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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Even though they had cleared the air, slugger felt strangely disappointed that Milly was relieved marriage wasn’t on the cards. He looked down at Jeff thoughtfully. How grand it would be, Milly living here permanently. And he had just blown his chances of making Milly his wife! Deep down he really did want to spend the rest of his days with her as man and wife. So why had he said the opposite to her? “You’re a silly old fool Slugger” he grumbled to himself.

In the kitchen Milly was feeling just the same. “I was so sure Slugger would propose one day” she thought as she banged the tea pot down on the kitchen table. “Steve and Dora will be so disappointed” she sighed. “I’m just a silly old woman who ought ter know better than have silly girlish dreams.”

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Later, when Dora and Steve were back and Slugger had returned to Follyfoot Milly sought Steve out in the stables at the bungalow. 'Er Steve luv, I've been thinking. It's going to be a bit expensive for you having an annexe built for what might only be a few years. Would you mind if I were to sell the cottage and move in with you for a while so I could p'raps look for a little place nearby. As you said my place should sell fairly quickly and I could bide my time helping you out with cooking and looking after Jeff until the right place comes along. Would you talk it over with Dora and let me know?'
'Of course, but what about you and Slugger?'
'Well- he made it clear that he doesn't want another wife so I said it were fine by me.'
'And is it?'
'Well- 'appen it's fer t'best.'
'I dunno so much. I reckon you and Slugger are good together. Anyway I'll talk to Dora about what you said.'
After Jeff was in his cot and Milly had gone to her room Steve took Dora by the hand, sat down in the big comfy armchair and drew her onto his lap. She snuggled happily against him. 'Mmm, this is nice. ' For a few moments Steve allowed himself to enjoy the feel of her in his arms but then he began to talk about the conversation he'd had with Milly.
'Of course there's no problem with her staying here as long as she likes Steve but what do you think brought about this change of heart?'
'I reckon that whatever she says she would like to be the second Mrs. Jones. Will you sound Slugger out- see whathe really wants?'
'Me- why don't you do it?'
'I dunno whether he'd be as straight with me as he would with you-what with me and Milly being so close.'
'I'm not going to interfere if he's really not interested in settling down with Milly.'
'Of course not love. I wouldn't ask you to.'
'Well, I'll do the early morning shift at Follyfoot tomorrow and see if Slugger will talk to me.'
'I'm done talking for tonight, let's get some sleep before Jeff wakes up.' he said winking at her.

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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“Good Morning slugs!” Dora called cheerfully as she entered the kitchen.

“Hurmph! Good morning she says, what’s good about it I want to know” he muttered as he stirred a pot of stew vigorously.

“We not having bacon and eggs this morning?” she asked looking over Sluggers shoulder at the greasy mixture in the pot.

“I can’t be bothered to cook anyfing else so its last nights left-over stew!” Slugger slopped the brown mixture onto a plate.

“Here!” he thrust the plate at Dora.

“I’m not really hungry at the moment thanks.” She shuddered at the thought of trying to eat congealed stew. “What’s the matter Sluggs it’s not like you to be so grumpy?” she asked.

“Nuffing!” he emptied the contents of the stew into the sink and furiously poked the lumpy bits down the plug hole with a knife.

Dora gently put her arms around him.

“Oh slugger! Please tell me what’s wrong. I hate seeing you like this!”

He turned to face her and she was shocked to see tears trickling down his cheeks. He was normally her rock, her tower of strength but now it was her turn to comfort him.

“Is this about Milly?”

Slugger nodded. “I want to marry her Dora. But something keeps stopping me from asking. What shall I do?” He slumped into the sagging armchair by the range and put his head in his hands.

