birthday Ron' said Teri giving him a kiss. As they went into the restaurant Steve caught the worried look on Ron's face.

'Don't worry, the meals on us.'

'Do you realise that in all the years we've worked together this is the first time we've double dated' said Dora.

'Mmn odd that' replied Ron.

The restaurant served  both English and Greek dishes. They all opted for English first and main courses but decided on Greek honey cakes for dessert. Over coffee Steve said that he and Dora would leave soon as they had no wish to play gooseberry and anyway Dora was tired. Before they left he bought Ron a beer and an orange juice for Teri. ' I've paid the bill so you won't have to do the washing up' he said. 'See you in the morning Ron. 'Night Teri'

'Ron- you know this birthday party we're going to next Wednesday?'


'Well the chap whose birthday it is is getting together a group of people to put on a show to raise funds for some equipment. Will you help- play your guitar and sing?'

'Well I'll give it a go- what about you- do you sing?'

'Yes, I love singing.'

' Well why don't we do some numbers together. We can have a couple of nights practice and maybe try something out at the wedding.'

'Great- you can come to my place. Let's say Sunday evening after Dora and Steve get back from Liverpool. I'm on call till 6pm anyway.'

'You will come over on Saturday won't you?'

'Of course- I want to see Barney!'

'Do you want another drink or more coffee?'

'We can have coffee at my place- but before we go let me give you your birthday present.'

From her handbag she produced a prettily wrapped present and a card. The present was a bottle of an expensive aftershave called 'Suave'

'Cor thanks I've had a smashing day.' he said and went to get their coats. Teri lived in a small rented flat on the outskirts of Tockwith. She showed Ron round, there were two bedrooms but one had been converted into a study. 'Have a look and see if there's any music you fancy' she said indicating the music centre and shelf of cassettes. He found one by 'Slade ' and put it into the machine. They sat together on the studio couch to drink their coffee. 'Now tell me all about yourself' said Ron little suspecting that what Teri would say to him later would have a profound effect on their relationship.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Chapter 3 continued
'Were you born round here?' Ron asked.
'I was born and brought up in Liverpool but I moved to Leeds to do my training at St. James's. After I qualified as a midwife I decided that I really did not want to work all the time in a hospital but that I'd prefer to be somewhere where I could have a closer ongoing relationship with my patients so I kept a look out in 'Midwife' magazine and got my present job about a year ago- what about you?'
'Yes I was born here. Until I got my job at Follyfoot ,thanks to my father bribing the colonel with a sizeable donation, I was a bit of a rebel- still am I suppose. I have calmed down a lot and that's a lot to do with Dora. She has that effect on people. Steve did a spell in a young offenders prison you know. Him and Dora used to fight like cat and dog and him and I have hads a few scraps but everything's calmed down since they got it together.'
'What did Steve do?'
'Well you might know there was a horse involved. bloke was ill treating it so Steve gave him a taste of his own medicine and got banged up for it.'
'I can't imagine Steve being violent- he seems so nice.'
'Well he is most of the time because he knows it upsets the heck out of Dora if he loses his temper. Still if there's a cause worth fighting for Steve's your man-me- I'd rather not be. I try and stay out of trouble but I must admit I do get into the odd scrape-usually when I'm with my mates. Since I've been going out with you I've been steering clear of them. You must be a good influence on me.'
'I hope I'm not stopping you from having fun though.'
'I'm having fun of a different kind with you, and i like it! Work's fun most of the time. Slugger's a laugh a minute- so's his cooking- don't ever be tempted to taste his stew. Whatever meat he puts in it tastes like old shoe leather! I also get a kick out of trying to make Hazel smile. Course she's another one who's done a spell in young offenders. Smashed up her adopted father's brand new car. Dora didn't want her to work with us at first but now she's trying to work her special magic on her. I get on very well with Hazel. Steve keeps her at arms length because she had a real crush on him when she first arrived but I pull her leg something rotten and get away with it.'
'You don't pull my leg.'
'I can think of better things to do with you.' he said moving in closer to give her a lingering kiss on the lips. Teri moved a little away from him  and said
'Ron, I need to be frank with you about something. My family are strict Roman Catholics. I went to a convent school and I go to mass when I can...'
'Well- I'm not religious but it's okay if you are.'
'Yes but we have very strict rules about relationships. Contraception is not allowed which really rules out sex outside of marriage. I mean there are other methods which being a midwife I know all about but they have a very high failure rate.'
The lava lamp which Teri had switched on when they first got back had now started to send it's bubbles up and down and Ron sat for a few minutes watching the orange globules. Finally he took her hand in his and studied her palm as he spoke:-
'I suppose you've heard rumours about me sleeping around- well I'm certainly not going to say that I'm a virgin but you know what it's like when we blokes ger together, we like to out talk each other and boast about our conquests. I know we shouldn't kiss and tell but it happens- I never mention any names.
Anyway I usually only date a girl a couple of times and then move on- things don't normally go beyond the kissing stage.' He paused- the implications of what Teri had just said had not yet fully sunk in but he knew that already he was really fond of her so he said what he thought she wanted to hear-
'I really want to go on seeing you and because i know how things are I'll try not to let myself get carried away. I respect you.'
She looked up at him and said softly 'Thank you Ron' then kissed him her lips soft and warm on his.
When ron got up to leave she asked if he wanted her to drive him. Although it was three miles away Ron shook his head.
'No ta- it's not a bad night and I've had a few beers. The walk will clear my head.'
'Shall I see you on Friday as usual?' she enquired.
'Yeah- I'll pick you up at 7 and if it's fine we'll go for a spin. I can't be too late because I've got to sleep at the farm as Dora and Steve will be away.'
He brushed her lips and her arms circled his neck causing him to deepen the kiss. To him it seemed like an unspoken apology he said a whispered goodnight and walked into the night. He didn't know whether it was the beer that caused it but he felt a headache coming on and halfway home it started to drizzle.
'Happy Birthday Ron' he said to himself turning his collar up and quickening his pace. He passed an advertisement hoarding showing a couple smoking cigarettes and took his own pack from his pocket. It was squashed and damp and only contained two crushed specimens. 'Sovereigns satisfy- huh!'
Ron rarely drank spirits but his father usually had a bottle of whisky in the sideboard. He poured himself a tumbler, drank it in one swallow and spluttered. On the wall opposite his bed was a picture of Ursula Andress coming out of the sea which he'd had there for several years he knew every curve and in his mind he superimposed Teri's face on the body and smiled. Feeling hungover he undressed and put out the light. He soon fell into a deep sleep  and dreamed of mermaids trying to pull him down to the depths of the sea. He still remembered it in the morning. 'Blimey I wonder what Dora would make of that'
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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Next morning Ron kept staring into space, the expression on his face alternating between a smile and a frown. He was going over in his mind the conversation with Teri the night before and every so often he'd shake his head in disbelief. 'Our Ron's got it bad!' commented Steve to Dora as Ron got up from the dinner table having eaten every last morsel of his stew without making any rude remarks.
Late in the afternoon Steve was sitting in the saggy old armchair with Dora on his lap snuggling up close. Her hands were inside his shirt and one of his was gently massaging her swollen tummy.
'Lucky blighter' said Ron under his breath- out loud he said 'You two look cosy.'
'Love's grand isn't it Ron?' said Steve.
'Yeah- see you tomorrow.'
'He didn't seem convinced' said Dora.
'Well- it's all new to him isn't it? I don't think Ron's ever been in love. I know they've only been going out together for a few weeks but I'd lay odds he's in love now.'
'Let's hope Teri feels the same.'
The next day Ron and Steve were alone together doing repairs on the roof of the storage barn. Ron usually whistled or sang but today he was quiet and seemed lost in thought. 'Penny for them Ron.'
'I'm not sure I want to part with them for such a pittance.'
'Suit yourself- I could maybe stretch to ten pence.'
'I do need to talk mate- but not up here. Can we go for a ride later. I don't want to risk Hazel walking in on us.'
'Sure- Fandango needs some exercise- I'll take him and you can borrow Alex. We'll go after we've had our break.'

