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Blitzen's lightning visit to the farm
« on: December 21, 2014, 03:20:52 PM »
                                                                 Blitzen's lightning visit to the farm

A story in four parts


It was the week before Xmas, Slugger and Ron were sweeping the yard. Well, Slugger was, Ron was sitting on a bale of hay,
brush in one hand, a mug of tea in the other. An old grey Austin A30 car pulled up and out walked a man and a woman in their
early forties and a young girl about ten years old. "Hello" said the man, "Do you sell ponies here?. I'm looking for one as a Xmas
present for my daughter Emily."
"Do we sell ponies?" said Slugger, "Do we sell ponies ?" he says, "Blimey, you're lucky, it's buy one get one free today."
"Yeah" said Ron, "Oh and we're giving away a free bucket of peppered beef tripe stew with every purchase to our Loyalty Card
members. Do you have one of our Loyalty Cards sir ?" he said, holding up a tatty Yorkshire bitter beer mat that had a round stain
on it where his mug had been. "We can gift wrap it too."
"No, I only want one" he replied, "And I don't like beef tripe stew. "Can't say I blame 'im mumbled Ron, it really is a load of tripe."

"That one looks a nice one" said the man. "That's a horse" said Dora appearing from out of the stable, "And he belongs to me,
his name's Copper. "A pony for Xmas you say" said Steve following behind Dora. "Know anything about ponies do you? Got
anywhere to keep one?"
"Er, well, I thought we'd keep it in our back yard" the man replied. "Well, they live outside don't they.?"
"Where do you live?" answered Steve.
"In the middle of town" said the man.
"'Fraid we don't sell ponies" said Steve. "And we don't do Loyalty Cards either" he said, snatching the beer mat off Ron and
sending it spinning across the yard. Unfortunately the Colonel was just walking across the yard, it whizzed towards him like some
kind of guided missile and knocked his pipe out of his mouth sending it flying across the yard before it smashed on the ground.
"Blimey" said Slugger, "Ever thought of taking up throwing the discuss Steve?"
"Yeah" said Ron. "Eh Steve, remember that James Bond film, Goldfinger, where that bloke Oddjob skims his bowler hat about,
you should have auditioned for that, you'd have got the part."
The Colonel stood bewildered in the middle of the yard, looking all around him.
"Try Hammonds down the road" shouted Ron, "They've got a pony they're trying to sell."
"Ron" said Dora, "You shouldn't have said that. They'll sell them that one and they won't be able to look after it properly."

They drove off. Emily pulled a face at Ron as they went by. Ron held his pitchfork up in a rude gesture and put his tongue out.
The driver watching him in his rear view mirror didn't see the brush Ron had left lying in the middle of the yard and ran over it.
There was a loud bang. His exhaust fell off.
"Oh dearie me" said Ron, as smoke belched from below the car. "Dearie dearie me, Is this yours?" he said, holding up what was 
left of the old rusty bit of pipe.
"Never mind" said Steve, "You can repair it in your back yard now that you havn't got a pony in it to look after.
The man opened the boot, threw it inside and slammed it down in anger. The back bumper fell off, hit the floor, and broke in two.
"If you like" said Steve, "I could follow you home and pick up any bits you lose on the way."
"Ere, What about my broom?" said Ron, holding up what was left of it, the handle was about a foot long and about a quarter of
the head was missing, as was most of the bristles. "I've only 'ad it it  three months".
"Blimey" replied Slugger, "Must be practically brand new then, probably never been used."