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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'Do you like porridge Slugger?' asked Dora.
'Yers but I never could get the 'ang of makin' it proper like which is why I never made it fer you lot. Why d'ya ask?'
'Well I happen to know that Milly is making porridge for our breakfast this morning and if you want to go over I reckon there'd be a bowl for you.'
'No, Dora, girl- I can't face her after yesterday when she made it clear she didn't want to marry me!'
'Did you ask her?'
'Well no, but it was obvious what her answer would have been if I 'ad.'
'Oh, Slugs! I think you've both got the wrong end of the stick. You've both been saying what you thought the other one wanted to hear. Now you get over there and lay your cards on the table- oh and tell Steve I need him here.'
When he arrived Steve asked 'What's the problem girl? I was just about to have my breakfast.'
'No problem- I just wanted Slugs and Milly to be able to talk. You were right you know, Slugger does want to pop the question but he says something's holding him back. I just hope that today they can be honest with each other.'
'Well they're going to have Jeff for an audience but he won't tell tales. I may as well give you a hand while I'm here.Hopefully Milly will remember to keep our porridge hot.'
Slugger sat with Jeff on his knee keeping his steaming bowl of porridge out of the reach of little hands.
'Come on luv, I've finished mine, give him to me and eat yours while it's hot.'
'Cor Mil- it's a long while since anyone's made me breakfast. I'm really looking forward ter this.'
'I do love cooking and it's nice to have someone to cook for.'
'D'yer reckon you could take me in 'and, show me how to cook?'
'I think I could do that for you.'
'Mind that old cooking range at the farmhouse has a mind of it's own!"
'Ee Slugger- I grew up wi' one of those. I'll soon put you right.'
'Mind you, if I had a wife I wouldn't need to cook.'
'No more you would but I thought you didn't want to get married again.'
Slugger took a mouthful of porridge and smacked his lips appreciatively.'
'For grub like this I might be tempted to change me mind.'
'Ah so it's just someone to prepare your meals you want is it? I'm sure young Hazel will do it if you ask her nicely.'
'No- look- this is coming out all wrong! I bloomin well knew it would. I shoulda known a nice refined lady like you wouldn't want an old fool like me.'
'Isn't your uncle Slugger daft eh Jeff? If he wasn't mebbe I could tell him straight that this lady is willing to listen if he has a question he'd like to ask her

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Slugger looked at Milly. She had her backed turned and was cuddling Jeff. It was now or never, he thought but it took him another five minutes to pluck up the courage and by this time Milly had started to change Jeff’s nappy. How romantic! But it had to be done because if he didn’t do it now he never would. He held onto a chair and lowered himself carefully down on one knee.


“Yes Love?”

“I have something to ask you.”

Milly smiled to herself. Here it was, the moment she had been waiting for and she had a stinking nappy in her hand!

“What is it Sluggs?”

Slugger coughed and cleared his throat. “Will you marry me?”

“EE! Will I ever!! Milly rushed over to slugger and went to cuddle him but he pushed her away. “Could you do something with that nappy first, like put it down!

Milly laughed and threw the nappy in the sink ready for washing. “Eee Sluggs you’ve made me the happiest silly old woman in Yorkshire!”

Slugger beamed.

“One more question” he said

“What’s that luv?”

“Could you help me up, I’m stuck!!

They both laughed as Milly tried to help Slugger to his feet and at that moment Steve and Dora walked in to see them giggling on the floor like a pair of teenagers.

“Looks like it’s all worked out” Steve winked at Dora.

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Milly blushed 'Ee you've caught us in a right funny position!' Steve went to help the pair of them up. 'Never mind that- do it take it congratulations are in order?'
'Yes luv- I'm going to be Mrs Slugger'
'Oh- that's so lovely. I'm so happy for you both' said Dora and there followed lots of hugging, kisses and backslapping.'
'Hey- we've got some champagne in the hamper your parents sent Dora, let's have a drink to celebrate in style.'
'I think I'd better put a nappy on Jeff first! ' said Dora.
'Ee- the poor little mite- I forgot all about him in the excitement- and the dirty nappy too!'
'Thought I could smell something!' exclaimed Steve.
Later, when everything had calmed down they began to talk wedding plans. 'Can't waste too much time at our age' said Slugger.
'Spring's a nice time for a wedding. It's what I always wanted.' said Milly wistfully as she thought about the white gown she'd had her eye on all those years ago.'
'Will you want to go back to the cottage to live until the great day?' asked Steve.
'No- I'll just need to pick up the things I want to keep and put the cottage in the hands of the estate agents then if it's okay by you I'll live here till we're man and wife.'
'Tell you what Slugs, you haven't had a proper holiday for years.Why don't you go back with Milly and help her sort out what she's going to bring with her. You can stay a week or longer if you like.' said Dora.
'Well I reckon that's a good idea- mind I'll  still expect time orf fer an 'oneymoon. When the shops open we'll go and buy yer a ring Mil.'
'Oh but this one's perfectly okay' she said fingering the ring on the chain round her neck.
'Oh no- that won't do at all. Can't 'ave me financy wearing anuvver bloke's love token now can I?' Milly looked a bit upset and Steve quickly handed out the champagne.
'To Mr. and Mrs. Slugger Jones' he said raising his glass.
'Oh 'eck ee thump ' exclaimed Milly. 'I've got to tell Kath- heaven knows what she'll say.
Slugger spluttered on his glass of champagne.
'You leave my mother to me. It's about time she realised you gave up a lot for her when you took charge of gran. You deserve to be happy and I'll make sure she doesn't interfere. By the way I hope I'll be allowed to give the bride away.'
'It'll be a register office do Steve, so that won't be necessary. You can be one of the witnesses.' replied Slugger. He held out his glass for a refill and did not notice the look of disappointment which appeared on Milly's face.