Alex was used to stopping by the lake when Steve and Dora rode out togehter so he came to a halt of his own accord. Steve reined in Fandango and they both dismounted. Ron reached in his pocket for his cigarettes. He took a few puffs, coughed as he usually did and then told Steve the gist of his talk with Teri the night before. 'Now I admit that at the moment it's not a great problem. We're nowhere near the stage in our relationship where I want to take her to bed but a few weeks down the line we could well be. I'm asking myself will our relationship survive- should I end it now before we get too fond of each other? Hell Steve I'm in a right quandry.'

Steve blew out his cheeks. 'Blazes Ron- there's no easy answer to this one. As you know Dora and I were sharing a room within a few months of admitting our feelings for one another. We knew when the time was right and it was what we both wanted. But could you really walk away from this relationship? Is it what you want?'

'No! that's just it. i know it's only been a few weeks but I wouldn't want to be without her. I can't believe how well we get on.'
'She's been honest with you Ron- not led you on. That's got to be worth a lot. I think you'll just need to take one step at a time and test your own feelings.'

'Steve- if Dora hadn't got pregnant, do you think you'd still be getting married?'
'Well I had every intention of proposing in April- on the anniversary of the day I got back from Liverpool. Would she have accepted? Well I think so, I got the impression that she thought I was going to ask her when we went away for that romantic weekend for Valentine's day. I reckon if it had been leap year she would have done it herself! I'll tell you now what I told Dora the first time we slept together- I had never made love to anyone before. I'd had sex a couple of times but that was a long time ago when I was young and inexperienced.It was unremarkable and forgettable. Sharing yourself and making love with the person you're really in love with is a different thing altogether. It's amazing and beautiful.It looks like if you want it to be like that between you and Teri you'll need to get married.'

'God Steve- I'm not ready for that- not yet! When I see how happy you and Dora are now I know that's the kind of happiness I want one day- and I so hope it will be with Teri.'
That night Dora was really tired and Steve made her go to bed early. He sat and thought about Ron feeling sorry for him and thinking about how lucky he and Dora were. She was asleep when he crept into their room and he stood looking tenderly down at her as he undressed. He lay on his side and draped his arm lightly across her body. 'I love you my sweetheart, goodnight' he whispered and kissed her softly. Dora stirred in her sleep and gave a contented little sigh.

A few miles away Ron was sitting up in bed smoking a cigarette, thinking of Teri and wondering about the future. He didn't earn very much and his father was not one to give him handouts. He had no savings and his standard of education was not very high- what could he offer a girl like Teri, what did she see in him? Must be my fantastic body he thought and much good will that do me!.

The girl in question had just delivered a beautiful baby boy with hair the same colour as Ron's. Looking down into it's sleeping face she began to daydream about holding her own baby in her arms- Ron's baby. 'Theresa O'Sullivan watch it my girl or you'll be doing penance for hours after your next confession.
Still it was good to dream- and  they do come true sometimes- if you want them to.With that thought she  said goodnight to the new family and drove home.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Chapter  4.
Next day Ron sought out Steve again and asked him whether he would go out for a drink with him in the Pig and Whistle that night as he was hoping to meet up with some of his biker friends,
'Sorry mate but the bikers are not really my kind of people. I view them with suspicion and keep thinking about what happened to Ginny's horse at Tuckwood Farm. Then there was Lewis running off our horses and Johnny Clegg and his mates causing the death of four of Sam Lockwood's horses.'

'Come off it Steve. We're not all like that. Most of my mates wouldn't dream of getting involved in anything like that. I just feel I'm at the crossroads .I think I know which way to go but I need to be certain. I just want to see what having a night out with them is like for me now.'

'Well then you don't need me to hold your hand.'
So Ron went to the pub by himself and was greeted with open arms by his mate Smiffy. 'Ron me old China. Good to see you, we've missed you lately. you picked a great night to come back. THere's a mini bus of girls coming for a night out.'

'Well I've got a steady girlfriend now. I'm not in the market for girls.'

'Old Ronnie Stryker turning his nose up at a bit of skirt. Blimey mate you must be sickening for something.Just get yourself a pint and wait till they get here. you might change your mind.'

'I think I'll get meself a bag of nuts too.' said Ron going up to the bar. He was only half way down his pint when the door opened to admit a group of giggling girls who looked to be in their teens. They were soon mingling with the bikers, drinking Babycham and Cherry B and draping themselves over the pool tables getting in the way of the shots.

One of them climbed onto a bar stool near Ron. Her skirt was more micro than mini. Ron smiled, just because he was going steady it didn't mean he could not appreciate a shapely pair of thighs. His eyes travelled upwards towards her face. She was wearing rather a lot of make up and he wondered if it was to hide the fact that she was not really old enough to be drinking. She was toying with the cocktail cherry in her drink and pulled a face as she took a sip.
Ron's mate Johnno came over.

'We're gonna take some of the girls for a spin on the bikes Ron- you up for it mate?'

Ron looked at his watch, 'Nah- gotta meet someone' he lied. He waited till most of the group had left, downed the rest of his pint and strode out without a backward glance. It was too early to go home and he felt hungry having had burnt meatballs for tea. He decided to have a Chinese. There was a restaurant a few streets away from Teri's flat in Tockwith.He knew she was going to see a girl friend that evening but she could be back by now and maybe  she would fancy a take away. He drove past the local Chinese which was open and empty and headed for the Jade Palace via Teri's.