A few days later a car pulled into Follyfoot. "Ere" said Slugger, "I know that car, it's Emily and her mum and dad."
"Oh yeah" replied Ron, "Didn't recognise it without all that black smoke trailing behind it."
"You've got to help me" said the man. "Sorry but we don't sell spare parts for cars" said Ron. "We just look after 'orses."
"No, I bought a pony from that Hammond bloke for Emily, but the neighbours are complaining about the mess in the yard."
"What, full of old exhaust pipes and rust is it" said Steve.
"No, horse poo"  said the man, "And it smells."
"Nah" replied Slugger, shovelling a load of stinking muck into an almost full wheelbarrow, "Who'd ave thought that.
Well you learn something new every day. What do you reckon Ron?
 No, forget that last remark" said Slugger, "Time 'e gets round to sweepin' it up the smells gone.
Steve and Dora smiled.
 " Ere, you'll get some good roses come up next year though" said Slugger.
"Just collect it and take it off my hands" said the man. "Oh, and if you've got one of my Loyalty Cards" he said, looking at Ron,
"You can have a free bucket of manure. Here's the address."

"What's the pony's name" said Dora.
"Blitzen" replied Emily. "Blitzen" said Steve. "Yes, well that's a nice Xmas name" Emily said, "One of Santa's reindeer was
called Blitzen."
"Actually" said the Colonel walking by," Blitzen's rather an apt name for an animal here at Follyfoot. The name is German,
translated it means "Lightning". In Folk Lore he was indeed one of Santa's reindeer and was actually struck by lightning, so he
has something in common with our tree. He was also the fastest of the reindeer, as fast as lightning when pulling the sleigh.
And he was light brown and cream too, the same colour as the pony."
"What are you having for Xmas instead?" asked Steve.
"A tortoise" Emily replied. "A tortoise" said Dora.
"Yes, he doesn't do much though. He just lies there all day covered with straw and sleeps" she said.
"Yeah, I know someone just like that" said Slugger, looking across at Ron.
"What's his name?" said Steve grinning, "Dasher?"
"Don't be silly "replied Emily, his names Sidney, "'cause you can't see his head or legs he reminds me of a steak and kidney pie."
"Good job he didn't remind her of a beef and onion pie" sniggered Ron. "Otherwise she'd have called him Bunion."

They brought Blitzen back to the farm. They were standing there looking at him. Ron went by with a wheelbarrow with an empty
mug in it.
"He's a really fine specimen" said the Colonel." Good for breeding I should think. Just look at the way he holds his head up. He's
a really intelligent fellow." Ron strutted by and pushed his chest out, lifted his chin up and fluttered his eyelashes.
"Isn't he gorgeous" answered Dora. "I'm so glad we've got him here at Follyfoot. And he's a lovely mover too."
Ron did a twirl and courtseyed. "Thanks" he said, "It's nice to be appreciated."
"Not you Stryker" shouted the Colonel, "You stupid oaf, we're talking about Blitzen. And don't go straining anything pushing
that barrow with an empty mug in it."
"That 'ad me tea in it" answered Ron," And it's already been strained. Ere, it's 'ard work fetching and collecting 'orses."
"Ard work 'e says" said Slugger, "'Ard work. The only 'ard work 'e does is ducking and diving all day trying to avoid it."

The following day Ron was late for work. He roared into the yard and kicked open the gate, he didn't see Slugger the other
side of it carrying a tray of eggs. It swung straight into him. SPLAAATT! He was covered in raw eggs and eggshells.They dripped
of his head, his face, his clothes and onto his boots. Ron got off his bike.
"Mornin' Slugs" he said, "What's for breakfast today? Crikey" he said looking at Slugger, "Well it 'aint eggs, that's for sure.
Still", he said, with a silly grin on his face, "Eggs is good for you eggs is. Good for your complexion. You  just see Slugs, in a
few weeks time you'll look years younger."

