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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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The horse and cart trundled down the main street at Crompton.Sarah and Ginny were working their way along one side knocking at every door with their hand made lace, clothes pegs and bunches of lucky white heather. A few people bought something because they felt sorry for the old woman. Others because they were scared of being cursed although Ginny never threatened anyone. The most common retort however was 'clear off before I call the police.' The old lady who lived next door to Gibbet cottage asked them in for a cup of tea and a slice of home made cake. She was very lonely and liked to chat to someone when she had the chance. 'You don't want to be bothering about next door my dears' she said. 'No-one's lived there for years. It's haunted you know. I hear noises there sometimes-not for a while till yesterday then they started again but they don't scare me. The dead won't do me no harm.'
'Quite right missus' said Ginny 'but tell me-what do you hear?'
'Wailing noises mostly and a few bumps and bangs. People say it could be poltergeists.'
'But you've never actually seen anything?'
'No dear- I don't go out much and certainly not at night-that's when the wailing happens-the other noises are during the day.'
Jacob was sitting outside on the cart wondering where the two women had got to. The sky was growing dark and there was a hint of thunder in the air.He was anxious to get back to the camp before the storm broke. The horses pawed the ground as if they too were anxious to go home. He turned the cart round ready to be off home as soon as Ginny and Sarah emerged. However when they did Ginny marched straight down the driveway of Gibbet cottage. Sarah called after her  'Granny- where are you going, you heard the lady. There's
no-one there but unfriendly spirits. Butch had been standing looking out of the window from behind the curtain and saw the old woman approaching. He stood perfectly still not daring to move a muscle. A streak of lightning lit the sky as Jacob came to claim his two relatives.'Come on- get in the cart and hurry up. We're going to get soaked.
'Hhmm,' said Ginny. 'Unfriendly maybe but not spirits I fancy. '
'Second sight again gran?' asked Sarah when they were on the road home.
'A bit of that yes but also lightning showing up someone who thought an old,thin curtain hid them from view. I reckon we might have succeeded in our quest.'
Darkness followed swiftly Butch began wailing near a broken window to make sure no-one else approached his hiding place. His supply of canned food and drink would last him only a few days and he hoped that Solly would come soon. He couldn't bring himself to think he had perished in the fire but he needed to know. The paper boy was delivering the local evening newspaper. As he passed by the house Butch began to wail even louder rattling the letter box. The boy fled dropping his bag with the remaining papers in his haste to get away. The streetlight outside the house was not working. Butch waited, opened the door a fraction then removed his shoes and crept silently down the garden to the wall. He crouched low as another flash of lightning came followed by a clap of thunder-rain would surely follow now that the storm was near at hand. Swiftly he reached out and grabbed a paper from the bag then made his way back to the house as the rain began to fall. Inside the cottage was now very dark. He lit a candle and opened a tin of peaches eating them with his fingers then drinking the juice. He tried to read the paper but the candle did not give a very good light. He decided to wait until morning and made his way to his makeshift bed covering himself with blankets before blowing out the candle. He lay for a long time in the dark. Funny he'd never been afraid here before but tonight he felt strangely uneasy and sleep when it came was troubled by bad dreams. The old woman who he'd seen earlier stood pointing a finger at him and Loxy looking pale as a ghost held out her hands to him as if asking for help. He woke in a cold sweat long before dawn. The dream came back to him- he felt alone and scared. He'd been a petty criminal- never involved in anything major until Rollo had introduced him to Aaron Friedrickson oherwise known as Solly.
