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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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I'll just get some more ice to top this up.' He said.

'Bring a couple of towels too for the baby please.' requested Teri.

Steve went off to fetch what was needed then took his place to help Dora through her contrations. What followed next was, according to Teri, a more or less text book delivery at the end of which Dora was happily cradling her baby boy while Steve cuddled both of them.

'Does he have a name' asked Teri?

'Jeff' said Dora and Steve together.

'Ah- Geoffrey after your uncle.'

'No- not Geoffrey- just Jeff, no other name. Jeff Ross sounds just right. 'corrected Dora.

'Would you two girls like a cup of tea?' asked Steve. 'I'll put the kettle on and then go,and tell the others.'

'Thanks,' said Teri 'and while you do that I'll get mother and baby ready to receive visitors.

Steve went off with a huge grin on his face. Teri found the new nighties which buttoned down the front and helped Dora into one after she'd had a wash.
Jeff was a healthy weight and soon he was dressed in his first sized stretch suit. Steve returned with a tray of tea and biscuits.

'When you've had those the others can come up for a little visit before you try feeding Jeff again. He had suckled for a short time after the birth to speed up the delivery of the afterbirth but had gone to sleep quickly and had been laid in his carrycot. He woke up and cried soon after they had finished their tea so Steve picked him up for their first cuddle.

'I'll leave you alone for a bit and go and make sure the others have a wash befroe they come up- but don't go playing pass the baby yet. ' Teri picked the tray up and took it downstairs.

'How are you feeling darling?- tired?' asked Steve.

'A bit yes. I hope I didn't make too much fuss.'

'Course you didn't- you were brilliant! I know it was hard work.'

'You were a marvellous help Steve. Teri said she's never seen a first time dad so calm.'

'I tell you what, that was an amazing experience and I'm going to make sure I spend lots of time getting to know this little chap.' He said looking tenderly into the face of their baby son and kissing his head before handing him to Dora.
There was a knock on the door and Slugger came in followed by Hazel who stood uncertainly in the doorway. She'd never been this close to a newborn before.
'Cor' said Slugger.' 'A little boy- that's smashing that is!'
'Er yes- very nice' said Hazel.
They spent a few more minutes chatting with the proud parents then went back downstairs. Ron came up with Teri. He felt strangely emotional and thought what a lovely sight the new little family were. He went to kiss Dora's cheek and shake Steve by the hand.'Wotch littlun' he said wiggling his finger at Jeff.
'I'm officially off duty now' said Teri but don't worry I won't go off and leave you in the lurch. I might go and have a rest on your bed for a while Ron then I can get changed- I've got my things in the car.'

'I bet you're hungry now Dora. Hazel's going to make chicken supreme for lunch but we're not going to eat until about 2 o'clock so's you can all have a rest.'
said Ron.

'I hope there'll be enough for Teri' said Dora.

'Yes- plenty. Slugger's been shopping! I'll be off now' he said planting a kiss on Teri's lips.

Jeff chose that moment to start crying in earnest. 'Sounds like he's hungry.' said Teri. You'll soon get used to the different cries.'

'I'd better go make some phone calls' said Steve- 'let's see noon in London is 4pm in Buenos Aires- that's fine.

After Jeff had been fed and changed came the time of rest for the young family and their midwife. When lunch was ready Ron went to his loft room where Teri was asleep in his bed. A sheet was covering her and her bare toes were peeping out from underneath. Ron bent his head and kissed them but she didn't stir.She looked lovely to him lying there so he kissed her forehead gently 'Wake up Sleeping Beauty. Lunch is ready.'
She sat up and smiled at him, the sheet slipped down and revealed her lacey underwear. Ron knew he should beat a hasty retreat but his feet were rooted to the spot. She hastily covered herself.
'I'll be there in a few minutes.' she said and Ron reluctantly tore himself away.
Steve and Dora ate upstairs and he said he would do some work in the afternoon so Ron could spend some time with Teri. Dora said she and Jeff would be perfectly alright and he was not to worry. After they'd eaten Dora fed Jeff again and Steve changed his nappy under her supervision. He was glad that they had invested in a new washing machine and tumble drier although they wouldn't need the latter yet. He went downstairs and told Slugger to keep an ear open in case Dora needed anything then went to tell Ron and Hazel that they could both have a couple of hours off. Ron and Teri decided to go for a ride in the woods which would give a couple of the horses some gentle exercise. They found a shady spot to rest and Ron took his shirt off. Teri smoothed  some sun cream over his torso. She then surprised Ron by taking off her shirt and trousers to reveal a modestly cut bikini underneath.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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'I know you usually have a change of clothes in the car but I didn't know you kept your swimming gear with you' he said.
'Well it's only been since this hot weather started. It's handy if I want to go to the swimming pool straight after finishing my duty particularly if I've just done a home delivery.'
She smoothed cream on her face neck, arms and legs. Then she leaned over and kissed Ron lovingly running her hands over his bare torso. Ron lay revelling in these moments of physical contact then put his arms round her and drew her close loving the way she felt in his arms.
'Teri darling I love you very much.'
'And I love you and being held like this in your arms.' To his surprise she reached behind her, unfastened her bikini top and took it off. 'You've been so good about us not making love but now I want you to know you are allowed to touch me.'
Ron swallowed 'And can I kiss you too?'
For answer she lay on her back and drew his head down, his lips moved over her. For long loving moments he caressed and kissed her.
'You're so lovely' he breathed. She handed him the sun cream.
'Here- put some of this on for me.' Ron slowly smoothed it all over the parts she hadn't done. She then replaced her top. 'Remember Ron- this is as far as we can go. We have to stay in control- okay?'
'It's going to be even harder from now on but yes - I understand. You know my darling I've been going green seeing Dora and Steve so happy and today with the new baby and all it really got to me. I want you to know since I met you I've been really happy and now I want to ask you Teri- will you marry me-
and I'm not just saying that because of what just happened.'
'Oh Ron- yes I'd love to marry you -and I don't want a long engagement either. The only thing is we'll need somewhere to live- we might have to start off in my flat.'

'Not necessarily. Dora and Steve are moving in to Copper's Rest after Christmas and I'm moving into the farmhouse while the loft is turned into a self contained flat with its own central heating and everything. Mr. Clegg's drawn up plans for that and to put accommodation over the two garages they had built at the back. That won't be for a while yet though. I'm sure that they will let us move into the loft when it's finished.'

'Then let's get married during the Easter holidays.'

'We'll have to see what your parents say. i have a horrible feeling that they're not going to like me!'