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Re: Blitzen's lightning visit to the farm
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2014, 03:39:24 PM »
"Good Lord" said the Colonel looking through the window, "Why's Slugger chasing Ron round the yard." He walked over to the door.
"Slugger, Ron, come here at once. Slugger why are you......Good grief" he said, looking Slugger up and down." Looks like a migratory
flock of heavily fertile Canada geese have just flown over you. Are Stryker, he said, glad to see you managed to get here eventually.
Right, this morning I want you to help Steve. You're to go into the woods and find a nice Xmas tree, about 7 foot high. Dig it up
and bring it back here, then re-pot it and decorate it, then decorate the room. That should keep you out of mischief for today.
Right, that's that sorted out then" he said. "You see Slugger, when we're organised we don't get any mishaps or problems, we
get a stress free day, everything runs smoothly."
"What do you want me to do Colonel Sir?" said Slugger, spitting out eggshells as he spoke and wiping a messy gunge off his chin.
"Oh just crack on with whatever you were doing" the Colonel replied. "Must dash, Mrs Porter's cooking me soft boiled eggs for
breakfast with soldiers. Don't you just love it when the yellow yolk is all runny and goes everywhere!!!"

To be continued.........
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Re: Blitzen's lightning visit to the farm
« Reply #2 on: December 22, 2014, 02:40:41 PM »

That afternoon Callie walked in through the door. "Hello Dora, hello Slugger" she said. "Hello" replied Dora. "Hello young 'un
said Slugger. "Ready for Xmas?" asked Dora.
"Yes, we've broke up from school now" said Callie. "I like school but I like holidays better. Means I can spend more time here.
I like that." "What about...." said Slugger. "Still got my homework to do of course over Xmas" continued Callie. "But I don't mind that.
Wonder what I'll get for Xmas this year.  Mummy says she wants a pair of ear muffs. My friend Daisy at school wants a pony,
it has to be a brown and cream one though she says. But her mum can't afford to buy her one." "Are you...." started Slugger.
"Just had my report card for the year" said Callie. "Do you know what one of the teachers wrote on it . She said if there were marks awarded for constant talking and chattering, I'd be top of the class every year. What do you think of that Slugs?"
"Nah" replied Slugger, "Find that difficult to believe. I think she's got the wrong person there."
"Well, it's been nice exchanging news and gossip with you" she said.

"Yeah, likewise" said Slugger.
"Glad I had time to tell you about Ron winning a quarter of a million pounds on the pools, me getting married to Phyllis Wetherby,
Dora winning Miss World, the Colonel climbing Mount Everest this weekend and Steve riding one of our donkeys in next year's
Grand National."
"That's o.k." replied Callie, nothing much happens round here anyway. Is Steve in? I'd like to see him."
"He's in there with Ron decorating the tree" said Dora. She went into the room.

"Hello Steve, hello Ron. Oh what a lovely tree, and a real one as well. You are clever Steve. Oh and I love your big shiny red balls,
I've never seen them before."
Steve blushed and looked at the floor. "All we need now is a fairy to sit on the top of it" said Ron to Callie. "Doin' anything
for the next ten days?".
"'I've brought you a Xmas present Steve" said Callie.
"A present" he said. "For me." Callie took a tiny box out of her pocket, it was neatly wrapped and about the size of a matchbox.
"Oh you shouldn't have" said Ron sarcastically. "Steve, isn't that nice of Callie? She's bought you a thong. A nice shiny red one
to go with your..." "Actually it's a lock of my hair interrupted Callie. "A lock of hair" answered Steve, looking bemused.
"Yes" replied Callie. "To remind you of me."
"Oh what a good idea" said Ron. "'Ere, we'll have to tell Slugger about that one, 'e should just about 'ave enough to go round
this year.
"Nice decorations" said Callie. "What, no mistletoe?"
"Er, couldn't find any this year" replied Steve. "Yes there is" said Ron, it's in the... "Ouch" he shouted, as Steve kicked him on the shin.