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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Butch tossed and turned away the rest of the hours of darkness. There was a small bottle of whiskey amongst the remaining supplies and Butch took a long swallow before taking up the paper to read the news. 'Boy in dramatic rescue' read the headlines and he was glad that Gavin had not died in the fire. The story went on to say that an unidentified female had been on board when the remains of the boat had been searched. It had to be Loxy-he didn't even know her real name but he could give the police a good description. 'Pull yourself together' he said to himself. 'You're not going to the police.' Had Solly deliberately killed Loxy? Could he be next? Solly knew where he was going to hide out. He had to get away but where could he go? He only had a few pounds in his pocket. He couldn't even go home because that would be the second place Solly would look. He finished the whiskey and threw the bottle against the wall. He went to the back window- the garden backed onto open fields. He needed money. There was nothing for it but to go back to his old crime-house burglary.The whiskey was taking effect. He felt very drowsy. He'd sleep awhile then be on his way. The police car didn't sound the siren but crept slowly down the street. The sound of doors slamming roused Butch and he saw the officers coming. He ran out into the backyard and jumped into the dyke which was at the edge of the field just as an officer went to the back door. It was all he could do to stop himself gagging. The water was foul smelly and cold. He seemed to see that accusing finger again. He had to run and hope the police would be too busy inside the house to notice. He pulled himself out behind the neighbouring garden and with the greatest difficulty climbed over the wall and lay there panting. 'Must've legged it over the fields guv.' said PC Dalyrimple.
Louise Carter had been about to hang her washing out before going to work and as she stood in her doorway she saw a man disappear into her neighbour's garden. She told her husband Phil. 'There's a police car outside Gibbet cottage' he said. I'll go and tell them. '
Butch emerged into the last garden in the row and stopped wondering where to go next. A burly police sergeant came out of the door. 'Now what might you be up to sir?' Butch tried to dodge past him without success so he climbed over the back fence and tried to gain access to the open fields by jumping the ditch as he felt he could easily outrun the sergeant-Mowbray by name. His clothes were heavy and he landed up to his neck in the ditch swollen by heavy rain. Something seemed to be dragging him down. 'Need a hand sir?' enquired Dalyrimple, Butch slapped the water. 'Okay- fair cop' he said hoping against hope that he could fool them into thinking he was a petty criminal who'd been caught escaping from a burglary. Minutes later he was cuffed and helped non too gently into the police car. Mowbray wrinkled up his nose. 'Phew- there's a really bad smell in here. Open the windows Cartwright.'
'B-but I'm f-freezing' stammered Butch.
'Should have thought of that before you decided on an early morning dip. Step on it Dalyrimple, it's nearly coffee time!'
Butch brightened and closed his eyes imagining a steaming hot fragrant brew.'
'Two sugars please'  he said and closed his eyes against the glare of the early morning sun.
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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Dora climbed reluctantly into the Land Rover and pulled her coat collar higher up around her neck. The Colonel looked at her sulky face.