'Well if they don't, tough! We'll get married here and that will give those who don't want to come the perfect excuse- but let's not start crossing bridges before we come to them.' She looked at her watch. 'We'd best be getting back,I want to check that Dora and Jeff are okay.
 'Yes and I better give Steve a hand- but let's have another cuddle first.' He pushed her bikini top up and kissed her. 'You're so lovely that I don't want to let you go.'
'There'll be plenty of other times.' she said re-positioning her top and reaching for the rest of her clothes.
Ron reluctantly put his shirt back on and untethered the horses. 'Let 's go tell everyone the good news' he said.

That night Teri and Ron went out for a private celebration but before leaving her flat Teri telephoned her mother.

'Theresa you must let us meet Ronald as soon as possible. If you're to be married there's lots of things to arranged.'

'Mum- we'll come as soon as we can.'

'Theresa I've made up my mind. Your father's retired now and it's a simple thing for us to take a holiday. We'll go sightseeing while the two of you are working. I assume you can get a day off together and there's evenings too of course. We've got a lot of special events in the church during September but after that we'll be in touch.'

Teri felt that she had been railroaded but was determined that nothing was going to spoil her relationship with Ron. They arranged to go shopping for the ring on Wednesday, Teri's day off. Ron still had some of the money that the colonel had left him but had to borrow a bit more from Dora and Steve. They agreed to deduct a small amount from his wages every week to repay it.
Teri chose a ring of three small diamonds. She bought one for Ron which was a star etched into a gold base with a tiny diamond at it's centre. They also bought gold chains so they could wear the rings round their necks whilst working.She waited until they had got back to her flat to tell Ron about her parents propsed visit.

'Oh well- I'll have to meet them sooner or later!'

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Chapter 9
Two days before Teri's parents were due to arrive Ron woke up with a stomach ache. He was undecided as to whether it was a bug or a burger he'd eaten the night before. He got out of bd and dressed slowly. Steve was already up and working. Jeff had woken them early  and he decided not to try and get back to sleep but to start work instead. It was early October and the temperature had dropped. When he saw Ron he said 'you okay mate- you look dreadful.'

'Me guts is playing me up something rotten. Don't know if it's a bug or something I ate. I'll stay away from the house in case it's something catching. Good thing we had an outside loo put in when the new stable block was built.'

'Shall I bring you a dose of salts?'

'Nah mate. It'll only make me chuck. I'll just get a drink of water'

'Perhaps being sick might make you feel better.Don't try and do any work today. Take things easy.'

'Keep your distance Steve. Stay away from the stable block toilet and tell everyone else to do the same.'

When Steve got back to the house he made some tea and took it on a tray upstairs with toast, marmalade, blackcurrant jam and cereal. He and Dora seldom ate fried breakfast any more. The alarm had woken her up and she wondered where Steve was. 'Morning sweetheart.' he said as he came into the room and set the tray down. '

'Pass me my bedjacket please Steve' she said sitting up and holding the covers over herself.

'What's up- gone all shy on me?'  he asked bending his head to kiss her.

'No - it's cold this morning.' Steve handed her the jacket.

'Eat up before young master Ross wakes up again. After you've fed him I thought you might like to go outside and spend some time with the horses while i look after him for a bit.'

She nodded her head and smiled.

Dora was feeling especially happy because she'd been to the doctor for her post natal check up the day before and everything was fine. This meant that not only could she do some work with the horses but also that she and Steve could make love again. They had taken full advantage the night before firstly in the shower and later in bed. She had been disappointed when she'd woken up and found his side of the bed empty.

'Ron's  not very well this morning- got bad stomach pains. He says we should keep away. I reckon he might need to see the doctor.'

After she had been outside for some time Dora was downstairs in the hayloft when she heard a low groaning coming from above.

'Can I come up Ron?'

'No- I'm undressed!'

'Right- I'm getting Steve!'

Two hours later Ron was sitting in the estate car outside the doctor's surgery with a bucket. He had been sick but it had done nothing to ease his symptoms. Steve was waiting inside for Ron's name to be called. After a few minutes Teri drew up in her car and ran over to him. Dora had phoned her at work after Ron and Steve had left.

'You look dreadful'

'Yeah and I'm not looking forward to being poked about by the doc. either. Reckon I'll need to keep the bucket handy.Shouldn't you be at work?'

'It's okay- one of the other girls is covering for me.'

She took his wrist in her hand and consulted her fob watch. Hmmn- pulse is rather fast.'

'Yeah well you always have that effect on me.'

She felt his forehead. 'I think you've got a temperature too.'
Ron screwed up his face in pain. Teri took one hand in hers and stroked his forehead with the other. After what seemed like hours but in reality was about ten minutes Steve came out.

'C'mon Ron- they're ready for you.'

Ron walked stiffly into the consulting room where doctor Kate Logan was waiting for him.

'Take your jeans off Mr. Stryker and get up on the couch please' she said when he told her his problem.

'I hope you've got warm hands doc.' said a very subdued Ron.

Several hours later he was lying in a hospital bed with suspected appendicitis. He was visited by a senior registrar who confirmed the diagnosis.
'We need to operate as soon as possible so if I could just ask you to sign the consent form.'

'Anything to take the pain away doc.'

Teri phoned the hospital after work and when she explained that she was Ron's fiancee was told that he was back on the ward having had the operation but was not yet conscious. He could have visitors the next day. Teri phoned the farm to let them know then her parents to try and get them to postpone their visit. when she received no answer she telephoned her sister Catherine who told her that they had decided to visit some relatives who lived midway between Leeds and Liverpool and were staying the night with them. They would be contacting her before she went tto work the next morning. When they phoned and heard about Ron they said they would visit as planned but wait until he was on the road to recovery before visiting. Teri was in a quandary- she knew they would not keep Ron in hospital long. The loft room was not really a suitable place to convalesce, there was no room at his father's house and for him to sleep on her sofa was not an option. For once, however, Mr. Stryker senior  decided to do the decent thing and pay for Ron to spend two weeks in a private convalescent home.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Steve and Hazel were finding it hard to cope even with help from Slugger. Dora had her work cut out looking after Jeff and seeing to what household chores she could manage while he slept. They put an advert in the post office window asking for part time help and received a phone call from Dave, one of the local vets who offered that his twin sons would help out after college finished at 4, at weekends and school holidays. They would start immediately and work until the term re-started in the new year which would give Ron a chance to ease himself back into work. Steve and Dora were happy because the boys were known to them and could be relied on.
Five days after his operation Ron was installed in the swish suroundings of 'Badger's Rest wearing new pyjamas courtesy of Teri. It was here that she took her parents to visit him. He was reading one of Steve's paperbacks, his own favourite comic books were hidden in the depth of his locker.
'So you're Ronald.' said Elizabeth O'Sullivan.