"Ah Slugger" said the Colonel walking into the room, "Any idea what you think you'd like for Xmas day, foodwise."
"Now let me fink" said Slugger, stroking his chin. "Yeah, a champagne and salmon breakfast brought to me in bed by Steve and
Dora, and then a 7 course Christmas luncheon at Lord and Lady Becks in the afternoon."
"Yes, quite so " said the Colonel, licking his lips. "But I was thinking more what will you be cooking here Slugger?.....Slugger....
"Oh sorry Colonel, " he replied," I was still at Lord Becks, on the 3rd course."
"Right, so what's for Xmas dinner then?" asked the Colonel.
"Thought I'd do something different this year" said Slugger. "Something I've never done before."
"You mean you're going to cook something edible" said Ron.
"Turkey stew" said Slugger, folding his arms and smiling. "Turkey stew" they all groaned.
"Slugger, we have stew every day" moaned Dora, "Can't we have something different? It's Xmas."
"Yeah and turkey's different" continued Slugger. "It's seasonal." "Yours certainly will be" interrupted Steve, the amount of salt you
put in it."
"And for afters" said Slugger, "It's Xmas pudding. And let's see who gets the bit with the sixpence in."
"Oh lets" said Ron. "Be a real surprise that. Don't think we'll need Sherlock Holmes to work that one out, considering you get it
every year Slugs." "He's right" said Steve smiling, "Bit of a coincidence that." "Ron got it one year interrupted Dora, I remember."
"Yeah"  replied Ron, "Only 'cause I swapped my plate with Sluggers when 'e wern't looking."
"Wondered what went wrong that year" said Slugger.
"Yeah and from what I remember" said Ron, "The pudding was harder than the sixpence."

"Actually" said the Colonel, "I've had a word with Mrs Porter. She's given me a recipe which I think is rather unusual for Xmas day,
and one I think you'll enjoy." "What, beans on toast" said Steve.
"No, something a little more inventive than that" replied the Colonel. "Roast Sparrow."
"Roast sparrow" they all chirped.
"Yes" continued the Colonel. "Apparently it's a delicacy and very filling."
"Shouldn't think so if you 'appen to get a leg" replied Ron.
"Now the local butcher sells them" said the Colonel. "What's for starters then" said Steve. "Birds nest soup?" Yeah and for
pudding" said Ron, "We could have Birds instant trifle."
"Oh that sounds lovely" said Dora innocently, "Something easy to swallow."
"Hey, Dora's funnier than we are Ron" exclaimed Steve.
"That's not 'ard " muttered Slugger.

"Apparently the Royal Rotary Club of Yorkshire had it for their festive meal last Xmas and said it went down really well" said the Colonel.
"Apparently the National Ornithological Society had it as well and they wern't so keen" said Ron.
"Well, I was only trying to help" said the Colonel, "No need to scoff at it."
"No" replied Dora, "I don't think we will be."
"Actually Dora, I wanted a word with you" said the Colonel. "Yes, what is it Uncle?"
"That new pony you've just taken in, the light brown and cream one, Blitzen. I know he's only been here for what, less than 24
hours, but he's really too good to be here" he exclaimed.
"I know" said Dora.
"Well, Callies mum tells me that her schoolfriend , Daisy, wants a brown and cream pony for Xmas but her mum can't afford one."
"Of course" said Dora excitedly, "We could give her Blitzen Uncle. That'd be a lovely Xmas surprise for her." She gave the
Colonel a hug. "And give you some more room in the stable's" he replied.
"Yeah" said Ron, "You never know, the three wise men might turn up."
"Well, if they do" said the Colonel, "You certainly won't be one of them Stryker. Now get on with your work" he said, raising his
voice. Ron walked off scowling. The Colonel shook his head despairingly.

To be continued.........

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Re: Blitzen's lightning visit to the farm
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The Colonel made all the arrangements and the next morning Steve and  Dora took Blitzen to Daisy's.
"Looks like we're going to be kept busy over Xmas" said Steve as they got back, "No rest for us." "No," replied Dora, "No one
told the horses it's a holiday." "We're not too busy at the moment now that we've delivered Blitzen" said Steve, "How about we
go for a ride for half an hour?" "O.k" said Dora. Off they went. They got to just behind the lake when Steve said "Look,
there's two motorbikes there." "And there's Ron and Lewis" said Dora. "Look, Lewis's giving Ron some money" exclaimed Steve.
Something fishy going on there. And I don't mean catching trout." They finished their ride and got back. Ron had returned.