There were no lights on in her flat so he carried on to the restaurant abd decided to eat inside. He took his time and afterwards sat outside on his bike smoking a cigarette. She could be back by now and maybe he could get invited in for coffee. The flat was still in darkness. He waited around for a bit longer but in the end went home disappointed. 'Ron Stryker- you're a saddo' he told himself.

Next day Steve asked him how his evening had gone. 'Well me mates got themselves attched to this group of birds so I didn't really get much of a chance to hang out with them'

'What about you- did you get attached?'

'Not my kind of bird mate. I like a bit of class.'

'You ,mate, are besotted with Teri and you may as well admit it.'

The faraway look came into Ron's eyes again and he smiled to himself.

'Come on. ' said Steve. 'There's a lot of work to do as Dora and I will be away at the weekend. You can chat up the horses.'

'Nag, nag, nag!'

'Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour mate.' said Steve slapping him on the back and steering him in the direction of the storage barn.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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On Friday Ron picked Teri up early and they drove to the coast where they parked on a car park on the sea front at Braconbay. They sat down on a bench and Ron reached for his cigarettes offering the pack to Teri first.
'No thanks,' she said 'I don't smoke and you shouldn't either particularly in the farmhouse as it's very bad for Dora and the baby.'
'Blimey- no sex, no fags what next- no beer?'
'I'm sorry Ron. I didn't mean to preach- it's just that I'm really fond of you. smoking is very bad for your health. It affects your lungs, your voice, makes your clothes and hair smell' She took his hands in hers and turned them over. 'See- your fingers have started to turn yellow. It will be your teeth next. That will ruin your lovely smile.'
'Well I'll try and give up smoking in the farmhouse and when I'm with you but it's not going to be easy. I've been smoking since I was 12 years old behind the bike shed at school.'
'You do want to keep seeing me then?'
'Yeah- I love being with you- but seeing as how you know I'm no plaster cast saint I don't know what you see in me.'
'I love your sense of humour. It's very important to me because my job is demanding and intense most of the time. I also think you're very good looking. I always have loved hair of your colour and it's one of the things that first attracted me to you.'
'Cor- that's sugared the pill a bit! I'm feeling a bit peckish as I only had burnt meatballs for tea but I suppose if I suggest burgers and chips you'll tell me how unhealthy they are.'
'Once in a while won't hurt and I think you deserve a treat. No chips for me though as I had chicken casserole for tea.'
They strolled along to an area on the promenade where there were a few stalls selling doughnuts, ice cream and candy floss and burgers. Ron bought two colas, burger and chips for himself and burger and salad for Teri.They sat on the sea wall to eat.
'Ron- you look like a vampire' said Teri  as tomato sauce dribbled out of the corners of his mouth.
'Do you like horror films? The Asylum is on next week, we could go on if you like or are X certificate films taboo too?'
'No- I'd quite like to see it. I don't mind horror films so long as I'm with someone with a broad shoulder I can bury my face in if it gets too scary.'
'The shoulder and any other part you fancy are at your disposal.' he said wiping his mouth on a serviette and putting their empty containers in the litter bin.
She gave him a playful shove- 'Race you back to the bike' she said setting off before he was ready.
He managed to overtake her but arrived puffing and panting whereas she was only slightly out of breath.
'That's what smoking does for you.' she said.
'I-- need---resuss- ressussi- the kiss of life.' he gasped.
Teri kissed him. 'Better?' she asked.
'No- I need more treatment.' She repeated the kiss.
'Cor that's better- you're a fantastic nurse. He took her into his arms and kissed her tenderly. When he released her she said
'It's turned a bit chilly Ron. Let's head for home.'
Teri spent the day helping at the farm on Saturday as Dora and Steve had gone to Liverpool. When they got back on Sunday Ron went to Teri's for their first singing practice. she cooked spaghetti bolognese which was one of Ron's favourite meals.
'Did you get to meet Steve's mum before you came?'
'Yeah- I think I'll get along with Kathy all right. I can see why her and Steve have a problem though because she strikes me as the sort who likes to go out and have a good time whereas Steve's quite happy to lose himself in a good book. Reads anything he does- hoards old newspapers and reads them from cover to cover. That's how he found out Kathy was in trouble-read it in an old paper. He went to find her and was away for months. Dora pretended that she didn't miss him but she used to go up to his room and have a good cry. I never let on I'd heard her. When he came back he was a bit cagey about what had gone on but it seems like Kathy told him to keep his nose out of her business and let her lead her own life. I just hope she doesn't get herself into any trouble. Now enough of that- let's have a look through these music books and see what we think we can manage.
Teri had a good strong voice and Ron thought they blended together well. They selected a few songs to work on and fixed another practice for the following Sunday.
On Wednesday they met at the Saracen's Head for Teri's friend's birthday party but Ron left early explaining to Teri that he thought Kathy had indeed got herself into trouble. When they met again on Friday Ron 's face was scratched and cut and he had to tell her everything that had happened, how Johnny Clegg had gone to Copper's Rest and set fire to the empty stables knocking him out then had later been knocked out himself by Hazel and persuaded by him and Steve to leave the area. The police had not been involved.
The film was quite scary and when they got back to Teri's the police were making enquiries in the area as there had been several break ins that night. Teri's flat was unaffected but she was a bit worried so Ron offered to stay the night on her couch and she agreed. They spent several more evenings rehearsing songs and on the Saturday before the wedding Teri went to the farm after her morning shift and spent some time with Dora before going out to the horses.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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'Would you like me to come over and help you get ready next Saturday or is your mother doing that?'
'Heavens no' said Dora. 'I can't have mummy fussing about. Callie's mum Anna is coming over but she can concentrate on looking after the girls. They wont have much spare time after getting the chores done because Steve won't be helping. I'd love you to come and help me.'
Ron tried his hardest to get Steve to have a stag night but no amount of coaxing or promising not to do anything bad to him could persuade him. When he'd found out about the strippergram Kathy had arranged for Dora Ron had laughed till the tears ran down his cheeks. When he told Teri he said
'I bet you wouldn't have pushed him out the door like Dora did.'
'Well I did general nursing before I qualified in midwifery so near naked male bodies are nothing unusual to me.'
Ron was spending Friday night at Follyfoot so he would be on hand early Saturday morning to get the chores done before they had to get ready for the wedding. He had a last minute rehearsal with Teri instead of their usual Friday date and told her that Steve was not going to spend Friday night at Copper's rest but was staying with Dora instead as she had got herself worked up and they'd had a blazing row the night before. Everything was okay but Steve did not want to take a chance on her getting stressed out again.