Ron put on his best posh voice ' Thet's what I was christened yes. you may call me Ron as moost of my friends do.'

'So tell me Ronald' said Elizabeth pointedly. 'How are you feeling now?'

'Much better than I was a few days ago Mrs. O'Sullivan. This is a very naice place- pater found it for me donchew know.'
Teri shot Ron a warning glance but he simply smiled back. Sean O'Sullivan spoke for the first time.

'Teri tells us you play the guitar ,Ron.'

'Yes- I'm self taught you know so my repertoire is limited to quite simple songs. I'm still learning though and I have lots of friends in the music business.'

'How much longer will you be in here?' asked Elizabeth.

'Another ten days'

'Oh dear- we'll be going home before then and we were hoping to take you both out for a meal.'

'Well,' said Sean. 'Perhaps you would like to come up to us for a couple of days at Christmas or New Year. you'll have a few days off won't you Theresa?'

'Yes but i don't know my shifts yet. I'll have to work on one of the holidays.'

'You'll be back at work then I expect Ron?'

'Yes but hopefully I'll be able to have the same time off as Theresa.'

'Well she can let us know when you're both coming. There's plenty of spare rooms now all the family have flown the nest.They will all want to meet you and so will Father Marcus.' said Elizabeth.

I think Ron has had enough visiting for this afternoon mum.' said Teri.

'Yes of course- you must need a rest.' said Sean shaking Ron by the hand. Elizabeth merely nodded. Teri hung back after her parents had left the room and leaned over to kiss him.

'I'll come back later.' she promised. Ron lay back and closed his eyes. He was not very happy with the way the meeting with Teri's parents had gone. Now he faced meeting the whole family at Christmas or the New Year and a wedding in a strange church, a strange city among strangers.. He'd want Steve to be his best man but would he and Dora both want to come and bring the baby? They could leave him with Kathy as she was in Liverpool but she was hardly a doting grandma. Then what about Slugger, Hazel, Callie and Anna- and dare he ask Lewis Hammond? Ron had developed a headache and sleep was a while in coming. When it did his dreams were troubled. In one of them he stood on the outside of a circle of people with their hands joined. Teri was in the middle and he was trying to get to her his efforts being thwarted whatever he tried. When he awoke there was a nurse standing by his bed.

'Are you all right Mr. Stryker- you've been muttering in your sleep.'

'I've got a bit of a headache luv. any chance of a cuppa and some painkillers?'

'I'll just take your temperature to make sure you're not cooking up an infection.' She also took his pulse and blood pressure but as everything seemed normal fetched him what he asked for.

When Teri went back that evening ge shared his concern and his dreams with her.

'I think I'm catching this dream thing from Dora. Sets great store by her dreams she does.'

'Ron I want you to know that whatever happens I'm determined that we'll be married in April as we planned. We might even get married at the local Catholic Church and that will give any of my family who don't want to come the perfect excuse.'

'Oh love- you'll  have to have  all your family there.'

'Not everyone went to Joseph and Daniel's weddings because they didn't take place in Liverpool. Daniel met Lisa at teacher training college and they got married in Nottingham where her parents live. Joseph met Margaret when he and a friend went on a camping holiday to york. They stayed at her parents campsite a few miles outside the city and obviously they got married up there.

'Yes but it's not the same when it's a daughter is it?'

'You mean they wouldn't pay? Well so what- a marquee in the grounds at Follyfoot would suit me fine and it needn't cost the earth. But we'll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.'

It was another six weeks before Ron could return to work. After his stay at Badger's Rest he returned to the farm and spent a lot of time reading or watching television in the study. He was back at work by the beginning of Novemebr in time to take Teri to the village bonfire. He borrowed the landrover so Hazel could go too but Steve and Slugger stayed to keep Jeff and Dora company. She didn't like the night anyway as the loud bangs unsettled some of the horses. Steve had to spend some time with Barney who was really rattled. Jeff was mercifully unaffected. Hazel took over from Steve when she got back staying until everything had quietened down.

The next day an official looking letter arrived for Ron. 'Aye Aye' he said 'What's this then?'

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Ron opened it with some trepidation then let out a joyful 'Whoopee! I've come up on Ernie! Five Thousand lovely smackeronies!'

'Ron- that's wonderful' said Dora. 'It will be a great help with the wedding!'

'Teri and I will be able to have a proper honeymoon now- and a new double bed. The one at Teri's flat has just about had it- or so she says' he added quickly. I can't wait to tell her the good news. We're meeting some friends tonight at the 'Saracen's Head'. I can tell her when I pick her up.'

'Ron-we need help from you and Teri with something we've planned.' said Dora.'

'What is it girl?'

We want to have  a party for the children who attend Slugger's Saturday riding class probably on the first Saturday in December.'

'I'm okay with that and so will Teri be provided she's not working.'

'We've got something else to ask you mate' said Steve. 'Dora wants to make this Christmas extra special because it will be our last one living at the farmhouse. We know you and Teri will be away on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Rev. Carmichael  has agreed to christen Jeff on 19th December after the morning service and we'd like you to be his godfather. We know Teri can't actually be a godmother because of being a Roman Catholic but we know she'll help you.'

'Cor- I'd hardly call myself a good choice!'

'You're our best mate, Ron. Anna's going to be a godmother and Cleo too if she agrees.'

'Well, if you're sure- I'd be honoured. I like kids and I think young Jeff is fond of his old uncle Ron.'

Steve's auntie Milly is coming to stay over Christmas- it will be her first without gran. She'll be staying at Copper's Rest again and we'll be picking her up the week before the christening. We're going to start moving our things over so that when you get back you'll be able to move more or less straight into the house and then Mr. Clegg can start work on the conversion.'

'I need to ask if it will be okay for Teri and I to live in the converted loft for a while after we're married. It will be bigger than Teri's flat and I hope we can come to some arrangement for Teri to help out babysitting and stuff and me to do some extra hours instead of rent- that way we may be able to save up a bit.'

'Of course Ron- you can work some Sundays and work a bit later in the afternoons plus be a presence in the evenings when we've gone home. I'd certainly like a babysitter on occasions too. When the garage accommodation is completed we'll have to start looking for extra staff. More help from you will be a good stop gap. I don't think the loft will be suitable once you start a family though!'

Ron went very quiet all of a sudden. Teri had been trying to help him remember her siblings names and those of their other halves and some of the children.
He felt he was not getting very far and suggested she should give him a test before they went to Liverpool.