“What’s wrong Dora? Don’t you want to see how Ron is doing?” He tactfully didn’t mention Steve.

“Yes” she replied and turned her head away. She just wished she knew what had really happened with Steve and that Minnie Foley woman. Maybe nothing happened at all and they were just good friends. What did it matter anyway? Steve had made it plain there could never be anything between them.

“Here we are then” the Colonel announced cheerfully as they pulled into the Hospital car park. “Out you get and for heaven’s sake put a smile on your face before we go in!”

Dora showed her teeth.

“Good Lord, that will have to do I suppose!”   Dora did smile then and she put her arm through the Colonels as they made their way through the entrance doors.

“Steve’s in that ward” the Colonel pointed to the left “but we’ll go and see Ron first shall we?” 

As Dora glanced into the ward she could see Steve sitting up in bed roaring with laughter and sitting next to him was Minnie Foley holding his hand.

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Dora gave Ron a big hug. 'Oh Ron-how are you feeling? I was so worried about you. '
'I'm getting there girl-mind you I could've been a gonna if it hadn't been for Steve-kept me warm he did and after I'd been really horrible to him too.'
'Well he deserved it. ' she retorted.
'Mind you- it felt a bit weird-you know two blokes cuddled up together. I'd have preferred you of course.'
'And he'd doubtless have preferred Minnie Foley!'
'Do me a favour girl and go thank him for me.'
'Oh he's much too busy to take any notice of me. She's in his room- a private one by the look of things and I bet I know who's paying. He's well and truly landed on his feet. Never needs to do another days work in his life. He can be her little lap dog!'
'Half his luck!' said Ron. 'Oh well, I'll probably be up and about tomorrow and I'll go and see him.'
The colonel, who had been silent since entering the room, now spoke
'Well I'm going to see Steve. I don't know why you're being so waspish Dora. If Steve has found happiness shouldn't you be happy for him? Perhaps it's time for him to move on and make a fresh start.' Dora knew her uncle was probably right but she just couldn't bring herself to go and see Steve even to say goodbye and wish him well. She looked down at her hands as her uncle left the room.
'Cheer up girl- you've still got me!' Ron started to pull funny faces but Dora couldn't raise a smile. Minnie Foley was just leaving Steve's room when the colonel entered.
'You're looking better than the last time I saw you Steve.'
'I'm being discharged tomorrow.'
'What are your plans?' Steve looked puzzled.
'I dunno really. I was hoping to see Dora- didn't she come with you?'
'Yes but she's still with Ron. She noticed you were chatting and laughing with Minnie when we came in'
'She's really good company when you get to know her.'
'A little old for you though Steve. Do you fancy being a toy boy?'
'Now look- you know me better than that. I'm not a freeloader.'
'Brian's not that much younger than you!'
'Colonel-please tell Dora I need to see her. We need to put things right between us then see where we go from here. Minnie will be picking me up from here in the morning but what happens next is anyone's guess at the moment.'
Without much hope of success the colonel returned to Ron's room to try and talk Dora into paying Steve a visit.
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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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“Now look here Dora” he said “you must go and see Steve right now”


“No buts! Off you go!” The Colonel pushed her none to gently towards the door.

Dora reluctantly entered the ward, hoping Minnie Foley was still there so she could make a scene. Steve was alone and staring out of the window. He looked so sad Dora’s heart went out to him.

“Steve” she said softly and he turned his head towards her “Steve, I….” she faltered.

“Come here” Steve patted the bed and smiled. She sat down stiffly next to him and he took her hands in his.
“Dora, I’m so sorry” he began “It’s all a bit of a mess isn’t it?”

She looked into his brown eyes and melted into his arms.

Unfortunately Minnie Foley chose that moment to burst into the room and announce “Here’s the keys to my house Steve, I forgot to…..oh!” she finished lamely as she saw Steve and Dora in a loving embrace.

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Douglas Bent pulled across the road to the telephone box outside the cafe, parked his hired Renault 16 and got out. He fiddled with his change and found the right coins. It took two or three goes to get through.

Councillor Earnshaw was not in a good mood.

"Now look here, Bent, you've made a real mess of things. The Foley woman isn't interested in buying Follyfoot any more. I've just got to hope that I can get my compulsory purchase order through with the planners".

"But what should I do?"

"I don't know, Bent, and I don't care. As far as I'm concerned I never want to see you again!"

Bent put down the receiver and strolled nonchalantly to the cafe, where he ordered a large double brandy. He knew he couldn't go back to England now. He was sure the police would catch up with him and discover his involvement with the kidnapping. Actually, he reflected, perhaps his only hope might be to turn himself in and tell the police that Earnshaw was behind everything. Yes - that was a good idea. He'd go to see the British Consul once he got to Cannes.

Downing a second triple brandy, he walked back to the car, feeling a lot happier. The carriageway was clear. He pulled onto the Route Nationale 7 and headed south.

The driver of the articulated lorry didn't have a chance to stop as he drove over the brow of the hill. The gendarme who was passing on his motorbike tut-tutted - it was yet another 'touriste anglais' who had forgotten which side of the road he was driving on. He called the ambulance, but he knew it was too late for the unfortunate Englishman.

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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"Thanks Minnie." said Steve with a smile as he let go of Dora to catch the bunch of keys Minnie had tossed to him.  Dora turned as  Minnie smiled a rather awkward smile and nodded before leaving again.  Dora swung around to face Steve "House keys!" she growled, her voice low and meanacing! "So you're letting yourself in now are you?" she screamed at him.  Steve was taken aback and couldn't reply so Dora continued "I've come to tell you you're not wanted at Follyfoot anymore....... you can pick up your things as soon as you like...... I'll leave them by the gate." then she stormed out of the room and down the corridor, ignoring her uncle as she pushed by him.  The Colonel sighed heavily, wishing with all his heart that he hadn't made her visit Steve.

