Author Topic: A New Dawn at Follyfoot  (Read 5106 times)

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A New Dawn at Follyfoot
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“Well” said Steve “it’s like this. As you know the Colonel is good friends with Lady Martha Carne. Hazel and Ron hatched a plan to hide Blue Bacardi at her stables out of harms way until the Irish men could be caught by the police. She was delighted to help out as she likes to have a bit of a flutter on the horses and she’s won a fair bit putting bets on Blue Bacardi!”

Dora couldn’t help chuckling at this as she had a bit of a soft spot for Martha. And Joe nodded and smiled “Good old Lady Carne, she’s a game old bird and just as well the Irishmen didn’t find the horse there or she’d have blown their heads off!”

“The police are on their way” said the Colonel as he came to join them. “I’ve rung Martha and told her what’s happened. Ron and Hazel will be bringing Blue Bacardi back here soon so Dora you can have the fun of looking after him until the rightful owners come and collect him.”

Dora beamed with pleasure.

Steve looked sternly at her. “He can’t stay here forever Dora so don’t go getting attached to him!”

“I won’t” she smiled.

Some hope thought Steve but he smiled back at her anyway. “Come on girl, let’s go and get Blue Bacardi’s box ready for him….”

The End