When Teri heard abour ron's win that evening she was really excited and told him that he must put the money in the bank as soon as possible. When they met up with her friends in the evening it was to hear that another fund raiser was in the offing. This time a pantomime to be performed in the New Year.
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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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They decided that they would perform 'Cinderella'. Terry was cast in the title role and Ron as an ugly sister.
'Have you got any ponies at 'Follyfoot, Ron, asked Roger who was playing Baron Hardup.
'No- only donkeys- and they're not house trained.'
'Oh well- the coach will have to be pulled by a Pantomime horse then.'
'Cor- can I be the back end as well as an ugly sister? I've always wanted to do that- and I know all the right movements.' said Ron.
'Anyone else want to do it?' asked Roger.
'I don't mind being the front end' said Brian. No-one else spoke so Ron's wish was granted.
Rehearsals took up a lot of time but Ron and Teri really enjoyed themselves helping to paint scenery and make props as well as learning lines. Ron could be heard rehearsing as he went about his work and Slugger joked if Ron was taken ill he could probably stand in as he had picked up so many of his lines.
One day when a feed merchant was making a delivery Ron forgot himself and spoke aloud 'No Cinderella- don't put my dinner on the table yet. I have to let my nails dry.' he wiggled his fingers as he spoke. The delivery man stared open mouthed and Ron had to explain.

'Let me know when tickets go on sale- this I must see. Ron Stryker in drag! I hope you've told Lewis and the rest of your mates.'

Ron certainly had not and had no intention of doing so- he had a nasty feeling that this man was not going to keep this news to himself!

November flew by and with December came snow and Christmas preparations. The day of the party was so cold that they had to hold it in the big barn at Copper's Rest with portable gas heaters providing warmth. Ron played his guitar for Musical Chairs and the other favourite games. The most popular was of course 'Pin the Tail on the donkey' though one little girl got very upset when it was announced as she thought they were going to stick pins into Bubble or Squeak. After tea Santa Slugger rode in on 'Jellybean' and distributed presents while Ron and Teri sang Christmas songs. He didn't say anything to Teri but he thought that if necessary they could hold their wedding reception here.

The weather cleared when Steve and Dora went to pick up Milly and the day of the christening was  bright and crisp. Cleo arrived on her own as her fiancee was away for the week. They all ateended the morning service and most of the congregation stayed for the christening. Hazel had prepared a wonderful buffet at which they exchanged Christmas gifts with strict instructions not to open them until Christmas day. Anna and Callie were going away for the holidays. As Christmas Eve approached Ron became more and more edgy.

'We'll be expected to attend Midnight Mass' said Teri. Don't worry- I'll show you what to do but of course you won't be able to recive the host.'

'Host- who's he?'

'The Blessed Sacrament- Holy Communion I expect you call it.'

'Yeah- well I haven't had that for a while.'

They left soon after lunch and took their time arriving at Teri's parents around 6.30pm to a flurry of activity. Teri's brother in law, Mike had just dropped off his four children and was taking his wife Bernadette to hospital for the birth of number five. While Sean helped Ron in with the luggage Teri was surrounded by her nieces and nephews. When he got back from delivering their luggage upstairs Ron soon found himself on the floor with the three oldest children while Teri sat 2 year old Joanna on her knee. Sean made tea whilst Elizabeth got a bedroom ready.

'What a Christmas we're having! said Sean. 'Our Martha's fifth is due any day and Joseph's wife Lisa is due in January. 'Tis a baptism of fire you'll be after getting young Ron.'

The meal which followed was attended by most of the family and Ron was soon totally confused as to who was married to who and which children were which. He became quite friendly with Richard who was not a Catholic and was married to Catherine, the eldest daughter. As it worked out Teri and Ron stayed to babysit the children whilst Sean and Elizabeth  went off to mass. Some of the other family members went too and others returned home.While they were gone Mike rang to say that Bernadette had been safely delivered of a boy who they were going to call James. He was going home to organise the children's presents and would pick them up in the morning. It had been explained to them that Santa would leave their presents at their house. They were much too excited to sleep when they were put to bed and Teri and Ron were kept busy entertaining them till they finally slept.

The morning service was packed with families. Ron did his best to concentrate but the building was imposing with it's statues and huge stained glass windows. He followed Teri's lead and stood, sat and knelt when she did but afterwards could remember little of what went on. He was glad he knew all the traditional carols even if he was singing different words in his head to some of them! Father Marcus had been invited to lunch. Elizabeth had insisted that Ron could not wear his scarf with the outfit he'd had for Dora and Steve's wedding so Sean had loaned him a brown tie. He kept fiddling with it through lunch- it was delicious but Ron could feel the eyes of the priest and Elizabeth on him. He was glad that Mike and this children were there. Four year old Samuel managed to knock a glass of wine over his grandmother's dress and she had to go and change. Afterwards the three older children went upstairs to play and Joanna fell asleep.

'Theresa- take Ronald and Father Marcus into the study while we clear up' said Elizabeth. Ron knew that the time of reckoning had come.
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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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'Well now, Ronald- what did you think of our church?'

'Er- it's a bit big isn't it?'

'Well- as you saw we have a large number of families attending so it has to be really. You're Church of England aren't you?'

'Well er yes I was confirmed when I was 13. I was in the choir for a while. I can't say that I attend regularly now mainly special occasions.'
He then went on to talk about the recent christening but what he didn't mention was that he was asked to leave the choir because he was constantly misbehaving- singing the wrong words, hiding whoopee cushions under his robes and putting them where one of his neighbours would sit on them and worst of all being caught putting 10 pence in the collection and taking out twenty.

'And will you be embracing the Roman  Catholic faith when you marry Theresa?'

'I don't think so- no.'

'Ah now that's a great pity because it really prevents you from having a full nuptial mass which I think Elizabeth has set her heart on. You could only have the shortened service.'

'I think that's really all that Ron would be comfortable with 'said Teri.

'But you would agree to having your children brought up in the faith of our church.'

'Yes of course.'

'Well I have to be going now as I have to make some visits to my people who are sick. Here's a little booklet you might find useful. Let me know when you have a definite date in mind and we'll talk some more. Don't leave it too long because of booking the reception. You've a big family, Theresa and a wedding near Easter is popular. I'll find my own way out and I'll wait to hear from you soon.'

Elizabeth put her head in. 'Everything fixed?'

'No mum- we're still a long way from that!'

'Well we're taking the little ones back to Mike and Bernadete now and you'd better be taking your presents to Martha and Patrick. Then tomorrow you should go and see the new baby and also visit Joseph and Margaret.' She hurried out.