Chapter 5
The farm was already a hive of activity when Teri arrived next day. She was pleased to see that Dora looked happy and relaxed curled up on Steve's lap while Slugger made breakfast for the workers.
'Hi Teri' she said 'Have you had breakfast?'
'Yes thanks- have you?'
'I'm going to get us muesli and toast when Slugger's finished' said Steve.
'You stay put. I'll make it for you- and mind you both eat it. We don't want any grumbling stomachs in the service!'
When breakfast was finished Steve went to get the flowers from the loft room so they were out of his and Ron's way. He took a buttonhole for Bert and corsages for Kathy and Milly to Copper's Rest while Dora had a shower. Outside the bungalow there was a rose bush and on it several red flowers had appeared. There was one exceptionally nice bud which was very near to opening and the kind florists sold for extortionate prices on Valentine's day. Steve took out his knife and cut it . When he got back to the farm he presented it to Dora and told her where he'd got it.
'A symbol of our future life together and how it's going to blossom- see it's even got thorns.'
Not for the last time that day Dora cried happy tears and Teri found her own eyes moist as well. The girls came in having finished their chores and Teri shooed them upstairs to where Anna waited in Hazel's room. She then went to make coffee leaving Steve to take Dora in his arms to say goodbye as there were only two hours left before he had to leave for the service. Dora picked up the rose.
'I'm going to press this so I can keep it for ever' she told Steve. He picked it up and kissed it.
'There- it will be preserved with a kiss which will be there whenever you need it'
Teri had come in with the coffee and heard his remark. She sighed and thought what a romantic gesture it was which had again made Dora cry happy tears. She thrust a coffee into Steve's hand.
'Here- take yourself off and get ready before your bride ends up with a blotchy face.
Steve stole another kiss from Dora, kissed Teri on the cheek and went off whistling happily. Dora and Teri went upstairs where they washed and dried Dora's hair and then Teri applied silver pearl nail varnish to Dora's finger and toenails. While they dried the girls chatted about Ron.
'I've never seen him so happy' said Dora. 'You two seem to spend a lot of time together.'
'Yes we do- I've had a couple of boyfriends before but once they hear I'm not interested in sex outside marriage they disappear.'
'You really wouldn't sleep with someone no matter how much you loved them?'
'No- not even if we were engaged. It's the way I was brought up Dora.'
'I suppose deep down you disapprove of Steve and I living together all these months.'
It's not my business. In my career I've come across lots of couples doing the same thing. It's not for me to preach at them.'
There was a hoot from outside. Teri looked out and saw the taxi waiting for Ron and Steve. She blew Ron a kiss.
'Dora- what are you doing? Don't go near the window, you're only wearing your underwear!'
Dora however wrapped herself in the curtain and through the open window called to Steve that she loved him and waved as he and Ron got into the taxi to go to the church.
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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Dora stood up so Teri could slip her wedding dress over her head. It's style was simple yet elegant- calf length long sleeved ivory crepe in a cut which played down her pregnancy. A very short veil was put on next held in place by a lattice headband studded with pearls into which Teri fixed real cream rosebuds. Her bouquet consisted of more cream rosebuds and stephanotis. She wore silver sandals on her feet. Downstairs they met up with Hazel and Callie who wore knee length peach cotton dressses with long sleeves, wore white sandals and head dresses and posies of white rosebuds.
Anna took the girls in her car. Slugger, resplendent in a dark grey suit waited until Dora's father arrived then after giving her a hug and telling her to be happy was driven off by Teri.
Dora had gone with Steve when he bought his suit which was chocolate brown and brought out the colour of his eyes. His shirt was ivory and he wore a gold cravat. Ron could not be persuaded to wear a brown suit. Instead he wore a tan jacket with beige trousers, cream shirt and an orange scarf knotted at his throat.
Teri and Slugger slipped into the church a few minutes before Dora arrived. She went to say hello to Ron and assure Steve that Dora was following close behind. She then took her seat behing Slugger and Mrs. Porter, the colonel's former housekeeper.When the organ struck up 'Nights in white Satin' and everyone stood to greet the bride Ron's eyes sought and found Teri's and he held her in his gaze until all eyes turned to the front. He found it hard to concentrate on the service and Steve had to nudge him when it was time to produce the rings. Afterwards Teri stood and watched while the photographs were taken. Ron stood beside her when he wasn't required and pointed out who various people were. Dora's mother. Prudence was easy to spot in her peacock blue two piece with an enormous hat.
As the reception was not a formal affair Ron was allowed to sit with Teri. Dora's friend Cleo and her fiancee Patrick were seated on the same table. The speeches were very brief. Dora's father's was beautifully delivered. Steve was profusive in his thanks to everyone and Ron, who had been warned not to say anything rude referred to Dora as being a nice young filly as he had when he told Dora that her uncle was trying to mary her off to Lord Beck. He somehow managed to make innocent remarks- like Dora and Steve taking rides together  sound suggestive and was on the receiving end of icy stares from Prudence whilst Hazel and Callie went into fits of giggles.
After the meal, speeches and cake cutting a space was cleared for dancing. Ron had recommended a group who played all kinds of music and during their break Ron and Teri sang two numbers- Ron's favourite 'I can't help Falling in love with you' during which his eyes never left Teri's face followed by Something Stupid. The applause was appreciative- even Prudence joined in enthusiastically so they sang 'I got you babe' as an encore. Afterwards Ron disappeared to decorate the estate car which the happy couple were to drive back to Follyfoot in to change. Before they did so they said goodye to Dora's parents and Kathy, Milly and Bert.
Steve's small car was in the double garage it shared with Dora's beetle and it was in this car that they drove to their honeymoon. They playfully tied tin cans and balloons to Ron's bike. Dora also pressed her red rose in between sheets of blotting paper under Steve's 'Complete works of Shakespeare. On the way to the hotel they stopped off back at the church for Dora to lay her bouquet on the colonel's grave.
Teri drove Slugger and Ron back to the farm after they had all helped with the clearing up. Ron was again staying overnight. Teri had some old clothes with her and when Ron went to change she used the bathroom to swap these for the oatmeal trouser suit and cream satin blouse she'd worn for the wedding. Then she and Slugger helped Ron with feeding and settling the horses.When Slugger had gone off to make tea she said
 'It was a lovely day wasn't it Ron? No disasters or squabbles and I reckon you looked really handsome.That smile of yours was really especially nice today.'
They were standing under the lightning tree where Dora and Steve used to say goodnight.

'Yeah- and I haven't had the chance to tell you how smashing you looked. I hope the photos of us turn out okay, we haven't got any others of us together
yet. 'Ere old Slugs tells me you've volunteered to come and cook everyone lunch tomorrow. '

'Yes but i've got to be on call from 6pm. Tell you what I'll come early enough to give you a hand with the chores and cook breakfast.'

'Miss O'Sullivan- you're a star!' He took her into his arms and they shared tender kisses.

'For the record, you're pretty special yourself. I'd better be going. Don't forget to tell Slugger about breakfast.'
Not far away, in their luxury honeymoon hotel (courtesy of Dora's parents) Mr snd Mrs Steve Ross were talking about their friends.