"I reckon he was getting commission from Lewis for sending that family to Hammonds" said Steve. "Do you think so?" answered
Dora. "Yes" he replied. They walked over to Ron.
"Saw you at the back of the  lake with Lewis" he said. "So you've done the dirty deed."
"Yeah" replied Ron,"That's a good way of putting it."
"Proud of yourself are you?" said Steve. "No, not really" said Ron, "But it made me a bit of money for Xmas."
Steve grabbed Ron by the collar. "So that pony and little girl and her family suffered because of you" he said.
"'Ere, 'ang about" replied Ron, "I don't know what you're on about."
"You took money from Lewis for sending them to buy that Pony from Hammonds" Steve answered.
"No" exclaimed Ron angrily. Steve let go of him. Ron took a piece of paper out of his pocket and gave it to Steve.
"What's this" said Steve reading it, "It's a receipt from the local biker's scrapyard for a carburettor."
"Yes" replied Ron, "Lewis's bike wasn't running properly was it. He asked me to have a look at it. It's the season of goodwill sp
I stripped it down and found out the carburettor was faulty, so I replaced it with a re-conditioned one from the scrap yard. I
cleaned it up, it looked like new, so I told Lewis is was new and made a few bob."
"So much for the season of goodwill" said Dora.
"Yeah well, I'd spent a lot of time on it" said Ron. "You believe me don't you? It was nothing to do with that pony."
"Stryker" shouted the Colonel. "Just had Lewis Hammond on the phone. He's in Wetherby and just broke down on his bike.
He managed to push it to the motorbike shop there. They had a quick look and said some idiot had fitted an old faulty
carburettor to it. He wants you to go and pick him up, says he's got something to give you."
"Yes, we believe you" answered Steve chuckling. "Blimey, he's gonna have my guts for garters" said Ron.
"Tell you what" said Steve, "We'll get the Land Rover and horse box, I'll come with you and give you a hand."
"I don't blame you for thinking it was me taking a bribe. It could have been. And thanks for helping me" said Ron.
"No problem" replied Steve. "Besides, I want to see what Lewis does to you when we get there. Better take the First Aid box with us."

"'Ow's the eye?" asked Slugger.
"Sore", replied Ron. "And it's closed up, I can't see anything out of it."
"You're lucky it's only your eye that's out of action" said Slugger. "What a stupid thing to do, to play a trick like that on Lewis."
"Yeah well, Steve didn't help any either" replied Ron.
"Yes I did" said Steve, "I held Lewis's bike while he thumped you."
"I think you'll find p piece of steak on it will help" said Dora.
"I think you'll find a piece of steak on a plate with some chips would help better" groaned Ron, "I'm famished. And I'm bored."

"Well, we could play games" answered Steve." How about I Spy. You can start Ron, with your little eye."
"Or we could play Blind Man's Buff" said Slugger. "'Ere, you'd be good at that Ron."
"I know" said Dora, trying to diffuse the situation, "Let's have a nice peaceful game of Bingo."
"Great idea" exclaimed Slugger. He got the cards and counters out of a drawer and dealt them out.
Dora sighed with relief. Slugger picked out the first ball.
Ready" he said, "Eyes down, your first number is.......Kelly's eye, number one."
"Right, that's it said Ron, throwing his card over his shoulder. "I 'ain't playin'.
Oh and thanks very much for the sympathy, remind me not to get in touch with any of you lot if you ever decide to join the Samaritans."
"Don't talk daft Ron" replied Slugger, "We're very sympathetic. Tell you what, when we pull the crackers tomorrow you can even
have the eye patch."