'Teri- can you explain to me what your family does about presents- I notice ours came from Catherine, Richard and the family.'

'Yes that's right- there's too many of us for everyone to give everyone else a present. Every year we are all given one family to buy gifts for. We spend a maximum of £25 per family member. Mum and dad provide selection boxes for all the children and a bottle of wine for the adults. The family club together and buy a large fruit basket and flowers or chocolates for mum and dad. We also have a birthday fund. Each family pays £50 per month into it and that's used to buy everyone a present on their birthday- there's usually three or four a month!'

'You know I used to hate the fact that I was an only child- now I see that it does have it's advantages!

The rest of their visit passed in a flurry of visits to and from other members of Teri's family. By the time bedtime came on Boxing Day Ron  was ready to go back to work for a rest. To him Dora, Steve, Jeff, Slugger and Hazel were like family- closer even than his own father. He would gladly add Teri to the top of the list but his head swam when he thought of all the others. 'Dear, dear, dear- I still haven't got them all sorted.I wish that they could all have their names tatooed on their arms he said to himself . 'It would make my life a lot easier.!

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Chapter 10.
On the way home Ron was very quiet mulling things over in his mind. They stopped for lunch at a country pub and Teri asked Ron if he would go back to thr flat with her so they could talk. Before getting back into the car to carry on their journey, he took her in his arms and gave her a long and tender kiss.
They had had very little time alone together while they were away.
'I feel a lot better now- I love you so much.' he said caressing her face gently.As a snowflake fell on her cheek he brushed it away.
'I love you lots too.' she said opening the car door so they could escape the snow which was now coming down quiet hard. They sat for a while to see if it would pass.

'I wonder what's been happening at Follyfoot' said Ron. 'I hope they haven't taken in any more old crumblies. I need to be broken in gently.'

'You should worry, I'm back on call from 10pm tonight!'

'Let's call in at the farm before we go to your flat so I can drop my stuff off and pick my bike up in case you get called out and I'm left with no transport.'

When they drew up outside the farmhouse there was no sign of any snow. Steve and Slugger were busy loading things into the land rover.
'Wotcha mates- just dropping me gear off and picking up me bike.'

Teri went into the house to see Dora who was playing peek a boo with Jeff.

'How did things go?' she asked.

Teri pulled a face. 'Ron and I now need to have a serious chat about where we go from here. I think my family have completely overwhelmed him. He did enjoy playing with the children and all the new toys though!'

'Well you know where I am if you want to chat- not Saturday though because we're taking Milly home.'

Teri waved to Steve and Slugger as she got into her car and called to Ron that she'd see him soon. After a brief conversation with Steve Ron headed off on his bike. By the time he got to the flat Teri had the kettle on.

'Come here darling.' he said. She went into his outstretched arms and they spent the next few minutes enjoying holding and kissing each other.
'It's good to be back.' he said. 'Let's have a cuppa then we'll talk.'
He was soon seated in the armchair with her cradled against him.

'Well what are we going to do about this marriage thing? I assume you still want to marry me in spite of what some of the family think?'

'Oh yes- no doubts in my mind- but what about you?'

'I can't imagine life without you. Yes absolutely I want to marry you!'

'But you're not happy about it being in my home church in Liverpool are you?'

Ron hesitated for a second 'If it's what you really want- I'll do it.'

'No- I couldn't put you through the ordeal- because that's what it would be for you. We could gt married here in St. Catherine's after all it's the church I attend now or we could get married in a register office and ask Father Michael  to conduct a service of blessing afterwards.'

'You wouldn't really like that though would you?'

'It wouldn't be my first choice , no.'

'Well we need to go and see Father Michael as soon as possible to see about getting married in St. Catherine's. But first of all you need to tell your parents.
I had an idea about the reception. The Christmas party went well in the barn at Copper's rest. There'll be electricity in there by April. We could hire all the tables and chairs we need and portable gas heaters. We can use outside caterers. If Steve and Dora are agreeable what do you think- would you prefer a hotel? '

'No- it sounds fine to me-should be cheaper that a hotel I'd say. Daddy would probably be relieved not to have to pay out for another big hotel do. I think he's still paying off the loan he took out for the last one and that was several years ago now.'

'Bit of a dilemma about bridesmaids though- so many to choose from!'

'It can't be done- I'd either have to have them all or none.  I

think I'll stick to a couple of friends from work.'

'Good idea love. There we are- decision made. Now all we have to do is set the wheels in motion.'

'I think I'll leave phoning mum till after New Years Day I'm not looking forward to it!!!

'Theresa O'Sullivan- how on earth am I going to break the news to father Marcus?' said her mother when Teri phoned.

'I'll ring him if you like.'

'No- this has to be done in person. I don't know how many of the family are going to be there to see you married!'

'Well they'll all get their invitations as soon as things are fixed. Are you happy with what we said about the reception?'

'Your father say's it's your day and if that's what you want....'

'It is. Now Dora and Steve have got a couple of spare rooms at the bungalow and they're quite happy for you and dad to stay in one for as long as you like so you can be on the spot to organise things. I'm going to have the other one because I don't want to  be married from the flat. Daddy will give me away won't he?'

'His youngest daughter?- of course he will!

Elizabeth sighed as she put down the phone. In her mind she saw Theresa walking down the aisle of St. Thomas's to marry a junior consultant whose family were good Roman Catholics and of them living in Liverpool near the rest of the family but that dream had just fallen into a pile of horse manure.With a heavy heart she put on her coat and drove to tell Father Macus the news.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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Ron attended the service at St. Catherine's with Teri. The exterior of the church, which was in Tockwith was familiar to him but he had never been inside before.He did not find it nearly as intimidating as St. Thomas' and afterwards they made an appointment to see Father Michael the following week.
Meanwhile,as Milly had gone home, Steve and Dora finally moved into 'Coppers Rest.'It was a huge bungalow having had several extensions added over the years. There were 5 bedrooms, two of which had en suite bathroom cum toilets a spacious kitchen diner, lounge, study, utility room,bathroom and separate toilet. The utility opened out onto a large patio area with pond. There was also a large greenhouse and conservatory. The old lady had raised a large family but one by one they had drifted away from home and had only found out after her death about the financial difficulties which had forced her to sell the vast property and lands to the colonel. Now it belonged to Steve and Dora- he had made sure that her name was down as joint owner when the legalities of the will were sorted. He felt like he was living in a palace but to Dora used to the luxury of her parents London home and the Colonel's big house it was just a place to live.
Ron moved his belongings into the farmhouse so that work could begin on converting the loft into  a self contained unit. The garages where Dora and Steve had kept their cars were now being used as storage for hay and tack so that the whole of the loft building  could be converted for use by Ron and Teri the plans having been modified when it was known that they would be starting their married life there. There was a double garage at Copper's rest to house the estate car and the land rover.