'Perhaps I should have kept my bouquet and thrown it to Teri.''Ron would probably have thrown it back!''Teri and I discussed this taboo she's got on pre-marital sex. she's not going to budge you know.'

'Looks like our Ron's going to have to toe the line and play the waiting game doesn't it? I feel sorry for him. You're the love of my life and I couldn't have waited until today to show how much I love you.'

'Steve- Ron's changing in front of our eyes and that's mainly down to Teri. If there's anything we can do to keep them together, we should.'

'We'd better show them how good married life can be then. No fights, lots of fun and laughter- talking of which how about I make you smile Mrs Ross'
he said lowering her gently onto the bed and kissing her passionately.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Next day at the farm everyone appreciated Teri's efforts in the kitchen. After lunch Dora's parents and Kathy, Bert and Milly called to say their farewells before leaving for home. Teri helped with the day's chores before going home herself to her 'on call' duty.Hazel went off for a short ride and Ron was left with just Slugger for company.' What do you think of my Teri then Slugs?'

'I think she's a little smasher.

'Do you think she's too good for me?'

'Na- she thinks the world of you- bloomin obvious innit?'
The next evening Teri phoned her mother and told her all about the wedding and singing with Ron.
Are you serious about this young man Theresa?' asked her mother.

'Yes- I love him.'

'Well if he feels the sam you had better bring him over to meet us one weekend and your father and I can make sure that he's suitable for you.'
Teri's heart sank, although she knew that she was happy when she and Ron were together  a visit to her parents at this stage in their relationship would not be good for Ron's self esteem so she decided to stall for time.

'Well he's very busy at the farm at the moment and it's not often we can be of for the whole weekend together. I told you that Dora and Steve are expecting their baby soon. He might be able to get away after Dora's over the birth.'

'Does he come from a good Catholic family?''No but I've told him all about the implications of our faith.'

'Well- I think you should come and see us even if he can't. We need to talk things over.'

'Dora is my patient. I want to see her through the last weeks of her pregnacy. You have to realise mum that I'm over 21 and I don't need your permission to do anything.'

'Well Theresa I shall be talking to your father and Father Marcus too. Rest assured that if you don't come to see us in the very near future we'll be after coming to see you!'

Teri put the phone down and looked at it thoughtfully. Her parents still lived in Liverpool the family having come over from Ireland two generations ago. She did not want to lose Ron- nor did she want him to change his nature. It struck her that the situation was not that dissimilar to Dora's. Her parents had initially disapproved of her relationship with Steve and he'd managed to win them over. Of course the faith issue did not come into it. She decided that the only way forward was for her to go home for a long weekend and try to prepare the way for Ron and her parents to meet in the future. She decided not to tell Ron about her conversation with her mother. They were meeting on Wednesday with other cast members to rehearse for the charity show. Before then she would see when she could nexy get a few days off and phone to let her mother know. She would have to hope that Dora would not go into labour early.

Steve and Dora arrived home after lunch on Tuesday relaxed and happy. That night Dora received a phone call from her parents to arrange the date of their weekend visit to London. The embassy had contacted them to say that Arthur needed to be back in his job before the end of August which would mean they would not be in England when the baby was born. Dora was secretly rather relieved. Their visit would be a farewell party and belated wedding celebration for their friends and they decided that as they did not want to travel too near her due date theywould go in two weeks time just after the bank holiday.
When Ron and Teri met up for the rehearsal she told him she'd fixed to visit her family in three weeks time and that some time in the future they would like to meet him..

'You'll have to teach me some more about your religion so as I don't go and put me size 10s in then' he said.

'I'll get Father  Michael to give me one of the booklets he gives to people enquiring about bacoming Roman Catholic.'

'Ere- 'ang about- I don't want to join.'

'It's okay Ron- it will just give you some basic information, that's all.'

'Okay- I''l have a butchers!'

The rehearsal went well and Ron's natural sense of humour meant he got involved in some of the comic sketches too.Teri nearly split her sides at the sight of him being the patient in a mock operation where all kinds of things were removed without anaesthetic. Ther was a tennis elbow, a housemaid's knee, a frozen shoulder, athletes foot and Ron's favourite Poker face. The expression on his face when they showed him the parts they had removed was hilarious. They fixed another rehearsal for Friday as the show was the following week.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Chapter 6
On Saturday it was decided that Teri could try riding Barney. She saddled him up without a problem and began to lead him to the exercise field. A strong wind sprung up suddenly and blew a mixture of straw and dust across the yard. At the same time the door of Barney's stall banged and an ambulance with it's alarm sounding passed close by. All this was too much for the still nervous Barney who reared and pulled himself free of Teri's hold. He bolted in the direction of the woods. Teri had been thrown off balance but fortunately Ron steadied her and stopped her from falling over.
'Oh crumbs- I'm sorry.' she said.

'Not your fault' Ron replied. He saddled Alex who was a safe and steady horse for riding through the woods. He mounted and told Teri to saddle 'Jellybean' and follow. Hazel was to stay put in case Barney returned under his own steam.

Steve and Dora were in Tockwith shopping for baby clothes and nappies .
Barney had gone deep into the woods and had not kept to the path that would eventually lead to Copper's rest . If he had they could have taken a short cut and headed him off. Their main worry was that he would find his way out and on to the main road. They kept catching glimpses of him but were unable to reach him until he became tired and stopped for a rest.

'Take the reins Ron, I'll go after him on foot.' She approached him carefully talking to him as she got nearer. He allowed her to get right up to him and she showed him the horsenuts in her hand. As he began to eat she took hold of his reins again, not attempting to mount but still talking to him and stroking and patting him. Ron dismounted and began leading the other two horses home. Steve met him on the way having been told by Hazel what had happened,

'Okay mate- I'll take these two. you wait and make sure Teri's okay and try not to spook him again.'
When they got back to the farm Teri looked Barney over carefully as she rubbed him down but he seemed fine. She and Ron went into the farmhouse where she apologised to Dora for letting go of him.

'Don't worry about that. He's too strong for any of us when he's scared. Are you alright though. That sort of thing can shake you up.'

'I'm fine.'

'Hey are you two coming to the concert we've been rehearsing for?' asked Ron.

'Yes we'll have four tickets because Slugger and Hazel are coming too.'

'Well at least we know there'll be an audience.'
They did in fact have a full houise for the show and raised a considerable sum for their charity. As well as the numbers they had performed at the wedding Ron and Teri sang 'Eight Days a Week.' They then joined other cast members in a medley of other Beatles songs to end the show. Ron had been given a short stand up comedy routine at the last rehearsal because someone had pulled out. The jokes were mainly old but Ron had spent hours on Sunday in front of the mirror perfecting his delivery and he was a big hit.

'I think he's missed his vocation' said Slugger wiping the tears from his eyes.