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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“Thank goodness they’ve sorted their differences out now” Dora smiled as she watched Milly and Slugger walking arm in arm down the lane.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that”   Steve muttered.

“Oh whatever is the matter now? They look so happy I can’t imagine there could be any more problems. Don’t be such a defeatist Steve!”

“You didn’t see the look of disappointment on Millys face when Slugger said he was going to buy her a new ring and the wedding will take place in a registry office.”

“Is that all? Milly will soon come round to Sluggers way of thinking you’ll see.” Dora picked up Jeff and flounced out of the room. She didn’t want to hear any more about Milly and her doubts! She was lucky to be marrying such a good man as Slugger!

Steve couldn’t believe Dora’s sudden change of attitude towards Milly.

“Women!” he thought “I’ll never understand ‘em!”

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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As they walked along Slugger began humming Moonlight and Roses. Milly sighed softly, Slugger stopped whistling and asked 'You okay Mil? That was a big sigh.'
'Oh don't mind me, I'm just being daft. I'm very happy...'
 'Is there a but?'
'Nothing that need worry you, I was just thinking about what I should wear for the wedding and if it would be okay to have Dora as my matron of honour. I don't know whether you have them at register offices. Did y'hav a white wedding first time round Slugger?'
'Oh yes! Tiny's parents insisted - cost a bloomin fortune and all for a bloke in a dress to say fancy words then a big nosh up at a posh hotel.'
'So you didn't enjoy the day then?'
'Oh I wouldn't say that. Tiny's parents had all the expense not me. The food was smashing and as for the 'oneymoon-Anyway gel whatever yer wear you'll look a proper picture and I reckon it'll be okay ter have Dora as a wotsit if that's what yer want. There's plenty of time ter sort fings out. Now 'ow do yer fancy a nice drop of sherry at the pub to celebrate?'
'Ok- but I'm not all that keen on pubs so just the one eh? It would be nice to have a meal out with Steve and Dora if they can get a babysitter.'
The meal was arranged for early in the new year, Anna was happy to babysit. As they sat in the little restaurant Slugger asked if he could have the next week off so he could take Milly back to her cottage and begin the task of sorting out what she wanted to bring and put the property on the market, Dora and Steve readily agreed. Milly was wearing the new solitaire diamond ring that Slugger had bought the day before and was looking attractive in a cream dress.' 'Yer could easily wear that fer the wedding luv' said Slugger.
'Well it is nice I agree, but a girl likes something new for her big day' said Dora.
'I rather fancy a nice powder blue suit' said Milly.
'Well- whatever. I'll wear me best suit of course.'
'You'll do no such thing Slugger Jones. You'll have a new one even if it is to be only a register office do. If my sister Kathy's coming you can bet your life she'll be done up to the nines and Bert 'n all.' Steve was keeping very quiet. In his talks with Milly she had made no secret of the fact that although she'd agreed to the new ring she was still hoping to persuade Slugger to marry her in church because she said it wouldn't feel right to her otherwise. She had forbidden Steve to say anything and it was churning him up inside to know how she felt and not be able to help.Towards the end of the evening a violinist was going from table to table asking if anyone had a request for him to play. Milly was in the powder room at the time but when she returned to the table it was to the strains of their song.' Oh Slugger!' she said and buried her face in his shoulder to hide her tears. 'I'd love to have that at the wedding.' 'Reckon we'll have ter speak ter the vicar abaht that!' he said. ' Milly's lovely smile shone through her tears as she lifted her face to look into his. 'Do you mean we can get married in church after all?'
'You've made it clear that's what you want luv and I realise I was being a bit selfish.'
'It needn't be a big do, just us and the family eh?'
'Yer can invite the whole village ter the church if yer want- not to the reception mind, that'll be a h'intimate gathering.'
'Slugger Jones, you're a lovely man' she said kissing him.'
Steve breathed a sigh of relief, winked at Dora and squeezed her hand under the table while Slugger pulled Milly to her feet and whirled her round as the violinist played the anniversary waltz for a couple seated nearby.
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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Dora sat stony-faced while Slugger and Milly danced.