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Steve looked at the floor and then up at the Colonel.

"I'm not making a very good job of this, am I?" he said.

"Tell me, Steve, what's all this business about house keys? I thought the Foleys were still staying in the Queens Hotel. They're surely not going back to Lilian Street?"

"No, this is Minnie's new house. She's just exchanged contracts with the Estate Agent. It's off Alwoodley Lane. There's a separate paddock and a stable block. She wants me to take a look at it and see what I think of it."

"That's quick work. Do you realise she's also given me some money to give to Dora, for Follyfoot?"

"Yes - she told me. She's really a very kind woman. I wish you'd all give her a chance!"

"I believe you, Steve. But I think you should be very careful with what you're doing. Is Minnie Foley planning to start a business? I'd be happy to advise her."

"I'd rather not say anything about that yet. You'll know soon enough".

At that moment the nurse came along, wheeling a trolley, and the Colonel got up and left the ward. He went into the public phone booth at the hospital entrance and dialled Bendiger's number.

"Bendiger here".

"It's Geoffrey. Did you get a chance to look at those old papers?"

"Yes - I think they're the real thing. I've made photocopies of them and sent them to the West Yorkshire Archaeological Society. The originals are in my safe. But I still think you could do with more proof".

"How can I do that? Earnshaw's put a bloody great fence around Gallows Farm!"

"I just might have an idea. I know somebody who may be able to help you. I'll send him round this afternoon".

At that moment Dora appeared.

"Where've you been?" asked the Colonel.

"Seeing Ron again" she replied. "But a pretty nurse has just gone in to take his temperature, so I reckon I was in the way!"

"You and I have got to get back to Follyfoot. I think we may be about to learn something very important".


Dora, Hazel, Slugger and the Colonel were waiting when the battered Mini pulled up in front of the farm and a pale young man with glasses got out. He was carrying a machine the likes of which Dora and Hazel had never seen before.

"Now that's one of them mine detectors!" exclaimed Slugger. "They used them in the War!"

"Actually", said the young man, "this is a very sophisticated metal detector, and it can find both ferrous and non-ferrous metal."

"You're Mr Bendiger's neighbour's son, aren't you?" asked the Colonel.

"That's right. Antony Matthews." He shook the Colonel's hand and was introduced to the others. "Now, where d'you think I ought to start looking?"

"Try over by the lake, up against the Gallows Farm fence", suggested Dora.

"How much suction power does that thing have?" asked Hazel.

"Oh - it doesn't actually suck anything up. It makes a beeping noise when it passes over something metal, and then you have to dig it up. Look, I'll give you a demonstration".

Antony waved the detector over the ground and there was a signal almost immediately. He got a trowel and dug a small hole. Within seconds he produced a rusty horseshoe.

"A horseshoe - what a surprise!" said Hazel.

"That shows the machine is working. Now let's go over to the lake."

They followed Antony towards the lake. After about ten minutes the detector emitted a beep. Antony deftly removed a divot and triumphantly produced a coin.

"Look - a halfcrown. Queen Elizabeth".

"Elizabeth the First?" asked Dora.

"Nope - Elizabeth the Second! Nineteen-fifty-nine" said Antony, rubbing the dirt from the coin.

"Can't do much with that - they're obsolete!" said Slugger.

Antony started combing the ground with his detector again. Soon there was a second signal and he started digging a small hole.

"Oh look!" exclaimed Hazel. "It's a sixpence, but some idiot's chopped it in half!"

"No,"said Antony, lifting up the tiny sliver of silver, "this is a silver half-penny of King John. In those days the silver penny was the only coin minted. So if you wanted a half-penny, you just cut a penny in half!"

"So this proves there was a settlement around here in medieval times!" said the Colonel.

"Well, not really" said Antony. "The coin could have been dropped by a farmer on his way home from the pub. It doesn't mean there was a building here. But you never know, we could find something else. We've still got that strip of land by the fence to try."