The pantomime opened on January 15th and ran for three nights. Ron was surprised to receive a letter  when he arrived for the first performance- it read 'Dear Ron,you don't know me but i have admired you from afar for many years. When I heard about this pantomime I just had to take the opportunity of seeing you perform. I have the same seat for all three performances in the middle of the front row. I just want to wish you and Teri every happiness for your future together. Although I love you, ours is a love that can never be as my future lies somewhere else.' It was simply signed Love and kisses M.
Ron could not help peering out from the wings before the house lights went down. Was there someone sitting in the middle seat of the front row? It appeared there was but he could not really make out any features. Marie saw him looking her way and knew he was unlikely to be able to see her. The computer generated journey back through time meant that although she could see and hear everything that was going on she could not be seen. She was sure that her gasp of pleasure would be heard when on the first night Dora, Steve and Slugger were sitting in the same row but no-one seemed to have noticed. All through the first half her eyes were riveted to the stage, tears running down her cheeks at the antics of her hero playing the character of Mimi Hardup with a long ginger wig and bright pink dress. In the interval she tried hard to listen to the conversation between Slugger and the others and picked up that Anna was babysiting Jeff. She would have loved an ice cream but had to make do with sucking the sherbert lemons she had in her pocket resolving to bring a small carton of drink the next night. In the second half Ron and the other sister Soso performed a pantomime striptease ending in massive bras and French knickers before Cinderella dressed them in their outlandish outfits for the ball. A mere two scenes later Ron was performing a dance as the rear end of the horse before it pranced off pulling Cinderella's carriage to the ball. Back in character as Mimi again Ron performed with Soso and Prince Charming a hilarious routine to 'Let's face the music and dance.'

After the performance Marie watched unseen as Teri and Ron left the hall. She crept up behind and kissed Ron's cheek. His hand touched the spot and he turned round but she was already on her way back home to return the following evening.
On the second night the seats near her were occupied by Anna, Callie and Hazel. On the final night she gasped when she saw Lewis Hammond walk in with some more young men who she thought must be part of the biker clan. They were laughing and jeering as they sat down in the row behind her.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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'Poor Ron' said Marie-'They'll make his life a misery!'

Being invisible has it's advantages. One of the gang was sitting immediately behind Marie. She reached over and pulled his hair hard. He began accusing his friend next door. Lewis was sitting on the end of the row, Marie got up, took off her shoe and hit him on the knee with the heel. Then with the other foot stamped hard on the toe of the biker sitting next door. They all began taking sides shouting insults at each other and pushing and shovind. Several burly men came down to the front and asked them to leave which they did reluctantly and noisily. Marie returned to her seat and sat back to enjoy the show for the third time. As it was the last night the cast played pranks on each other. The horse deposited droppings on the stage, they were actually bags of chocolate drops which Cinderella picked up and threw to the audience. The clock at the ball struck 13 instead of 12, the slipper didn't fit when Cinderella tried it on and Buttons challenged the prince to a duel with sticks of rock when he asked her to marry him. In the wedding scene finale Mimi and Soso came on carrying a baby each and accused the prince of being the father. He removed the shawls they were wrapped in to reveal two snowman balloons which he burst over the heads of the sisters. As they contained water they got rather wet and Ron took off his wig to dry his face.
Marie laughed and laughed and blew kisses at Ron. She threw him a silk rose with a message attached: 'Ron Stryker- you're a star! -love M' Then with a final shout of 'Follyfoot Forever' she returned to her own time.

The cast enjoyed a last night party after which Ron returned with Teri to her flat as he had done after each performance. Earlier in the week they had finalised the wedding date with Father Michael- April 1st- under three months away.

'April Fools Day- I guess we're gonna get teased about that' said Ron. We won't have time to get invitations printed we'll just have to get the ones you fill in yourself. I've spoken to the caterers and the furniture hire people so we'll just have to confirm the numbers as soon as we can. I reckon there's only about a dozen or so people I want to invite.'

'Well I've got at least 25 work colleagues and pantomime cast I want to ask. If all my family come it could be around fifty of them including the children and I suppose I'd better ask Father Marcus as well as Father Michael. '
'My brain's tired, Teri. I need to sleep. Work starts on our loft conversion on Monday. '

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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The next six weeks passed in a flash and Valentine's day arrived.Ron and Teri han not been out together for a while as there was not a lot of spare money. Ron's windfall had allowed him to book a few nights in Paris for their honeymoon. He had also ordered and paid for the bed, bought a new suit, paid Dora and Steve back the money he'd borrowed and bought the wedding ring and presents for the bridesmaids. Teri's parents had been down to inspect the barn, visit the caterers and the furniture hire people. Elizabeth was making the wedding cake. Dora said she did indeed remind her a bit of her own mum, Prudence but it was clear that she loved Teri and all the rest of her children very much. Ron felt they needed a night out so he and Teri went into Harrogate to see the farce 'Let Sleeping Wives Lie.' Afterwards they had supper in a Berni Inn. Ron had a couple of beers but as Teri was driving she only had a small glass of wine.
At Copper's Rest Dora and Steve ate steak and chips by candlelight after Jeff was in bed. Dora had been quiet during the evening and as they sat on the sofa enjoying a glass of wine Steve asked if there was anything wrong.
'I was thinking that it's almost a year since uncle died and we still haven't buried his ashes. I think I'm ready now for them to go under the tree we planted for him. I'd like to do it before the wedding.'

'Do you want to do it on the actual anniversary in four week's time?'

'Yes and I'd like it to be just you, me and Slugger. I wouldn't want Ron to be unhappy so close to his wedding'

'He'll have to know what we're doing, love- he might want to be there.'

'I was hoping he might mind Jeff for us for a while.'

'Okay- we'll see what he says.'

Back at the flat Ron and Teri had been enjoying some tender moments.

'Roll on 6 weeks time' said Ron as Teri straightened her clothes and he reluctantly put his shirt back on ready to go back to the farm.
'Time is sure to go by fast now- we'll soon be an old married couple.' she replied.
'April in Paris, Chestnuts in blossom' crooned Ron, Mr. Clegg says another 3 weeks and the loft will be ready for furniture. There's still a lot of the colonel's stuff in store- Dora says we can have what we like.'