“What’s wrong Dora? Surely you aren’t still in a mood with Milly, can’t you see everything’s fine now?” Steve gave Dora a peck on the cheek but she brushed him off.

“Everything has to be Millys way. I don’t think Slugger wants to get married in a church at all!” she pouted.

“Don’t you think you are being a bit childish over this Dora? They are adults and can make their own minds up”.

Dora suddenly burst into tears and ran from the restaurant. 
Slugger and Milly returned to the table rather breathless after their dance.

 “Where’s Dora rushed orf too in a ‘urry is everything O.K? asked slugger looking concerned.

“I really don’t know what’s the matter with her Sluggs . I can’t get through to her.”

“I’ll go and find her and have a chat” offered Milly but Slugger laid a restraining hand on her arm.

“No luv, I think this is something me and Dora need to talk through. I think her old bug-bear is rearing its ugly head again”

Milly looked confused but Steve suddenly cottoned on to what was upsetting Dora.

 “Don’t worry Milly, everything will be fine from now on, you’ll see." Steve smiled and patted Milly's hand.

Slugger found Dora outside the restaurant leaning against the wall, tears streaming down her face. He pulled her gently into his arms.

“It’s that word "change" again ‘aint it?”

Dora looked into his face.  “Oh Slugger I knew you’d understand!” she cried. “You’ve always been there for me and now I feel like I’m losing you!”

“Hey, that’s silly talk and you know it. I’ll always be there for you, married or not. You do like Milly don’t you?”

“Yes of course!”

“Well then, wipe your eyes and no more worrying about things changing.”

Dora nodded and smiled.

“That’s my girl! Come on, let’s get back to the others or they’ll think we’ve done a runner and left them to pay for the meal!”

