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Some of Steve's work
« on: August 17, 2009, 02:20:22 PM »
Born in Bradford, West Yorkshire on 5 November 1947, became a civil servant when he left school. Eager to become an actor, he performed with an amateur group in Bradford, then trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Before joining the cast of Follyfoot he appeared in 'The Grievance' and 'The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes'. He has since appeared in many programmes including 'The Legend of King Arthur', 'Break in the Sun' and 'Enemy at the Door'.
In recent years he has acted in numerous radio plays and taught at the Central School of Sppech and Drama. His ambition is to direct radio plays, somthing the BBC has already asked him to do. 'But I think I need to do a lot more teaching and to direct in fringe theatre before I'm ready for that' says Steve. He has two children, Eleanor and Jessica and lives in West London.

Certainly not a complete list, but a fair bit to see:

IMDB has a page on Steve which concentrates on his tv work:


He particicpated in an advert for "Tetley's Bitter" beer.

Episode or two of "all creatures great and small" , the james herriott series from the late 70's. he played the part of a soldier involved in the care of an officer's horse. ( I may be wrong on the exact plot) but I clearly remember his appearance.

(Not sure of date, but yellowed and at least 15years old) - you might have it already, it was in the TV times.
Steve Hodson

Second Holmes, (1983), BBC. Steve played Tom Wigley.
The Year of Mystery & Grief (c 1985) a Nick McCarty radio drama. Steve played Leonid.

The messial of William Hamlet, c1988 (Geoffrey Parkinson). Steve plays Peter.
The Birdwheel, (Geoffrey Parkinson), Steve plays Prof. Upton (1993).
THE Peer Gynt of Vicotia street 1994 (Geoffrey Parkinson). Steve plays Eddie. Christian Rodska played Captain Jack in this play too.


Old Harry's Game, BBC Radio 4, Steve played a demon called Gary? in series 1 (1995).
The True Story of Martin Guerre, 1996, BBC4. Steve played Sanglas.
The Ladybird (1999) again Nick McCarty. Steve is mentioned in cast list.
The Anonymous Venetian (Mr McCarty again) (2003)Steve is mentioned in cast list.
Arden of Faversham, on BBC Three back in June this year it seems- 2004. Steve had two roles, Bradshaw and Lord Cheiny

Audio Books

The House of Women by Alison Taylor (AudioEditions)
The Reaper by Ted Allbeury (Chivers Audio Books)
The Snow Geese by William Fiennes (Isis Audio Books)
They Saw It Happen, Eyewitness Accounts from Ancient Greece to Hiroshima , Matthew Lewin et al (Naxos Audio Books)
The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer et al (Penguin Audio Books)
Diamond Dust by Peter Lovesey, (Chivers Audio Books)
Red Alert by Alastair McLean (Chivers Audio Books)
Ice Station Zebra by Alastair McLean (Isis Audio Books)
Code Breaker by Alastair McLean (Chivers Audio Books)
Special Relations by Tim Sebastian (Chivers Audio Books)
Simeon?s Bride by Alison Taylor (Chivers Audio Books)
Casey by Joyce Stranger (Isis Audio Books)
Zara by Joyce Stranger (Isis Audio Books)
Sound Students A Level English: King Lear by William Shakespeare (BMG Records)
Sound Students: A-level English: Hamlet by William Shakespeare (BMG Records(
Sacrament by Clive Barker (Isis Audio Books)
On Beulah Height by Reginald Hill (Isis Audio Books)
Roman Lives: Coriolanus, Pompey, Caesar, Cicero, Brutus, and Mark Anthony (Audio Editions)
Take a Girl Like You by Kingsley Amis (Isis Audio Books)
Family Madness by Thomas Keneally (Isis Audio Books)
Inside Track by John Francome and Mike Bailey
Stalking Horse by John Francome and Mike Bailey
A Boy in Hobnailed Boots by Edward Prynne (Isis Audio Books)
Unsafe Convictions by Alison Taylor (Chivers Audio Books)
A Beauty for Inspector West by John Creasey (Chivers Audio Books)
The House Sitter by Peter Lovesey (Chivers Audio Books)
Life and Works Brahms, Author and Narrator: Jeremy Siepmann, Jasper Britton as Brahms. Other roles taken by Karen Archer, Elaine Claxton, Ruth Sillers, Neville Jason, Nicholas Boulton, Steve Hodson and David Timson (Naxos Audio books)
Life and Works Verdi, Author and Narrator: Jeremy Siepmann, Freddie Jones as Verdi, Other roles taken by Elaine Claxton, David Timson, Steve Hodson, Charles Simpson (Naxos Audio Books)
Life and Works Mozart, Author and narrator Jeremy Siepmann with Nicholas Boulton as Mozart and Edward de Souza, Teresa Gallagher, Elaine Claxton, Steve Hodson, Jacob Moriarty (Naxos Audio Books)
1966 and all that: my autobiography; Geoff Hurst with Michael Hart. 2001. (RNIB Talking Books) new Release June 04
The letters of Harry Tartt: the light and bitter years. (RNIB Talking Books, 2000)
From Russia With Love by Ian Fleming (RNIB Talking Books)
Tenant for Death by Cyril Hare (RNIB Talking Books)
Death is no Sportsman by Cyril Hare (RNIBTalking Books)
Big deal: one year as a professional poker player. By Anthony Holden (RNIB Talking Books)
The blue planet: a natural history of the oceans. By Andrew Byatt (RNIB Talking Books)
Strange places, questionable people. By John Simpson (RNIB Talking Books)
Ten Days that Shook the World by John Reed (RNIB Talking Books)
Starman: the truth behind the legend of Yuri Gagarin; Jamie Doran & Piers Bizony. By Jamie Doran (RNIB Talking Books)
Roman Lives by Plutarch (Townsend Records)