Ron said he was quite happy to mind Jeff while the others took part in the little ceremony for the colonel. Dora had found a poem called 'The Horseman's Last Ride' that she wanted to read. Slugger wanted to say a few words about army days and Steve to say thankyou for giving him a second chance after the squire sacked him. They had all been too choked up to say anything at the funeral- it had taken a big effort from Steve to read a lesson. They were happy to let Dora's father, Arthur , well used to public occasions,  say a few words. Here, in the private surroundings of the lake they paid their tributes to the one they'd loved in their different ways.

'When my time comes, this is where I want to be too' said Slugger.

Steve nodded in agreement 'But not for a long time yet.'
Dora shivered, S
teve put his arm round her and hugged her to him.' You okay now sweetheart?'

'Yes- let's go and rescue Ron!'

Later Ron himself walked down to the lake.' I wish you could be here for my wedding colonel, sir. I think you'd get on with my Teri.'

A pigeon flew down from the nearby tree and sat looking at Ron with it's head on one side. It opened it's mouth as if to speak , ruffled it's feathers then flew away high into the air. 'Cheers colonel' said Ron and rode off to see Teri.

The converted loft was bright and welcoming. The floor had been extended and upstairs were two bedrooms, bathroom and shower with toilet. Downstairs was a kitchen diner , lounge and another toilet. The whole place had central heating. The barn at Copper's Rest had also had electricity and water supply laid on. Several heaters had been fitted because the plan was that in the future school parties could come and visit the farm and in the barn they could listen to talks and enjoy their lunch. It had been swept clean and emptied of all but essentials in order to accommodate the wedding guests. The big day was now only a week away. The dresses were finished. Teri's parents had arrived and they'd had the wedding rehearsal- then a phone message came from Liverpool...

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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chapter 12
Two of Martha's children had caught chicken pox. 'I wouldn't mind betting that it wont stop there' said Elizabeth.

'Sure 'tis lucky that Teri hasn't come in contact with them' said Sean.

'I've had it and so have all my brothers and sisters' said Teri- 'Don't know about their spouses though.'

Dora, Steve and Ron said they'd all had it too. All they could do now was to wait and see how many of the family would be able to make it to the wedding.

On Thursday afternoon, two large motor homes arrived at the farm. In the first was Teri's brother in law Mike with two of his children and sister Catherine with her husband and five children. Mike's wife Bernadette had stayed at home with her two youngest children. In the second vehicle was Teri's brother Daniel and his family and her other brother, Joseph. He said Father Marcus was coming but staying with a friend in Leeds. The rest of the family had all been affected by sickness in some way. Ron showed them where to park and where all the toilets were. The number of guests would now be 75- some had already said they would not be coming even before the chicken pox outbreak. Teri had already finished work earlier in the week, cleared out her flat and moved into Copper's Rest. After hugs all round the family trooped off to the bungalow where Elizabeth had prepared a meal for them. Steve, Dora and Jeff were spending some time at 'Follyfoot' and Hazel was cooking tea. Mike had protested that it wasn't fair to turn them out of their home but Steve assured him they were fine at the farm.

'Phew- it's going to be an interesting couple of days' said Steve. Jeff had begun to whimper so he took him out of the buggy and carried him into the farmhouse. '
We'd better try and keep him away from the children as much as possible in case any of them are carrying the disease.It's not much fun at any age but at his age it would be horrible.' said Dora.
Jeff went to sleep and Steve put him back in the buggy while he and Dora settled the horses then ate their meal. A noise from outside alerted them to the arrival of Teri's family. They heard a shout from Catherine -
Oh my stars- you little imp!'
Going outside Steve saw that one of the children had managed to open a stall and a grey horse wandered out.

'Don't worry- said Steve- it's only Alex, he wont run away! Be warned though not to do that again as some of the horses are not so well behaved.
Ron put Alex back in the stall.
'We've cleared up back there' said Teri. 'The children have been playing outside but Mike and Ron have been supervising.'
'I'm so sorry you're having to put up with this' said Mike.
'It's okay- that's what friends are for.'said Steve. 'We're off home now- see you in the morning Ron, Mike.
'Mum and dad are going down to the village for a drink later' said Teri. 'Ron and I will probably join them but we're going to put the wedding presents on display in the loft appartment first.'

'Do you think Ron is okay with this big family gathering?' asked Dora as she and Steve sat together enjoying their bedtime drink.

'He'll be fine. I'll give him lots of moral support tomorrow and Saturday. I think Teri's a bit sad that Bernadette couldn't come- she's closer to her than any of the others. They all seem nice enough though. It's a good thing we've got the twins working with us. We're going to be relying on them a lot over the next week or so.'

As they were washing up Elizabeth, Sean and Teri came in.

'We're just off to bed' said Steve. As he passed Teri he have her shoulder a squeeze and Dora gave her a hug.

'You okay?' she asked and Teri nodded but Dora thought she 'd seen the trace of tears on her face. She said as much to Steve in the bedroom.

'Yeah' he said. 'I thought the same'

to be continued later
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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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It was very rare for Jeff to wake during the night but at 3am he began to cry. Steve got up and put on his pyjama bottoms and dressing gown and went in to him to find he had a very wet nappy. He noticed that there was still a light on in Teri's room and when he went past to get a nappy from the airing cupboard he heard the sound of muffled sobbing.
'Dora' he said going back into their room. 'Teri seems to be crying her heart out. i think perhaps you ought to go and see what's the matter while I sort Jeff out.'
Dora found a nightdress and put it on with her dressing gown. she tapped gently on Teri's door.

'Can I come in- it's Dora.'
'Yes okay.' She went in and closed the door.
'Teri- whatever's wrong? Have you and Ron had a row? You know Steve and I had a right humdinger before our wedding.'
Teri shook her head.
'You haven't changed your mind have you?' again she shook her head.
'It's my mother, Dora. She's trying to convince Ron and I that our marriage won't last. Says we'll be living from hand to mouth especially when I have to give up work when we have a baby. she's giving Ron a complex. I've never seen him look so sad as he did tonight. I'm glad I took him in the car because he had a bit too much to drink and I had to help him upstairs. Mum and dad were waiting outside here for me when I got back. Apparently dad had told her she wasn't to say anything else to put us off and she should let me enjoy my wedding day as I deserve to do- but Oh Dora- I'm so worried that Ron will want to call it off. I just couldn't bear to lose him. Steve knocked on the door and Teri told him to go in.

Steve will go and see Ron first thing tomorrow and make sure he's alright won't you darling?'

'Of course- do you think he might be having second thoughts- is that what's upsetting you?'

