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"I don't know how you do it, but if you want my advice you should make up your mind and stop messing them both about!"  
Dora gasped as Wendy's words hit her like a slap across the face.  It was so unfair!  Dora had done nothing!  She hadn't even known Chip was back in the area, and she and Steve… well …she and Steve…

Dora turned and looked down the corridor to where Wendy had now reached Steve.  For the second time that day she saw Steve stretch out his hand towards Wendy with what looked like genuine care.  After exchanging a few words he and Wendy began walking back down the corridor towards the entrance.  Dora turned back towards Chip’s bed only to find it surrounded now by closed curtains.  

As she walked slowly away Dora tried to make sense of the day.  Nothing seemed to fit together.  None of it made sense, and it looked though as if she had lost her chance to talk to anyone about it.  Dora felt so alone.

She rounded the corner to see Steve standing looking straight at her.  There was no sign of Wendy.
“Are you ready to go home?” Steve asked “The snow’s started again and I think we should make a move if we can.”
“Where’s Wendy?”  Dora struggled to keep the bitterness out of her voice.
“Her Dad picked her up.  He arrived just after we did.”  Steve replied as he ushered Dora out into the snowy car park and towards the parked Land Rover.  “How was Chip?”
 “I didn’t see him,” Dora answered as Steve opened the van door for her.  He turned and looked quizzically at her but she couldn’t say anything more as the tears that had been threatening most of the day began to flow.
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Steve drove carefully on the icy road. Not a word had passed between them since leaving the hospital. she wanted to tell him how much she loved him, but for some reason that she didn't understand she was unable to express her feelings.

Steve was wrestling with his emotions too. He realised Wendy was not the girl for him but why couldn't he tell Dora how he felt? Why couldn't he just take her in his arms as he had done in his dream the other night?

As they pulled up in the yard, they saw Slugger anxiously looking out of the kitchen window. Dora waved to him and jumped out of the landrover, glad to have a distraction from her thoughts. "Oh Slugger, it's good to be here in the safe and warm" she said as he gave her a huge bear hug.

"How are Chip and Wendy?" Slugger asked but the only reply he got were muffled sobs.

Steve went up to his room and slumped onto the bed. He was so tired....this couldn't go on he thought, I have to tell her how I feel, I just HAVE to....decision made, he returned to the kitchen just in time to see Dora unwrapping the present from Chip......

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Although it was Friday the 13th and the parcel from Chip had the instruction ‘open on 14th’ very neatly hand-printed on the gift wrapping, Dora could not resist having a look at what it was, instead of leaving it until next morning, Valentine’s Day.

It was a book with a photo of a horse on the cover. Dora read its title ‘How to be a safe horse rider’. Chip had bought her this because he adored Dora and was so concerned when he saw her out riding without a helmet he wanted to do something about it. A note with the gift said ‘Dora, you are in my dreams, I would like to take you out on Valentine’s Day, I'll call and see you then’ With this, Dora was almost in tears, but when Steve approached her, she held them back.

As Steve became aware of the gift and note, he sighed, and drooped his head in disappointment, then said. “He’s got a cheek, telling you how to ride a horse… he’s so Boring”, and walked away to sit down near the blazing fire. Steve's mind was in disarray and he had not been able to say what he had decided to tell Dora.

These words seemed to prey on Dora’s mind and the more she thought about it the more she came to realise that although Chip was sweet, he was not imaginative enough to interest her in a serious relationship. Her womanhood was yearning for a more passionate, strong, good looking partner, who’s principles could protect her from the threatening world outside of Follyfoot Farm.

News on Chip’s horse from the vet had been good, and successful treatment was in progress. Slugger was told the story of what had happened and asked if they would like a plate of stew, and big mug of cocoa, since they had hardly eaten all day. Both managed something before going to bed for an early night, though not before first individually having a look at the recovering horse.

A restless night it was to be for both of them, with thoughts of poor Wendy on Steve’s mind, and Chip, who had now shown his cards, in Dora’s thoughts. As the night became the early hours of next morning, Valentine’s Day, Steve had thought through exactly what he was going to do when he saw Dora in the stables, before breakfast.

He was fully aware that what he had to say could change his life forever. Dora had also made her mind up, she was going to be forthright and make this a day that Steve would never forget.

They both managed to catch up on some beauty sleep before being awakened by the sound of Ron's motorbike skidding to a halt in the snow covered stable yard.

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Steve shot out of bed wondering what on earth the time was.  He had to be up before Dora or his carefully thought out plan would be ruined. He quickly dressed and hurried out of the stables, the frozen snow crunching beneath his boots as he walked gingerly across the yard.  The morning was cold and crisp and the sky was clear of cloud, promising a nice day ahead.  Ron was talking to Slugger who had already made a start on the horses.
"What time is it?" asked Steve urgently.  "It's alf-past-six." replied Slugger.  
"Oh thank goodness, I thought it was later than that, being Ron's here." said Steve, grinning at Ron.  
"Charmin' and ere's me coming in early on a Saturday to help so as you and Dora can have a lay-in."  Ron said in his 'I do everything around here' voice.  
"Is Dora up yet Sluggs?" Steve asked.  
"You're full of questions today aren't ya?  She wasn't up when I came out of the house, but that was half-an-hour ago.  I bet 'is flamin machine has woken her now though."  said Slugger, nodding towards Ron.  Ron sighed.  "Sorry for living" he said sarcastically.
Steve looked at Dora's bedroom window and noticed the curtains were still closed.  He looked expectantly at Ron and Slugger.  "Look you two, I need some help with something.  It's a surprise for Dora."  He put his arms around their shoulders and as they huddled together, he explained what he was going to do and how he wanted them to help.

