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The Prize (Uncut)
« on: April 21, 2015, 02:59:56 PM »
The episode, The Prize' seems to have the most cuts. Four in all.The first occurs at 11.36 on the DVD as Slugger puts his mug down on the table. The missing scene lasts 47 seconds and shows Ron arriving & joining Wendy, Steve & Slugger as Steve gets the best crockery out to impress Wendy. The action resumes on the DVD as Dora & the Colonel drive up. Next is a 15 second cut at 15.45 on the DVD as Dora realizes that Kalinka is blind. The missing scene shows Steve putting a saddle down as he hears Wendy approach in the Triumph Stag. The action on the DVD resumes as Steve opens the gate for Wendy. Next is a 7 second cut at 16.47 after Steve & Wendy drive off together. The missing footage shows Dora watching them drive away & then she dismounts. Finally, there is a 12 second cut at 17.36 on the DVD after the Colonel comforts Dora after the vet has left. The missing scene shows Dora comforting Kalinka.

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Re: The Prize (Uncut)
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All those cuts!  :o  >103<

Thanks Howard  >41<

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Re: The Prize (Uncut)
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All those cuts!  :o  >103<

Yes    >:(

Thanks from me to Howard

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