Neither Teri, Steve or Dora were really looking forward to their weekends away. Dora and Steve went first. Teri was on duty on the Saturday but arrived at the farm on sunday with a picnic lunch for everyone. It was a beautiful hot summer day. She and Ron took their picnic down to the lake and Slugger and Hazel went round to the back of the farmhouse where there was a small grassy area where they put up a couple of deck chairs. Slugger put a handkerchief knotted at the four corners on his head to keep off the sun and Hazel wore a straw hat.

Ron and Teri sat under the shade of a horse chestnut tree. 'I won't 'arf miss you next week luv.' said Ron.

'I'll miss you too although it will be good to catch up with my sisters and brothers. They are all married with families of their own- I'm the youngest.'

'Crumbs- you's better tell me how many siblings you've got, their names and their other halves too.'

I have four sister- Bernadette married to Patrick, Catherine to Peter, Mary to Andrew and Martha to Samuel. The there's two brothers Joseph married to Margaret and Daniel to Lisa. '

'Blimey that lot will take some remembering!'
By the time Dora and Steve returned from London Ron said he was exhausted so they gave him the day off on Thursday to recover. Teri finished work at 4 o'clock and was leaving for Liverpool early the next morning so they went to The Pancake house in Tockwith for an early meal. As they ate the freshly made golden pancakes Ron said that Steve and Dora had come back laden with presents for the baby not just from her parents but from friends of theirs who bought baby things instead of belated wedding presents. A cot had been ordered for delivery as soon as the baby was born.

'They are very lucky' said Teri. 'Most of us had hand me downs and even now the family pass things from one to another. I have 20 nieces and nephews already and another 2 are due before Christmas.'

'Please- don't tell me their names. My head's spinning already trying to remember the names you told me on Sunday.' As he kissed her goodbye that night Ron was very thoughtful. How on earth did Teri's family remember all those birthdays and were they ever all together for family occasions? Yes his head was certainly spinning!

On Friday night Ron persuaded Steve to drive him down to the 'Pig and Whistle' because he didn't want to drink and drive. Steve said he was only having one drink as he did not want to leave Dora on her own. Slugger and Hazel were both going out later.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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'Look I'll take you in the land rover and we'll have our drink, then I'll come home and if you want me to pick you up later I will.'

'Nah- don't worry, I'll crash at me dad's place and get him to bring me back tomorrow morning.'
Over a pint Steve asked if it was just missing Teri that was making Ron morose. Ron told him about Teri's family and about her being the youngest and only unmarried member.
'Just think of it Steve- by the end of the year there'll be 22 grandchildren. I'd like to be a dad some day but two kids would be plenty I reckon. If Teri and I do get married I reckon I'd have to have the snip after that- on the qt though cos I bet that's frowned on too! I'm all muddled up, I've read the book Teri gave me. It was hard going- no pictures see! I can't be doing with all this religion. I've been introduced to Father Michael. He's a nice bloke not that old either but as far as Teri's concerned his word is law.'

'Mate I wish I could help but at the moment I don't see how.' he put some money on the table. 'Here- have the next one on me. I'd better be getting back. Give me a ring if you change your mind about wanting a lift.'

Ron got himself another drink and sat staring moodily into his glass. The barmaid was collecting empty glasses and noticing his long face went and wound her arms round his neck.

'Cheer up Ron love, it might never happen.'

'Yeah-that's what I'm afraid of Jean.' She was wearing a low cut blouse which did nothing to hide her charms as she was a well endowed girl. Ron looked away quickly instead of feasting his eyes appreciatively as he had often done before. He stayed until closing time and was very drunk when he left. He knew he could not phone Steve at that hour so he staggered home glad he had his door key in his inside pocket so he didn't have to rouse his father. He didn't bother to put the light on or find pyjamas but slept in his underwear. He was woken by a girl screaming. He sat up and was surprised to learn that the scream came from beside him.

'Ere! What you doing in my bed?' he asked the girl as the door opened and his father came in.

'Ron!' he exclaimed. 'I thought you were living at Follyfoot now. I've said Pam can use your room. She's the daughter of my friend Roy Daventree from Chester and she's at university in Leeds.'

'Nice to meet you I'm sure ' said Ron. 'Excuse me if I don't shake hands' he said as he pulled on his jeans and shirt. He looked at his watch and said
'I'll have some breakfast ,dad, then you'd better run me to work. It's the least you can do for not telling me about your house guest.'

Ron was not going to tell anyone at the farm about the incident with Pam but his father of course could see the funny side and was unable to resist making him feel uncomfortable in front of his friends.

'Ron, how could you get so drunk that you allowed that to happen' reproached Dora. 'You just wait till Teri finds out!'

'Ere- steady on girl, you're not going to tell her are you?' asked Slugger.

'No but Ron is!'

'Yes after all son, she is a Roman Catholic and they're into confessions- good for the soul!' said his father.

'I think I'll go and do some mucking out' said Ron. 'Get myself into practice because I'll soon be deep in manure!'
His father drove off chuckling.

'Dora, that really wasn't very kind.' said Steve. 'Ron's in a bad enough state over Teri as it is.'

'Well he'll just have to get himself out of it. I'm going to do some paperwork.' she said stomping off indoors.

'Oh mate, that won't do her mood any good. I think I'd better join Ron' groaned Steve.

Dora's mood did improve as the day went on but she was still adamant that ron had to tell Teri.
That night Ron took his bike to the Saracen's Head so he would not meet any of his friends and be tempted to drown his sorrows with them. There were several unattached girls there and one in particular kept sending him signals that she was interested in him. At one point she went over to where he was sitting and tried to engage him in conversation but he only answered in monosyllables hoping that she would get the message. The door opened and several of Teri's friends who had been in the concert entered.

'Oh Blimey' muttered Ron and got up to go to the gents which had another way out into the other bar. He then left the pub and was about to drive off back to Follyfoot when the girl who'd been talking to him came out obviouly looking for him.

'There you are- do you think you can give me a lift home- I'm not feeling too good?'

'Where do you live?' the address she gave was on the outskirts of the village in the opposite direction to the farm but Ron thought it was better to take her than risk her causing a scene. 'Hop on then.'

She was wearing a short tight skirt and Ron was beginning to think this was not a good idea and call her a taxi instead. As he turned to speak to her a car pulled up and some more of Teri's friends got out and went into the pub giving Ron frosty glances on the way.

'Hold tight!' he said to the girl and roared off. Whgen they arrived at their destination he started his engine and was away befroe she had a chance to say or do anything but stand there open mouthed. When he got back to the farm Steve was outside checking on the horses before going to bed.

'You okay mate?' he asked.

'No Steve- I've gone and put me foot in it again.'

'Everyone else is in bed, come and have a coffee and tell me all about it.'