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Milly opened the door of her cottage and shivered 'Ee poor old house doesn't like being left for weeks.' Slugger brought his luggage in from the car. Milly hadn't brought any clothes back as she still had plenty in her wardrobe. They had stopped on the way and done a food shop. With the lights on and a fire burning in the grate the cottage soon became more cheerful.It was mid afternoon and Milly set about making up a bed for Slugger in her spare room. He went in with his suitcase. 'I'll have to put hot water bottles in t'beds tonight.' Slugger opened his mouth to comment but thought better of it. She soon had a chicken casserole in the oven and when it had been cooking a while Slugger sniffed appreciatively. 'Are there any nice places ter eat round here Mil? I don't want yer to 'ave ter cook all our meals.' 'I don't rightly know luv but I do like to cook.' Well we'll go into town tomorrow and see if we can get fixed up with an estate agent, then we'll see about having some lunch.
Next day while Milly cooked porridge Slugger looked round the garden and when he came in said 'I bet this place looks a picture in spring and summer Mil- are you really sure yer want ter leave it all?'
'Well- I can't see you moving here- that would really upset Dora. I don't know that she's really happy about us getting wed in spite of the chat you had with her.'
'We've had several more since that night in the restaurant. You know Dora and Steve used to quarrel a lot. I tried hard not to take sides but I couldn't bear to see her unhappy. Steve's changed for the better since they had Jeff- he's got more patience. Dora's grown up a lot but there are still  days when they have a bit of a tiff and she feels a bit insecure so she comes to me. Nowadays after she's had a little cry I just say something like this to her 'Well, you've told me all your troubles, now let me tell you how lucky you are to have such a good husband and a lovely boy like Jeff. You need to go back to them and stop feeling sorry for yourself. The one thing I want us to avoid Mil is me taking Dora's side and you taking Steve's when they have a disagreement.'
'They've not argued much in front of me.'
'They don't do it very much now, but on the odd occasion they can still have a bit of a bull and cow.'
'I don't want us to argue Slugger.'
'Me neivver gel. Now, let's get our laughin' gear round this porridge then get ter town.'
Later after they had secured the services of an agent and arranged for someone to call and take photographs they did some window shopping and had lunch in a small cafe. The rest of the day they spent going round the cottage to see what furniture could go to the farmhouse. Slugger was surprised that Milly didn't seem worried that most of it would have to be disposed of. As he lay in bed he heard muffled sobs from Milly's room. Pulling his dressing gown on he knocked softly on her door. 'Mil- you alright luv? Can I come in?'
'Okay.'  Milly was sitting on her bedin her nightclothes, on the floor were the remains of a crystal vase which was now in pieces. 'I dropped it Slugger. My favourite vase, it belonged to my mother and I was just admiring it when it slipped through my fingers and smashed. It hit the dressing table on the way down.' Slugger held her tight and kissed her gently. Then, as she returned his kiss he began stroking her hair and kissed her again with more passion. 'There now, I reckon you're not just crying over a vase. It's the whole package innit? Leaving yer home with all it's memories of yer mum and having to get rid of lots of things you've had fer years to up sticks and take on an 'usband who yer've not really known all that long- yer 'ave to be certain it's what you want.'
'What I want Slugger is more of those kisses. Hold me close again and show me you love me because I don't want to be lonely any more. Leaving loneliness behind will be a pleasure!'
'I love yer Mil, I want ter stay here wiv yer tonight- just 'olding yer close like.'
Milly slipped out of her pink  dressing gown and slippers, turned back the bedclothes and switched on the bedside light.
'Put the main light out Slugger.' As he climbed in beside her Milly whispered
'I love you too.'

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Milly woke with a start and wondered where she was. A loud snore erupted from Slugger and he turned over on his side throwing an arm over her. Very pleasant thoughts of the previous evening came flooding back in her mind and she smiled to herself. Those thoughts didn’t stay with her long however, and she frowned as doubts started to push away any pleasant daydreams.

“Ee what have I done? What will Slugger think of me?” Hastily she threw a dressing gown on and hurried to the bathroom. She splashed cold water over her face and stared at her reflection in the tiny mirror on the window ledge.

“I’m a silly old fool rushing into bed with him. I wanted to wait until we were married!” 

Slugger woke himself up after an extra loud snore. His thoughts turned to the events of the previous evening too and he grinned. He heard Milly in the bathroom and called out “Do ya fancy showing me how to cook bacon and eggs this morning?”

“I can’t face him now” Milly thought. “Um no luv, bit pushed for time as I have to go and babysit little Jeff” and she rushed out without even giving him a kiss goodbye.

Slugger scratched his head “Was it something I said?” he puzzled. “Bit odd as I’m sure Steve and Dora were taking Jeff out for the day.”