Dora was half asleep, tired from her disturbed night.  Was that Ron's bike she heard?  She wasn't sure.  She stayed under the covers in her soft, warm bed and couldn't even open her eyes long enough to look at the clock to see what the time was.  If it was Ron she was glad he was here because she was going to have another hour in bed - or at least until Slugger called her down for breakfast.  Steve and Ron could manage this morning.  She snuggled further under the blankets and closed her eyes, completely oblivious as to what day it was!

"Dora, breakfast." called Slugger loudly up the stairs.  "Come on or it'll be ruined."  Dora stirred.  She opened her eyes slowly and looked at the clock.  8 o'clock.  She felt more refreshed now and swung her legs from under her covers, sitting on the side of the bed.  As she came around everything came back to her from last evening.  It's Valentine's Day she thought and I was going to see Steve first thing before anybody was up.  "Oh no!" she groaned to herself, upset that her plans had already gone awry.  She heard Slugger call again and shouted back to him.  "I'll be down in a minute - just getting dressed."  
Dora entered the room to find she was alone.  She sat down at the table and saw an envelope with 'Dora' written on the front.  She picked it up and scrutinised it but didn't recognise the writing.  She was intrigued and quickly slid her finger under the gummed flap, ripping it open and taking out the piece of paper inside.  The paper was heart shaped and on it a riddle...

       The first of 4 for you to find on your treasure hunt.
       The second, well it's close at hand.
       But outside, and not on teak
       Oh no, to you a much more precious wood you seek.

Dora smiled to herself and read the riddle over again. A precious wood she thought.  She pulled on her boots and coat and ran outside, almost slipping on the icy path.  She walked through the gate.  There was no sign of a heart there.  As she crossed the yard she looked around.  Precious wood... then it came to her, the lightening tree.  What was more precious wood than that?  She went across to the tree and looked all around it.  There, in the last place she looked, was the paper heart, pinned high up on the trunk so that she could only just reach it.  She tore it down and read the next clue...

      From precious wood to precious metal!
      Just do as I say    
      And you'll find it hidden
      Amongst the hay.

Oh, this one's easy, thought Dora.  Precious metal - it has to be Copper.  She rushed as quickly as she could in the icy conditions and went into Copper's stall.  She was surprised to find that he was saddled.  "Morning Copper." she said excitedly.  "Are you going to show me where the next clue is?"  She rummaged around in the hay for what seemed like ages and then she felt the crumpled paper and pulled it out.  

      You're nearly there, but ride a way
      To the place where love was talked about
      That day when divided became whole again.

Dora read this one several times before she solved it.  Of course, it was the place where she and Steve had stopped to talk about.... she remembered it with a special fondness.  She couldn't wait to get the last clue and quickly mounted Copper, riding carefully out of the farm gate and across the snowy fields.

She arrived at the spot, which she knew so well, and saw Alex tethered to a large bush.  She dismounted and led Copper over to him.   As she approached she noticed a heart on Alex's saddle.  She took it, her own heart beating fit to break, and read...



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If life is the treasure hunt they say
then you are my greatest find
and if you feel the same towards me
come be my Valentine!

She stood for a moment, taking in the words on the paper heart, then, hearing a sound behind her, she turned to see him standing by the lake 's edge...
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Dora saw Steve on the opposite side of the lake..

Her heart almost burst out from her chest
Steve just stood on the lake edge and waved a casual ' hello'.

Dora looked at the note in her hand again.  And again. The passion in the words bored to her very soul. She was entranced. She was on a cloud. She was in love.

She looked to make her way to get to Steve. Steve started to walk . Dora walked in the same direction and in a few steps she found another piece of paper pinned to a tree.
' Dora. A few steps more,

And we've both found what we've been looking for'

Dora thought her heart would surely burst.

She grasped the note and a few yards later happened upon a rhododendron bush.

Yet another note.

'Just the other side of this bush, Dora'

She easily pushed aside the branches and then could not believe her eyes.

A bridge had been built over the stream which left the lake. Steve was stood on the opposite side.

Dora approached her side of the bridge, trembling-she needn't have.

Steve saw Dora and immediately crossed the bridge to take her in his arms.

When Steve was able to catch his breath he managed to say

' I told you a long time ago that gaps are bridgeable.  Its just that I'm a slower walker than you!'

Steve finally  spoke the words Dora had been longing to hear
 and their destinies were then forever entwined.

The next day the snow began to melt at Follyfoot.