Just then Callie walked into the room with a friend.
"This is daisy" she said, "She's come to thank you for giving her Blitzen." "Yes" started Daisy, "I'd...." "Daisy really likes her
pony" said Callie, "Her mum says thank you too. I'm going to teach Daisy to ride now we're off school for a couple of weeks. I've
done all my homework." "So have I" said Daisy, and..." "Do you know I found some interesting facts out about Xmas
whilst doing my studies" said Callie. "In the Czech republic they enjoy fish soup and eggs on Xmas day."
"Blimey" butted in Ron,"Even your food would go down well there Slugs." "And before turkey, people used to eat pigs head
and mustard" continued Callie.
"Thought we still were" said Steve, looking across at the food on the table Slugger had been preparing.
"And in the Germanic language mistletoe means "Dung on a twig"
"'Ere, we've got plenty of that" replied Ron, "I'll go and get some and 'ang a big dollop from the lightshade."
"And if you get a lock of hair as a Xmas present it means someone's very fond of you" said Callie, glancing at Steve.
"And if you get a black eye it means someones not so keen " said Slugger, looking at Ron.
"Oh is that what it is" replied Callie, "I thought Ron had borrowed Dora's mascara. Well, must go now, mummy's doing warm
mince pies and cheese for supper." Ron's mouth began dribbling.
"Have a nice Xmas everyone. Bye" said Callie. "Oh" she whispered, as they walked out of the door, "Sorry about Daisy, once
she starts talking she never stops. See you."

"Crikey" said Steve, "I'm worn out just listening."
"She means well" added Dora.
"Blimey" said Slugger, "If they ever need a new person for the speaking clock, they needn't look any further than our Callie."

To be continued.........
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Re: Blitzen's lightning visit to the farm
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The next evening the Colonel walked into the house with a pair of mountain boots in his hands.
"What are they for?" asked Dora. "Havn't a clue" he replied, "Callies mum gave tham to me for Xmas, mentioned something about
Mount Everest. Oh I see Ron's already opened one of his presents " he said, looking at Ron's face.
"They're rather fun those things that you look through and then leave you looking like you've got a black eye aren't they" he said.
"Yeah" replied Ron, "They're absolutely hilarious. Remind me to get another one next year" he said, gently touching his swollen eyelid.

"Right" said the Colonel, "Here's your presents for tomorrow. Surprise, surprise!" he  said.
"Oh what could they be?" exclaimed Ron. "I wonder if we can guess. Gold perhaps?... No, not gold" he said lifting one up," Not
heavy enough. Frankincense maybe?... No, the government have banned that. Reckon it brings you out in a nasty rash. How
about Myrrh?...No, not a lot of that about in Yorkshire this year. Apparently it's been a poor harvest  due to Wet Rot.
Must have been all that rain we had the other Friday. Now, let me guess...How about...? Handkerchiefs."
"How did you know?" asked the Colonel, looking surprised.
"Because you bought us hankies last year" replied Ron. "And the year before that. And the year before that. And the..." "No, we
didn't get hankies that year" said Slugger. "Tockwith General Stores ran out of them that year 'cause "Gone with the wind" was
on the telly Xmas eve."
"That's right" said Dora, "Uncle gave us all socks that year, personalised with our names on."
"Yeah," said Ron. "'Cept they got my name wrong. "It said Shirker on my socks instead of Stryker."
"Nah, I don't think they got it wrong" replied Slugger.
"Well, no need to turn your noses up at them" exclaimed the Colonel, "Handkerchiefs aren't to be sniffed at you know."

"Here you are Uncle, here's your Xmas present from us" said Dora. She handed him a parcel wrapped in red Xmas paper, it was
the exact shape of a pipe. "Blimey" smiled Ron, "'e'll never guess what that is. Should be a lovely surprise."
"Well thank you" answered the Colonel. "I do need a new one. A funny thing happened to my favourite one the other day, it
appeared to come under attack from some sort of UFO." They all giggled.
"It was Steve's idea" said Dora, "To buy you this." "Wonder what made 'im fink of that" said Slugger.
"Yeah" continued  Ron, "And it's made out of indestructible steel. Just in case anybody 'appens to buy Steve a frisbee for Xmas."
"Well, that's that then," replied the Colonel" I'll be getting of home now, see you all tomorrow." And off he went.