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Once outside Milly came back to her senses. 'Oh heavens why did I say that about Jeff? I must have been half asleep still- how can I be babysitting when I'm miles away at the cottage?' She breathed deeply of the cold air and leant against the door. Slugger meanwhile had come fully awake to the same realisation. Pulling on his clothes he went in search of Milly and almost knocked her flying as he opened the front door. Milly's hand flew to her mouth and she flushed scarlet. 'Whas wrong luv- you gorn orf me or somefink? '
'No, of course not- it's just- well last night--'
'A perfick night for me gel- di'n't you enjoy it?'
'I did, yes- but I wanted to save mesen for when we're wed! Whatever must you think of me?'
'I fink yer smashing gel. Look, there's no tellin' 'ow much time we'll have tergevver so at our age whas the point in waiting- seize the day, carpy dim or suffink like that.Yer di'n't want ter wear white did yer?'
'No- but I were brought up right- I reckon me mum will be turning in her grave and what'll Dora and Steve think?'
'It's none of their business and they've no room ter talk, anyway who's gonna trell 'em?
If yer want gel tonight and fer the rest of our stay we'll sleep in our own rooms. Then when we get back yer can go back ter being a respeccable unmarried lady till Easter.'
Milly nodded slowly and went inside to cook bacon and eggs telling Slugger exactly how it should be done.
They had brought some strong cardboard boxes with them and spent the rest of the day packing Milly's possessions away. In the evening they settled down on the sofa to watch an old film on the television. It was a weepie and Slugger put his arm round her and dabbed her tears away with his hanky. Afterwards they sat drinking cocoa and dunking digestive biscuits. 'Eee this is nice and cosy.' said Milly, As she washed the mugs Slugger stood behind her, arms round her waist singing 'Moonlight and Roses softly in her ear.
Outside her bedroom he kissed her goodnight and turned to go to his room. Milly stayed him with a hand on his shoulder. 'As to what you said earlier, about sleeping in our own rooms, it's not what I want Slugger. Let's mek the most of this time we have here alone together and worry about what'll 'appen when we get back later.'
'Atta girl, Mil!' said Slugger and followed her into her bedroom.
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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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'How about you having a go at breakfast this morning- I'll supervise' said Milly next day.
'Okay luv, but if yer think it's going wrong you take over cos this is the last of the bacon.'
'Well there's not much point in buying more, there's not much else we can do here. We'd best be getting back.'
'Not today Mil- let's have a day out- we can leave  what yer want ter take ready,go into Leeds for a look round then stay at that nice hotel by the canal fer a coupla nights before we go back.'
'Slugger- you can't afford that!'
'Course I can gel. The colonel left me a nice little nest egg and I aint touched it yet. I want to show you a good time. '
'Well- if you're sure.'
Slugger managed not to burn breakfast. Milly had done the washing the day before and it was a very smart couple that arrived at the hotel later. Over dinner Slugger said
'I dunno what you fink gel but I reckon as 'ow we should bring the wedding forward- make it Valentines day, we've just about got enough time if we see the vicar as soon as we get back-what do yer say?'
'Oh yes-let's! EE I'm so excited.'
'Well, termorrer yer can 'elp me choose a new suit. I reckon you'd like Dora or yer sister ter help with choosing yours eh?'
'Well- I might see something I like too.'
'Don't worry about the cost gel- it'll be my treat!'
When Slugger and Milly walked in to Steve and Dora's lounge two days later their happiness showed in their faces. 'Do you want a hand with your things Milly?' asked Steve.
'Most of it's at the farmhouse already, there's just me clothes. '
'I'll bring yer case and yer wedding outfit in for yer' said Slugger. ' Yer can take that look orf yer face you two- we aint gonna wait till Easter. If the vicar agrees the banns'll be read for the first time on Sunday and we'll be wed on Valentine's day. In between now and then Milly may well spend the odd night or two at the farmhouse.' Steve had been drinking a cup of tea and he stopped himself from choking with difficulty. He cast a sideways glance at Dora but her face was expressionless. 'Gotter luv yer and leave yer now, we got ter see the vicar in 'alf an hour. ' Just after they left Ron came in grinning.
'What do yer make of old Casanova Jones then?'
'I'm going out for a ride-look after Jeff, Steve.' said Dora flouncing out.
'Dear, dear, dear-look's like the cat's amongst the pigeons!' said Ron.
'She'll come round, I reckon I'm gonna feel the rough end of her tongue for the rest of the day though.'
'Well I say good luck to the pair of them. Never seen Slugs look so happy.'
'Nor me Milly. I just hope nothing happens to spoil things.'

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Re: Moonlight and Roses
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Milly noticed Dora tacking up Copper in the yard.

“Before we leave Slugger, can you wait here a minute? There’s something I need to do.” Slugger watched her march over to Dora with a determined air. “Oh Lord” he thought “Trouble ahead!” but he decided it might be the best thing to clear the air and he left them to it.

“Dora, might I have a word?” Milly barked at her.

Dora’s back visibly stiffened and she ignored her while continuing to tighten Coppers girth.

“Just what do you mean by spoiling sluggers happiness with your childish tantrums young lady!” Milly grabbed Dora’s arm and tried to turn her around.