The next half-hour produced just a bottle-top and the ring-pull from a Coke can. But then Antony's detector gave a really deep squeal. He dug down and unearthed an object about the size of a small brick.

"What's that?" asked Dora.

"It's a lead ingot" replied Antony. He scraped the earth from it and held it up so they could see it. There was a crown and the initials H VIII R.

"What does that mean?" asked Hazel.

"It's the Royal Cipher of King Henry VIII. When the monasteries were dissolved, they melted down the lead roofs and made these ingots to take to the royal treasury. It looks as if this one got left behind. This is the proof we need that there was some sort of monastic building here!"

"So what do we do now?"

"I'm going to take this around to the Archaeological Society straight away. They are going to be so excited about this, and I can't see that anyone's going to allow any building on this site until it's been properly investigated!"

"Thank heavens for that!" cried Dora, grabbing her Uncle's arm.

"Well I'm blowed!" said Slugger. "So it looks as if those old papers Ron found were all right after all!"

"Tell me a bit more about this detecting lark!" said Hazel, as she walked back with Antony towards his car.

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Ron was bored!  He'd been in the hospital for days now and between visiting times there was nothing at all to do.  If he had to stay he had wanted to make the most of his injuries to get the attention of the prettier nurses.  There had been one lovely young nurse with curly hair who'd looked in on him once in a while.  When she'd come to take his temperature earlier he'd made a couple of harmless jokes about women in uniform and since then it seemed he'd only seen a right battle axe of a  staff nurse who reminded him quite strongly of Phyllis Wetherby!

"Oh well," he murmured to himself, "since Dora didn't pass the message on I'd better go see if I can find Steve.  Might be better than sittin' here waitin' for the Bride of Frankenstein to offer me a bed bath." 

Walking slowly so as not to jar his broken ribs and collar bone Ron made his way towards the bathroom at the end of the ward.  As he neared the door he looked around for the staff nurse.  Satisfied that the coast was clear he sneaked out of the ward and into the corridor.  Turning left, the way he'd seen Dora go earlier he didn't have to go far before he found Steve's room.

He stuck his head round the door and grinned broadly.  "Watcha mate?"
Steve looked round to find Ron closing the door behind him as he entered the room. 

"Hi! How are you doing? The Colonel said you were on the mend.".

"Yeah, you too" Ron looked uncharacteristically sheepish, "I, erm, I wanted to say Ta and stuff... ...for like erm...for what you done for me."

Steve grinned, if he didn't know better he'd say Ron was actually blushing. 
"Listen mate, I'm just glad you're okay, well, that we're both okay really."

Ron rallied a little "Mind, this don't mean I've forgiven you for what you did, siding with them Foley's against Dora an' all that." 

He was surprised to hear Steve agree with him.  "I know. I wouldn't really want her to lose Follyfoot, it's just that she drives me crazy sometimes, and, you know, Minnie's really fun.  I did get carried away a bit though."

"Yeah, well..." Ron was interrupted by the door opening to reveal a fierce looking nurse.
"There you are Mr. Stryker, we've been scouring the ward for you. Back to bed with you immediately!"