"Right" exclaimed Slugger,"I'll just change into my Santa's outfit. 'Ere, don't forget my drop of whisky as well" he said.
Steve fetched the bottle of whisky out of the cupboard and put a small glass on the table beside it. A few minutes later there was
a loud crash and soot everywhere and there on the fireplace sat Santa.
"Blimey" said Ron, "You some sort of a quick change artist Slugger, that was fast." They all dusted themselves down.
"Merry Xmas everyone" said Santa, "Here's your presents."
"Here's your whisky Santa" replied Dora. Santa picked up the bottle, ignoring the glass, and gulped half of it down.
"Blimey" said Ron, you were thirsty Slugs, "Must have been all that soot."
And off Santa went out of the door. They all clapped and cheered. Slugger appeared.
"'Hey that was brilliant" said Steve, "How on earth did you get on the roof?" asked Ron, "Did you borrow the Colonel's
mountain boots?"
"And how did you get down the chimney?" said a surprised looking Dora.
"Wot you lot on about" replied Slugger. "Roof, chimney, I ain't even got changed yet."
Then who was the Father Christmas who came down the chimney and left these presents" said Dora.
"Well it wern't me" answered Slugger, "What do you think my name is, Evil Knievel?" Ron smelt his breath.
"No it wasn't Slugger, can't smell any whisky."
"'Ere, me whisky" answered Slugger, looking at the almost empty bottle, "'Ave you lot drunk it?" "No of course not" replied Dora.

"It's just gone midnight" exclaimed Ron, "Let's open these presents then." Steve opened his first. There were tears in his eyes
when he looked at it. "What is it?" asked Dora. "It's a picture of me when I was little with my mum and dad" replied Steve.
"Never seen it before. The card just says, "Merry Xmas from Santa."
Dora opened hers. It was a gold pendant with a beautifully made solid gold horse hanging from it. It was Copper, all in perfect
detail. She wiped the tears from her eyes.
Ron opened his present. It was a lifetime membership of the Triumph Tiger Motorbike Club. And on the leaflet was a picture of
a Tiger Cub Motorbike. His bike when new, his registration. "AAARGHH"  He shouted out.
"What's the matter?" said Dora, "Don't you like it?" "'Course I do" answered Ron, "I just got a tear in my bad eye. I'm choked."
Slugger opened his. Inside was a war medal. "Gawd blimey" he said, "Can't believe it."
"What?" sniffed Dora.
"This medal" replied Slugger." I lost mine in 1948. Never told no one. And now it's been returned to me." His eyes watered.

"Looks like the Colonel's presents are going to come in handy this year" said Steve. He fetched them off the table and passed
them around."So who was that Father Christmas?" asked Ron. They walked to the door and looked outside.
"It's snowing" exclaimed Dora excitedly. There was a carpet of snow everywhere. And there were footprints in it. Fresh footprints.
They followed them. Suddenly the footprints stopped, and there were Sleigh tracks, and hoof marks.
And then, suddenly, nothing.

"Blimey" said Ron.
"Oh Gawd" muttered Slugger.
"It.... It's impossible" Steve blurted out.

Dora smiled at the Lightning Tree, it's white branches glinting in the moonlight. They returned to the house and stood looking
at their presents. And outside, the moon was a huge yellow ball in the sky above the Lightning tree.
And, just for a fleeting second, a silhouette of Father Christmas in his sleigh being pulled by reindeer could be seen travelling
across it at a tremendous speed. And there was the sound of sleigh bells.

And a slightly intoxicated boom rang out across the sky........"Go Blitzen, go!!"

And as the Sleigh hurtled away and almost disappeared from sight, the voice bellowed out......"HAPPY XMAS EVERYONE"

                                                                                THE END

Cut out the strong to help the weak