Ron followed him inside and told him about the night's happenings. 'I know I'm going to have to explain this one to Teri because her friends are sure to split on me. Please Steve, keep it to yourself.'

Steve nodded.He hoped Dora wouldn't get to hear from Teri or he would be in trouble for keeping quiet.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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'Me dad's forced me hand now, I can't go back home. I think the best thing I can do is to stay here on the farm till Teri gets back. That way perhaps I'll stay out of trouble.'
Chapter 7
Teri was enjoying catching up with her brothers and sisters but not the inquisition which her parents- chiefly her mother put her through. There was no way she could lie about Ron's prospects and she could not envisage him ever leaving Follyfoot. When her mother asked when they thought about getting married she had to say that they had not discussed the subject. Mary and Catherine had not married boys from Catholic families but they both had well paid jobs and were well able to support their families. Teri told her parents that Ron loved his job at the farm and played up the sort of caring establishment that Follyfoot was. She also told them that he was very good looking and had a great sense of humour. Her dad Sean was far more easy going than her mother Elizabeth and said that he was sure that Teri could be trusted to make wise decisions. She promised them that she would bring him up to see them some time over the Christmas period'

When she phoned Ron on sunday he said he was fine but she thought that there was something a bit odd in his tone of voice. she told him that she was travelling back home on tuesday and would call him when she got back.

Dora's baby was due in less than four weeks and she was now really tired, the hot weather was not helping.  She was also liable to burst into tears at the slightest thing so Steve was walking on eggshells and trying his hardest not to upset her. She was still resisting any attempt to get her to spend even a few hours in hospital when the baby was born. Having Ron around permanently did help because even in his present state of worry over what would happen when Teri got back he was still good for a laugh. It had been decided that when Dora and Steve moved to Copper's Rest he would move into the house to keep Slugger and Hazel company.

Teri phoned him late on Tuesday afternoon to say she was back but feeling very tired so she asked him to leave it until the next night to visit and she would cook him a meal. He left early enough to call at the florists to buy a bunch of flowers. When he entered the flat he put them on the table, took her in his arms and tried to kiss her but she turned her face away. He knew that someone had been talking.

'I think you've got some explaining to do Ron.'she said.

'Okay- I'm not going to pretend I don't know what you're talking about but before I go any further I just want to say that I love you Teri and there's no way I would go behind your back and take off with someone else.'

He then went on to explain what had happened at the Saracen's Head and how he'd been persuaded to take the girl home. Wanting to get everything out into the open he then went on to tell her about Pam. 'You can ask me ole man if you don't believe me.'

Teri tried hard not to laugh but didn't quite succeed. 'Oh Ron- not even you could make up a story like that. I must admit my mother has paraded a fair amount of prospective boyfriends in front of me this weekend. All with very good prospects and from Catholic families. None of them interested me one little bit because it's you I love Ron.'

' After all me stupidity while you were away?'

'Yes- because you've been honest with me. I would have known if you had been lying. Anything else you need to tell me?
Ron shook his head. 'Good because food will be ready soon then we've got a lot of kisses and cuddles to catch up on- and by the way I've told my parents we'll go up to see them some time over Christmas.I don't know when I'm working yet but you'll be able to have a couple of days off won't you?'

'Yeah- that can be arranged. Do I need to take electrocution lessons?'

'No Ron- you don't want to shock them! My parents have broad Irish accents and most of the others have got Liverpool accents so elecution lessons aren't needed. I think you'll get on fine with my siblings and their spouses and probably dad too. It's just mum we have to worry about!'

'Maybe Steve can help me- he won Dora's mum over and she's a right old dragon er not that I'm suggesdting that your mum is!'

'Come on Ron- let's put food into your mouth before your foot goes in any further.'

'You know my sense of humour is rubbing off on you, perhaps your charisma will do the same for me so I'd better spend lots of time close to you before we go to Liverpool'

On Saturday Teri mixed business with pleasure when she went to the farm for her ride. She visited Dora to see how she was [rogressing and make sure everything was ready for the birth. The box room had been cleared of some of it's furniture to make room for some essential baby equipment. Bottles and sterilising equipment had been purchased although dora hoped to feed the baby herself for the first few weeks at least.

'Dora your blood pressure's still a bit high. You must make sure you get enough rest and absolutely no stress.'

'Teri- I'm doing next to nothing! Everybody's  using kid gloves around me and the only thing I'm stressed about is the amount of extra work Steve's having to do. You and Ron are okay aren't you?'

Teri had been warned that although Dora knew about the incident with Pam she had not been told anything about the girl at the Saracen's head so she said that they were fine.

'How did your weekend in London go?'

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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It was fine for me especially as mummy took me shopping and I got my hair styled in a swish salon. Poor Steve was like a duck out of water most of the time till daddy had a brainwave and showed him the library. He was in heaven! If he went missing we always knew where to find him. Mummy was a bit shocked when he was sitting on the lounge one day reading 'Lady Chatterley's Lover.' We did manage a night out at the theatre by ourselves. We went to see Hair. Well you can imagine what she thought about that! '

'Did you enjoy it though?'

'I quite liked the music. There wasn't really anything in the nude scene, the lights were down and you couldn't see much! The party was okay- it was cheese and wine although I was on fruit juice of course. There were a few girls there who went to school with me- their parents know mine. They were so envious when they met Steve.'

'Well he is good looking if you like your men dark haired- me I prefer Ron. Now are you still adamant that you want a home birth?'


'Well even if I'm off duty I'll come when you need me. Phone my home number any time.'

The following Friday Ron and Teri went to the pictures again. It was a film about vampires and very scary. Teri gripped Ron's hand tightly and was very glad he was with her when she went into the flat.

'Why are we seeing so many horror films lately?' she asked.

'Because when you're really scared you let me stay the night on the couch and I like being near you and having breakfast together.'

'Well- you can stay tonight but now I'm wise to your game I'll only agree to go to a horror film if it's one I particularly want to see.'


Teri was on call from midnight and was called out at 1am. Ron woke up and was not able to go back to sleep so he went into Teri's room and lay down on her bed drinking in the scent of her from the bedclothes. When she got back several hours later she tried to rouse Ron without success. she really did not fancy sleeping on the couch so she went to the bathroom and changed into pyjamas and dressing gown then lay down on the bed as far away from Ron as possible and with her back to him. When her breathing told him she was asleep Ron, who had been pretending all along turned round and curled up close to her draping his arm lightly across her. She woke at her normal time and tutting loudly she disentangled herself from him which woke him up.

'Ron-you shouldn't be here in my room.'

'I couldn't sleep so I came in here to wait for you and dropped off- sorry- but I have still got all me clothes on so it don't matter.'

'Just don't do it again or you won't be spending any more nights here- horror film or no horror film!'

'Sorry' said Ron. 'Let's have breakfast.'

When he arrived at the farm the day was already uncomfortably hot. Bank holiday was the following weekend and the forecast was for the hot weather to last until the beginning of September.