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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'Right m'lad- what's your name?' asked the burly desk sergeant.
'Butch Cassidy'
'Very funny- and I'm Charlie Barlow!'
'Nice to meet you Charlie- where's that nice hot cup of coffee then?'
Watch your lip- tell me your real name and we'll see what we can do.'
'Look straight up Charlie- me real surname is Cassidy so everyone calls me Butch!'
'Well now Mr. Cassidy-I'm  Sergeant Hutchinson and everyone does not call me 'Hutch!' A WPC entered the room and wrinkled up her nose.
'What on earth's that smell?'
'It's Butch Cassidy here. I don't think we can interview him till he smells a bit sweeter. Take him to the showers Gregory.'
Later feeling fresher and dressed in clothes from the station's charity box Butch sat with his promised coffee in the interview room with Sergeant Mowbray and PC Dalyrymple.
'So what were you doing when we apprehended you this afternoon Cassidy?'
'Spot of housebreaking Sarge- been down on my luck recently. I've been straight for over 2 years now. I'm really sorry and I didn't nick anything honest.'
'We reckon you might have been squatting in that empty house they call 'Gibbet's cottage'. Reckon we'll find your dabs all over it so there's not much point in denying it.'
'Told you I was down on my luck- happened to find a broken window and got in to hole up for a couple of days.'
'And you just happened to find a nice supply of in date tinned food to help you out eh?'
'Well- I had a few bits with me.'
'What's your connection with the village?'
'None- I was just passing through.'
'On your way to where?'
'I dunno-just needed a break from the city so I got the bus as far as my money would let me go and walked the rest of the way.'
'And very conveniently found this empty house.'
'Let's try something else- does the name Caliope ring any bells?'
'Greek nymph wasn't she?'
'You were seen getting off a boat called Caliope this week and today it blew up with an un-identified woman on board.'
'Nasty way to go!'
'Oh she was dead before it happened. We found a newspaper open at the story in Gibbet cottage so you probably read about it'
' I had nothing to do with it- honest guv.'
'With what?'
'With blowing up that boat or killing Loxy.' Butch put his hand over his mouth.
'Ah so you know the woman then?'
'I met her- but I don't know her real name I only knew her as Loxy. She was okay and I'm sorry she's dead.'
'And what does the name Gavin Foley mean to you?'
'He's the kid what was kidnapped.'
'That's right-now we're getting somewhere.'
'No-look I read about it dint I?'
'When you were seen leaving Caliope Gavin was on the boat.'
'Well I never seen him.'
'The person that was holding Gavin and who killed Loxy is a nasty piece of work. I wouldn't like him to come looking for you when we let you out of here.'
'I dunno where he's gone- straight up.'
'How about a name then?'
'What kind of a name is that?'
'It's the only one I knew.' Butch hoped they didn't push the matter. He dare not tell them Rollo's real name. He'd only found it out by accident when Rocco had let it slip. Rocco and Rollo were twins who had managed to stay out of trouble by bribery and by framing others. He fingered his collar glad that the death penalty had been abolished but certain that if Rollo had anything to do with it he would find himself framed for kidnap and murder and facing a very long stretch.
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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Minnie Foley was feeling rather guilty about Dora. She had come down to earth about winning all that money and realised how foolish she had been over Steve. He was her dream man and after a lifetime of mental abuse at the hands of Ed it was no wonder she had lost her head when Steve appeared interested in her but really, what had she been thinking of?

No, the time had come to make amends so she donned her coat and hat and made her way to catch the bus which would drop her off near the lane to Follyfoot. As the bus trundled along Minnie felt more and more guilty. They had looked so right together cuddling in the hospital and she had spoilt it by throwing her keys at him. He was only going to do a spot of house sitting for her while she was taking a well-earned holiday with her boys.

Trudging along the muddy lane towards the farm and thinking how on earth she was going to explain all this to Dora, she was all too soon at the front door of the farm house with no ideas at all. Hesitantly she rang the bell and stood back to peer in the windows.

The door swung open and there stood Dora, hands on hips and face like thunder!
Minnie nearly turned-tail and run but she cleared her throat and squeaked, “I need to talk with you”

Without a word Dora stood aside and let Minnie in.