Lambert, Martin

b. 1955

Martin Lambert was the assistant vet in Bill Robertson's practice from 1984 to 1989. Soon after his arrival in Ambridge, Shula Archer caught his eye and he went as far as pushing Eddie Grundy into the River Am when he insulted Shula at a bonfire party. When Shula had had enough of him, he turned his attnetions to her younger sister Elizabeth,

Martin wasn't thought of as kind, but could be on occasions: he once gave Walter Gabriel a budgie to keep him company. Wanting to live in Ambridge, he tried to rent Honeysuckle Cottage from Nelson Gabriel after Walter's death, but Nelson decided to keep it in the family. Martin did his best to persuade Caroline Bone to let him have a cheap room at Grey Gables but Jack Woolley put his foot down. Unable to find anywhere else to stay he was forced to move in to Grange Farm. Joe and Eddie Grundy, delighted to have a resident vet, tried to get free consultations for their stock. But Martin knew his proce and veterinary bills duly arrived. Eventually Joe's gloomy prophecies and selpulchral cough drove him to move into a flat in Borchester.

Scott Cherry; David Goodland; Steve Hodson

They Saw It Happen (and in fact this audiobook has been nominated for an award for this - see and their 2004 Audie Awards - but not sure that Steve is up for an award personally). He has consistently been narrating until now. So....hope he's still registered with Equity! 

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Re: Some of Steve's work
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Gosh, Nik you have been busy transcribing and posting all this delicious info on Steve. Thanks.

He has been very busy on the radio, too. I understand he has recorded over 1000 plays.

He did play a soldier in AGGAS, Trooper Raven who took care of an officer's horse before they were made redundant with the army's use of mechanical vehicles. It wasn't his first military part. He also appeared in A Horseman Riding By 1978 in which he played an injured First World War soldier.

I can add to the Audiobook list too!..

Breed of Giants by Joyce Stranger.
Turkish Gambit, and Winter Queen by Boris Akukin.
A Spot of bother, Mark Haddon
This age we live in, David Wilson
Samurai William, Giles Milton.

And his latest... A Narrowdog to Carcassonne by Terry Darlington (2007), which won an Americian Audie award for the best non fiction audiobook. And it's sequel A Narrowdog on Indian River. (2008)

There are probably more but that's all that comes directly to mind.

He may have been missing( >47< )from our TV screens but Steve certainly hasn't been idle. I believe he also directs now too!


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