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Missing scenes from the DVDs
« on: February 26, 2010, 06:39:16 PM »
Thanks to Howard Kettle for his hard work in locating the following missing scenes from the DVDs.

As for the missing scenes,I decided to start running my VHS episodes against the DVDs over the week-end & the first thing I noticed was the 10 second scene in the episode 'Steve' just after Dora has left Steve in the trees with the lame horse & Steve is crouching near to the horse.This little scene is in a slightly different place on the DVD episode.It doesn't make a great deal of difference to the story but,if you look closely,it does jar slightly with the flow of the action on the DVD version of 'Steve'.It occurs at 17.02 in the DVD episode.My guess is that it's a scene that has been taken out for some reason in the past and put back in the wrong place.

Later in the same episode,at 23.44 (after Dora walks past the lake looking for Folly)on the DVD ,there is a 17 second cut.The scene that's missing is where Dora is shown walking along side a wooden fence as she continues her search for Folly. After the cut,the story resumes as Dora finds Folly in the trees.

After 'Steve',the next edited episode I came across was,'Stryker's Good Deed'.There is a 2-minute cut at 18.45, directly after Ron tethers Jon-Jon.The missing scene shows Dora rise from the hammock,go into the stable & talk to Steve about Gip & Mr.Simkins.The action on the DVD resumes with the barge on the canal.

The third and final episode in series one that I came across that? was noticeably missing a scene was,'Mr.She-Knows'.As far as I can tell,there is one scene missing.It's right after Dora is pouring the tea and the cut occurs at 6.04 on the DVD.The missing scene lasts 1.45 mins. and consists of Ron riding up & knocking the gate open with his front wheel as he arrives for work.The Colonel demands to know,"what's the meaning of this?",to which Ron feebly replies,"me brake busted". "Brake busted,me foot!",says the Colonel as he continues to tell Ron off.

Moving on to series two to look at more scenes missing from the DVDs.The first three episodes seem to be complete but I am quite prepared to be corrected! There appears to be one cut to 'Present For Sandy'.This occurs at 4.16 on the DVD and the cut scene is 49 seconds long.It starts where Steve discovers the horse at the burning house and the missing scene shows Dora,Ron and Slugger working on the fence repairs at Follyfoot.The action on the DVD resumes as Dora sees Steve approaching on foot with his own horse & the horse from the building next to the burning house.

The Innocents-two cuts in this episode.Firstly,a 40 second cut at 4.16 on the DVD just before Dora goes down the mine shaft.The missing scene shows the miners kitting Dora out with safety equipment and Dora starts her descent.Later in the episode there is a 30 second cut at 20.59 on the DVD.This missing scene shows Steve & Dora talking at the bottom of the stairs that lead to Steve's living quarters.

The next episode that I noticed had been cut was 'Poor Bald Head' .Three small cuts in this one on the DVD.The first one occurs at 4.30 on the disc.It's 35 seconds long & consists of the second half of Dora's conversation with the Colonel and her storming out of the study towards the kitchen.The action resumes on the DVD as Dora joins Slugger,Steve & Ron at the kitchen table.The second cut is the first 15 seconds of the scene where Steve & Dora are talking as Slugger slices carrots.This cut starts at 8.20 on the DVD.Lastly,there is an 8 second cut at 17.51 as Dora watches Ranger struggle up Thackets Rise.

The episode,The Prize' seems to have the most cuts. Four in all.The first occurs at 11.36 on the DVD as Slugger puts his mug down on the table.The missing scene lasts 47 seconds and shows Ron arriving & joining Wendy,Steve & Slugger as Steve gets the best crockery out to impress Wendy.The action resumes on the DVD as Dora & the Colonel drive up.? ?Next is a 15 second cut at 15.45 on the DVD as Dora realizes that Kalinka is blind.The missing scene shows Steve putting a saddle down as he hears Wendy approach in the Triumph Stag.The action on the DVD resumes as Steve opens the gate for Wendy. Next is a 7 second cut at 16.47 after Steve & Wendy drive off together.The missing footage shows Dora watching them drive away & then she dismounts. Finally,there is a 12 second cut at 17.36 on the DVD after the Colonel comforts Dora after the vet has left.The missing scene shows Dora comforting Kalinka.

Treasure Hunt has one scene missing from the episode, which occurs at 8.00 on the DVD. It is 52 seconds in length and consists of the end of Dora and Ron's conversation in the stable and also Steve and Slugger's conversation in the house, just before Dora comes in. 

The next episode missing a scene on the DVD is, 'Out of the Blue Horse'.This has a cut of 1 minute & 12 seconds.It starts at 6.56 on the disc as Dora begins to cry in reaction to seeing the neglected state of Ladybird in the garage.The missing footage is of Dora & Callie chatting as they wait ,by the phone box, for Steve to arrive with the horse box.The action on the DVD resumes as Steve drives up near the phone box.

Finally in series two,there are three cuts in the episode,'Fly Away Home',on the DVD.Firstly,there is an 18 second cut at 4.18 during the conversation between Steve & Slugger as Steve reaches the window.The missing footage is of Slugger continuing to persuade Steve to stay.The action on the DVD resumes as Dora's mother buys flowers.Next,there is a 24 second cut at 12.33 on the DVD as Steve & Dora's father stand by the gate while Dora talks to ladybird.The missing footage is of Dora telling Ladybird how free she would be if she went into the fields.The DVD action resumes as Dora's father asks Steve what the problem wih Ladybird is.The last cut is a 55 second one at 22.00 on the DVD as dora tries to persuade Steve to stay. Missing is half their conversation as Steve explains why he has to go and also the start of the next scene where Slugger asks Ron,who's sitting on the floor outside the barn,where Dora is.The Action resumes on the DVD as Slugger walks into the barn.