Author Topic: Theft at Follyfoot by Norfolk Dumpling  (Read 14141 times)

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Re: Theft at Follyfoot by Norfolk Dumpling
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threw the bag in the river.'
'Well here's what I suggest. There's certainly work we can find you but we can't afford to pay much at the moment. Work for us for 3 months for just food, lodging and a bit of pocket money. That will repay us for what you stole. If you work hard-and be sure we'll keep a special eye on you we'll see about a proper paid job. This will depend on whether Jodie and Grant will have you at the farmhouse when we tell them what you did. We won't tell anyone else. That's okay isn't it Steve?'
He shrugged knowing what having a criminal record could do for the boy.
'If that's what you want Dora. How about it Tom?'
The boy's face broke into a broad grin which completely transformed his features.
'You won't regret it.'
'I'll make sure he behaves himself' said Adam.
'Right-well I'm Steve and this is Dora. Let's go introduce you to Grant and Jodie.'
When they got back Steve said 'Well Dora-that's another one for the collection.'
The telephone rang again.
'Steve, it's me!'
Steve sighed as he recognised his mother's voice.
'I'll be in Leeds tomorrow morning, my train arrives at 10 o'clock. I need you to come and meet me and bring some money. I'm in a call box and I haven't got any more change-make sure you're there.' and with that she hung up.
'Oh mate! What now?' said Steve.

To be continued later in the year with follow on story. 'Worrying times at Follyfoot.'