'Blimey Steve mate- it's too hot to work'

'Yeah but try telling that to the horses! They might not want much exercise but they still need feeding, grooming and mucking out. I want to get as much done as possible this morning. Slugger hasn't cooked anything for breakfast. I'v had fruit and cereal with Dora.'

'That's okay- I had breakfast with Teri.'

Steve raised his eyebrows questioningly. 'Just breakfast mate- that's all.'

I think we should all take a few hours off this afternoon and finish off this evening when it gets cooler.'

'Good idea. I'm not seeing Teri tonight- she' taking one of her parentcraft classes.'

'I've told Slugger that stew is off the menu in this weather. Hazel's going to make omelettes and salad for lunch. she says she'll do gammon, pineapple and chips for supper. Slugger's going into town for the shopping after drinks.'

'Those classes Hazel's been going to have made a difference to our menus. I love old Slugs but he's hardly a Johnny Craddock! I'm glad I'll be here for meals today.'

To Steve's surprise Ron weighed in enthusiastically with the chores.

Hazel had made real lemonade earlier in the morning. At break time Ron took his to sit under a tree and smoke a cigarette which was a rare event these days. He had to admit feeling better for it. Steve had his drink indoors with Dora who was feeling the heat dreafully.

'I'll take you down to Copper's rest this afternoon. The patio is in the shade and you can wear your maternity shorts and short top. You'll need plenty of sunscreen.'

When they got to the bungalow Steve set up the sun loungers and a parasol and they stretched out on these glad of the privacy of their garden. Steve leaned over and put his hand on her stomach feeling the baby kicking non stop.

'Hey young Ross- quit kicking your poor mum!'

'I'd rather have it now than tonight' she said.

Ron was glad that for once he could doze in the afternoon sunshine without anyone complaining. His last thoughts before dropping off were of Teri and what the future held for them. Seeing Dora and Steve now so happy and caught up in each other and the coming birth was making him really envious. Perhaps it was time he thought about settling down.
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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Chapter 8.
On the Friday before August Bank holiday Ron and Teri were going to a summer ball organised as a fundraiser for the local hospital. It was at a hotel within easy walking distance of Teri's flat and Ron was staying the night promising Teri faithfully that he would sleep on the couch. They had to be back by midnight as her 'on call' started then. she had the whole of Sunday and Monday off. She could not drink alcohol so Ron kept his own consumption low. Teri was called out shortly after they got back and left the number of the house she was going to on her answering machine which was in the bedroom. When she hadn't returned by 7am Ron looked to see if there were any messages. Someone had called but had hung up without saying anything. He wrote down the contact number, switched the machine off and went to have breakfast. Later the phone rang and he decided to answer it in case it was urgent. It was Teri.

'Ron- I'm at Follyfoot. Dora is having contractions. Leave a message on my phone for me telling people to contact the hospital in the event of an emergecy. I'm going to be here some time and my duty officially ends at 10 o'clock. You had better come over- Steve might need some support. My spare key is in my bedside drawer.'

'Okay luv- I'll be there as soon as I can.'

Dora's contractions were fairly strong but still around 10 minutes apart. 'I hope we don't need to get you to hospital. The traffic is going to be horrendous being bank holiday and the staff are going to be busy. I know there's several people due to deliver any time. It's lucky that Diana Lee was on baby number three and the delivery was quick- I'm really glad I can be here for you.' said Teri.

'I don't want to go to hospital anyway- you know that. Steve- before things start to happen phone your mum. It's her birthday.'

'Yeah okay but I can't ring this early. The cafe's closed on Saturdays and she's probably having a lie in.'

'Well don't leave it too late either in case she goes out.'

'I'm going to get a cup of tea and some fruit for breakfast. Do either of you want anything?'

Dora said she only wanted iced water. Teri said could she have tea and a bowl of muesli as she had not had anything since she'd delivered the other baby as Steve's call had followed too quickly afterwards. While Steve was downstairs Ron arrived. Slugger and Hazel were outside.

'Steve, mate' said Ron 'What do you want me to do- stay indoors in case you need anything or help outside?'

'I'll be okay thanks mate so you go and give the others a hand. Teri says we'll probably be a while yet. Before you go take her breakfast up will you-and don't forget to knock.' Steve followed him carrying a tray with his tea and fruit, a jug of iced water and a glass. Teri had come out on the landing to collect her breakfast and give Ron a good morning kiss.

'Here- you'd better take this key' he said. I might lose it outside.'

Teri buttoned it up in the top pocket of her uniform and went back to her patient who was sitting up in bed looking hot and bothered.

'I think I'd like to have a wash.' she said.

'Hang on till I've eaten and you can have a bath or shower- whichever you prefer. '

Dora and Steve exchanged glances- they usually showered together but clearly that wouldn't be appropriate today. He poured her a glass of iced water and sat beside her on the bed supporting her while she drank. 'I'll get you some more pillows in a bit if you want ' he said taking a bite of his banana. Dora frowned as she felt a contraction coming on, Steve took her hand and helped her through it.

'After you've had your shower we'll get you into your old nightie and I'll do a quick exam' said Teri.

Steve finished off his breakfast and said 'While you have your shower and things I'll go and phone mum. I hope she got the flowers okay.'

'Say Happy birthday from Ron and me too.' said Teri helping Dora out of bed and into the bathroom.

Steve was on the phone to Kathy for several minutes but had to bring the conversation to an abrupt end as Dora shouted from the bathroom 'Steve- my waters have broken.'

He ran upstairs. Dora was standing in the shower. 'Well aren't you clever? ' he said. 'No mess to clean up.! I'll fetch more pillows and get the bed ready'
he said and went to prepare it for the delivery as Teri had previously instructed him to do. In the bathroom she dried Dora and Slipped the nightie over her head bringing into both their minds the day not so long ago when she'd done the same with her wedding dress. Steve and Teri helped Dora to lower herself down onto the bed and a strong contraction hit her making her gasp.

'No Dora love- breath deeply, I'll do it with you' said Steve putting his arm round her and giving deep sighing breaths which made her do the same.

'Good girl' approved Teri as the pain eased off. 'Now let me see how you're doing.'

'Do you want me to go?' asked Steve.

'No- if this were hospital I probably would but I think you'll do more good staying here.' She positioned Dora's legs. 'I know this is very undignified but it will be worth it in the end.'

Dora leaned back agains Steve's arm. 'You're almost fully dilated' said Teri. 'Shouldn't be long now. The real hard work starts soon.'

After the next contraction Steve said he was going to fetch some more ice. 'Bring a couple of towels too for the baby please.'

Steve went off to fetch what was needed and was back in time to support Dora through a particularly strong contraction after which noticing her parched lips he held the glass of iced water to her lips and she drank gratefully.

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