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Butch had drunk too much the day before. His brain was addled. He'd muddled up the twins in his mind. Rollo couldn't harm him Rollo was dead. Rocco however was still at large and hadn't been seen since the night of the kidnap. He'd probably fled the country but there was another name he must not let slip. After questioning him for hours they finally locked him up. 'I want to see my solicitor' he called banging on the cell door. 'Who is it- we'll call him and have him here for the next interview. Butch supplied the name. Later they took him to the interview room again. 'Your solicitor's here, Cassidy.' The man half rose as Butch entered.
'Sorry Mr. Jacobson couldn't come but I'm here to represent you.' Butch controlled himself with difficulty for the man who sat at the desk was none other than Aaron Friedrickson- Solly. Butch sweated and bluffed his way through the interview, he didn't know what he said. They typed up his statementand he signed it hoping they'd lock him up again. 'Well' said Solly. 'Are you charging my client?'
'With breaking and entering-yes.'
'Are you remanding him?'
'No- he's free to go. We'll need an address to send documentation to and on no account must he leave the country. There may be further questions we need to ask about the Foley kidnapping. 'Send correspondence to this address' said Solly handing the officer a card.
'Mr. Cassidy will be staying with me!'
Outside Solly hailed a taxi and ushered Butch inside. They were dropped off at Leeds Railway station. 'Don't try anything Butch. I have a gun in my pocket.'
'W-where are we going?'
'To a place I know in the country.'
That evening Rocco opened the door of his house in the Highlands of Scotland to admit Solly. 'All well with Butch?'
'Ah- poor Butch Cassidy. I'm afraid he had a nasty accident.' said Solly.
'So now there's only you and me left.'
'That's right my friend. Now what are your instructions?'
'Get a good night's sleep. We'll talk in the morning.'
Butch had survived being thrown from the train-how he didn't know. Well no more holding back. If he could just get to a police station he would sing like a little canary. When he tried to get up the pain in his legs was excruciating. He passed out again and was found by a man out walking his dog. The next time he woke up he was in hospital.
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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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'I need to speak to the police' said Butch to the nurse who came to take his blood pressure.
'H'm I don't think so-not yet. Your BP's on the high side and you must be in pain with two legs broken.'
'Please-it's urgent. Hopw long have I been here?'
'You were brought in two nights ago. They set your legs and you slept the clock round.'
'What's the time?
' 4.30pm- nearly mealtime. You must be really hungry.'
'I could murder a drink.'
'I'll get you a cup of tea if you like.'
'Ah the panacea for all ills! Look luv I really do need to speak to the cops. Can you ask someone to phone. I didn't fall from that train you know, I was pushed- that's assault no actually attempted murder I reckon.'
'I'll speak to sister.'
The morning  after Solly arrived at his house Rocco was sitting at the breakfast table eating porridge and reading the newspaper when he came downstairs. He reached out to pour himself a coffee.
'Did I ask you to help yourself to what you want in my house said Rocco.
'Er sorry- I just thought---'
'Oh so you dothink sometimes then?
'W-what do you mean.'
'I mean how did you manage to bungle the collecting the ransom and how did Rollo and Loxy end up dead and a perfectly good boat blown to bits?'
'Things went wrong almost from the start Roc. That Butch was a right bungler. I reckon he was responsible for Rollo's death.'
'How d'ya make that out?'
'Well he bungled ditching the Rolls didn't he? Should've  dumped it and stolen another but the cops were on to him. After he dropped us at the boat he headed back to Leeds still in the Rolls and by that time the police were on the lookout for it. Rollo was keen to deliver the plant and the message to Mrs Foley then make his getaway so evidently he was out of the car and running as soon as it was parked-then the lorry hit him. Butch took things into his own hands and arranged a new handover rendezvous but the stupid blighter walked into Foley's hotel bold as brass then came out to the boat on the bus. I got very edgy I can tell you and then that blessed gypsy woman appeared. Lox was really freaked out by her- I never meant for Lox to die- I dunno how the boy got out. I'm sorry Roc.'
'You cost me a lot of money Solly and my woman's dead. I daren't go to her funeral even.'
'I'll make it up to you Roc-I swear.'
'Oh don't worry Solly-you will!'
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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Minnie stepped nervously into the hall. Dora slammed the door shut and pushed roughly past her and led the way to the study.

“In here” she indicated with a nod but as Minnie reached the door, Dora suddenly swung her right arm up and Minnie reeled back at the sharp slap that stung her face.

Dora gasped. Her temper subsided as quickly as it had begun. She knelt down and helped Minnie to her feet. “I’m sorry” she said quietly “I shouldn’t have done that.”

Minnie rubbed her cheek. “Maybe not, but I wish you’d done it before I made a fool of myself with your Steve!”

They looked at each and grinned.

“Come and sit down by the fire Minnie, I’ll get Slugger to make us some tea. Slugger!” she yelled.