Dora shrugged of Milly’s hand and spun round in a fury “Let go of me!” she screamed and scrambled up on Copper. She dug her heels into his sides and he leapt forward knocking Milly to the ground.

“Oh blimey!” Slugger rushed over to Milly who lay groaning on her side, her arm at a funny angle.

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'Steve!' yelled Slugger. Steve put Jeff in his cot and rushed outside.
'What happened?'
'Dora pushed Milly and it looks like she's busted her arm!'
'It was an accident, she didn't mean me to fall!' said Milly
'Let's get you indoors and get a sling on that arm then Slugger had better take you to casualty.'
As gently as he could Steve dealt with Milly's arm using a bandage from the first aid box.
'Steve- please, don't shout at Dora when she gets back. I don't want to cause no trouble'
They put Milly into Steve's estate car as it was a smoother ride than the landrover and Slugger drove carefully away with instructions to ring when he had any news. Unusually for him Jeff was yelling loudly when Steve went back inside and he took the unhappy baby onto his lap and spoke to him gently. 'Oh Jeff, what am I going to say to your mum eh?'
Dora meanwhile had ridden Copper hard for an hour then stopped to give them both a rest.
She had come away without anything to eat or drink. Copper was okay, he was grazing happily near a stream. It was the sort of place Dora and Steve would stop at in the days before they married but there always had some refreshments in their saddlebags. She felt really fed up and knew she'd behaved badly towards Milly. Steve would probably be really angry. When Copper was rested she re-mounted and turned towards home. As she neared Tockwith she saw Ron riding towards her. He cut the engine and she reined Copper in, Ron was looking serious. 'What's wrong?' she asked. When he'd finished telling her what had happened she burst into tears. 'Oh Ron, what am I going to do? I didn't mean to hurt Milly.
I'm just in such a muddle. I don't want Slugger to change, I want him to be the same as he's always been- always there for me. ' The usually jovial Ron took her by the shoulders.'You got to snap out of this girl. You've got Steve, he should be the one you turn to.'
'I do, of course I do, but I want Slugger too!'
'I'm sorry girl, but unless you stop this you'll lose Slugger's friendship. '
'I've probably done that already, and Milly's. I can't face Steve- I can't face any of them.'
'You can and you will- now let's go get a cup of tea then I'll phone Steve and see if Milly's back from the hospital.'
Dora felt slightly better after a drink and a sandwich, luckily Ron had some money for a change. 'Milly's a bit shook up, she's got to have her arm in plaster and they're keeping her in over night. Steve says you'd better get home and look after Jeff so he can go and visit.'
Dora didn't go straight home. She found herself outside the village church and tying Copper up went inside. She sat down in a pew and once more the tears came. Rev. Alan Banks who had baptised Jeff just before Christmas came out of the vestry and put a gentle hand on her shoulder. 'Mrs Ross- Dora, I don't want to pry but you're obviously upset- can I help?' Dora poured out her heart to him and he listened without comment. When she'd finished he said 'Earlier today I had the pleasure of talking to Mr. Jones and Miss Robinson about their wedding plans. They are so happy together and I believe they will be a perfect couple. They both talked about you and Steve and Jeff and how close they both feel to you. I don't think you need have any worries about your relationship with Mr. Jones but now you'll have another confidante too.'
'Milly's Steve's aunt!'
' That doesn't mean she can't be your friend too.Are you and Steve happy?'
'And would you really want to deny Slugger and Milly the kind of happiness you have?'
'No but- it's too soon. They shouldn't be rushing into marriage they should just-'
'Live together?'
'Well, no!'
'Dora- didn't you tell me how sorry you were that you and Steve wasted a lot of time before you finally got together?'
'Well that was different?'
'Yes- you were young.'
'Everyone keeps coming back to their ages. They're not that old, they should have many years left.'
'Indeed we hope so, but nothing is ever certain my dear.'
'Milly has to have her arm in plaster, how can they get married on Valentine's day now?'
'I'm sure they'll find a way, Steve will help them' he paused 'will you?'
'Oh my goodness, Steve, he wants to go to the hospital. I should have been home ages ago.'
'Take care my dear. Your husband and son need you.' Dora mounted Copper and rode away.
Alan walked across to the vicarage, looked in the directory and picked up the telephone.

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