Sluggers head appeared around the door. “Oh gawd blimey, now what!” he exclaimed at the sight of Minnie Foley but he was amazed to see the both of them deep in conversation, all thoughts of tea gone from their minds. However, it didn’t escape his notice that Minnie had a big red mark on her cheek. He smiled to himself before retreating back to the kitchen.

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Re: Foley's Fortune - a new fanfic for everyone to write
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Sgt Hutchinson arrived at Butch's bedside with constable Dunwoody.
'So- Mr. Cassidy- what have you to tell us?'
'Names- starting with my so called legal representative.'
'Roy Groves?'
'His real name is Aaron Friedrickson otherwise known as Solly. He's the one who was on the boat. When he picked me up from the nick we got on the train at Leeds. It was going to Manchester I think. He said we were going to Rocco's house. He masterminded this whole kidnapping job. His name is Julius Sullivan. His brother, Rollo real name James Sullivan was the bloke killed by the lorry. Anyway once we got clear of the city Solly opened the carriage door, hauled me to my feet then pushed me out of the door. I think I landed in a tree. I tried to lower myself down but the branch snapped and down I went. '
'So Sullivan lives in Manchester?'
'I think he's got several houses. He's got a chain of clothes shops but they're just a front. He's into all sorts of dodgy dealings. I do know that Solly's got a house on the outskirts of Bradford.'
So let me get this straight. The kidnap gang was you, Friedrickson, the two Sullivans and the girl called Loxy?'
'She wasn't involved in the actual kidnap- she was on the boat waiting for us. I was the driver, Rocco and Rollo provided the strongarm stuff. Rollo was originally going to deliver the ransom demand and pick up the dosh. When he was killed I delivered the note to Mrs. Foley changing the details then I went to tell Solly. He didn't want the pick up job-tried to get me to do it but I refused. Loxy was not happy with the whole idea. She wanted out. I believe she was Rocco's bit of stuff.'
'And where was he while all this was going on?'
'Well out of the way, goodness knows where. Like I said he was Mr. Big- paid others to do his dirty work.'
'Right -now tell us about Gibbet Cottage.'
'Look guv- I've come clean. You will go easy on me won't you?'
'Finish your story and we'll see!'
'Technically speaking I was allowed to be there. It belonged to Solly's grandmother Angela Trowbridge. She left it to Solly when she died a couple of years ago and it was put up for sale only because of the rumours about it being haunted no-one wanted to buy it. Solly said it would be a good place for us to lay low where Rocco wouldn't know where to find us. He could come and go openly but usually he'd leave it till after dark and fuel the rumours of it being haunted by making strange noises. He did it to keep people away and if anyone did see him he would just say he'd come to check on the property. Never brought a vehicle. Caught the bus to the next village and walked from there. I went with him once just to get my bearings. He'd been several times over the past few weeks and laid in some tinned food and bottled water. We were going to meet there after the Foley kid had been returned to his mother and keep our heads down till the heat died down. '
'So the boy was not to be harmed then?'
'Not if his ma paid up.'
'And if she didn't?'
'I dunno guv-straight I don't!'
'Right we'll get this statement typed up and bring it for you to sign. Meanwhile we'll put out a false report about your death. That should keep you safe.'
When Hutchinson returned to the station it was to learn that they had received an anonymous phone call about the dead woman. Her name the caller said was Pippa Lockyer.'
'Did you trace the call?'
'No time guv. All he said was the woman who died on the boat was Pippa Lockyer then he hung up.'
'Right- release the name to the papers and ask for anyone who knew her to contact us immediately.'
That evening the information was in the newspapers. Barbara Lockyer had not heard from her sister for three weeks. There could not be that many Pippa Lockyer's in the area and she'd never liked that boyfriend of hers. She found a photograph taken at Christmas. 'Oh Pip' she said holding it in her hand and letting her tears fall on it. With a sigh she picked up the telephone and dialled the number given in the article. 'Hello- I need to speak to someone about the woman who died in the boat fire- my name is Barbara Lockyer.'
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