'My mother has made sure of sowing doubts in his mind. I wish we hadn't gone to the pub tonight. I love Ron just the way he is and I'm looking forward to our life together. I wish we'd decided on a register office wedding then my mother wouldn't have come!!'

'You don't really mean that' said Steve. 'Shall i make you a hot milky drink- you need to get some sleep.'

'I'll do it myself- I don't want to bother you.'

'Nonsense' said Dora. 'Go and wash your face and get back into bed and I'll bring your drink to you.'

In the kitchen Dora said 'Oh Steve, what are we going to do? I don't know how I'm going to face Elizabeth tomorrow. I feel like giving her a piece of my mind.'

'I know how you feel, sweetheart but it's up to her family to sort her out. We need to concentrate on Ron- keep him out of Elizabeth's way if possible and make sure he and Teri have a heart to heart tomorrow morning sooner rather than later. I'll go to Follyfoot first thing as usual and see if Ron's about- give him a shoulder to cry on. Right now we need to sleep. You take Teri her drink while I peep in on Jeff. Hopefully he'll sleep through now.

It seemed hardly any time at all before their alarm went off. Steve had a quick cup of tea and a wash before heading off'

'I'll be back for breakfast- no having a go at Elizabeth' he said kissing her.

She shook her head. 'I wont.' She had just finished a cup of black coffee when she heard Jeff stirring and went to get him up. He smiled at her.

'You're going to be as handsome as your daddy' she said topping and tailing him before giving him his bottle.

Back at the farm Steve stood outside the loft appartment which now boasted it's own front door. It was locked so he rattled it and shouted

'Ron- are you awake?'

'No- Go away. I've got one heckova hangover and your banging is not helping!

'I'm going to see to the horses then I'll bring you a black coffee and you'd better be up!'

Ron grunted and Steve could imagine him turning over in bed and pulling the covers over his head. They kept a spare key in the farmhouse so he knew he'd be able to get in. He began to open the stables and say 'Good Morning' to the horses. In a few minutes Slugger came out to help.

'Everything okay son?'

'Just a bit of pre-wedding drama Slugs. I need to take Ron a black coffee when we've finished. He's a bit hungover and he and Teri need to talk. I'd like to have him in a fit state so I can send her over when I go back for breakfast.'

Over in the exercise field Steve could see signs of life around the mobile homes.

'Blazes' he said. 'I hope they won't come over till I've got Ron sorted. They worked hard and as Steve was finishing off Slugger went to make the coffee.
Steve tried the loft door again and it opened. 'I'll be back in a minute. Ron.' he called- but there was no answer. As he turned backto the farmhouse he saw Ron walking towards the lake- predictable- that's where they all went when they needed time to think. Steve didn't hurry but followed Ron and caught him up as he stood at the water's edge.'

'I hear you've got trouble with Elizabeth, mate.'

'She hates my guts, Steve. Sean's okay and so are the rest- well apart from Patrick, Martha's husband. He's a bit holier than thou. He and Martha weren't actually coming to the wedding anyway even before the poor kids went down with chicken pox- said it was too much of an upheaval with three kids under 5- I suppose he had a point. What am I going to do Steve? I love Teri but if I'm going to be the cause of a rift between her and her mother will we be happy?'

'You talk to Teri. he'll be over after breakfast. I know she loves you. Keep out of Elizabeth's way as much as possible. Now- go indoors and have a coffee and something to eat if you can face it and I'll send Teri over when I get back. The chairs and tables are coming today. Maybe if Sean, Joseph and Daniel can  help the men with them she can supervise. perhaps between them they can convince her to leave you alone.'

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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'Thanks mate- I'm sorry I was so grumpy before.'
'That's okay- but no going out tonight however persuasive Teri's family are. You've had enough alcohol to last you till Saturday when I may allow you to have a glass of dutch courage.'
Keeping Elizabeth and Ron apart was not easy but they managed it. After re-assuring Ron of her love for him and telling him that nothing her mother did would stop them from getting married she went to find Elizabeth and made sure that Sean knew to keep her in the barn supervising things there. Steve stuck close to Ron. Dora told Teri to take the donkeys, Bubble and Squeak into the field so the children could take turns having rides. Mike, who like Joseph was a teacher organised them into a line and settled any arguments.Catherine and Richard kept the children who did not want rides amused by playing non stop cricket.Dora pushed Jeff over to the field where the horses were enjoying their day in the sun. She took him out of the buggy and carried him round to greet them telling him their names as she always did. She then walked down to the lake where Steve found her at lunchtime.

'I've put the donkeys back in their pen. Hazel has made a mountain of sandwiches for Teri's family. I've told Ron and Teri to take a picnic and ride out together on Barney and Jellybean to get away from everything and spend time by themselves. Now- let's go home for lunch.'
When they arrived Joseph told them that his parents had gone into Tockwith for lunch and were then hoping to call in at the church and see if the flowers had been arranged as Father Mike had promised. Dora could now cook a mean omelette and Steve took care of Jeff's needs while she prepared their lunch.
'I don't know about you but I'm exhausted' she said.

'You stay here with Jeff this afternoon . I'll see if I can get away early and we'll have takeaway for tea. If you don't mind I think I'll spend a bit of time with Ron this evening.'

'Good idea- keep him out of mischief!'

Chapter 13.
The day of the wedding  dawned bright and clear. Steve went down early to do the pre-breakfast chores. Ron's window opened and he stuck his head out singing 'Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day, I've got a beautiful feeling I'm getting married today'

'I'm glad you're in a good mood Ron.'

'Yeah- so good I'll come and give yer an 'and. Soon as I've done I goota go 'ave me shower cos there's an 'eck of a lot of people need to use the facilities today!'

Dora and Teri had already showered when he got back and after breakfast he took his turn. When he got out he took Teri to one side. 'Ron's on fine form this morning- how are you?'

'I feel great. I'll have to get my skates on as I'm due at the hairdresser's at 10 o'clock. Give Ron my love when you see him please Steve.'

' He said to give you a kiss from him' said Steve kissing her cheek. 'But I'm not taking him one from you- Dora can do that!

'I'm going to drive over to the farm with all our stuff so you've got this place for yourself, your parents, and your bridesmaids' said Dora.

Later she looked at Ron and Steve and thought what a handsome pair they made. Her husband wore his wedding suit with a brown tie. She kissed him as she fixed his white buttonhole in place. Ron was in a beautiful purple suit with black reveres, white shirt and purple tie chosen to complement the lavender dresses of the bridesmaids. Dora fixed his buttonhole too and kissed his cheek. 'That one's from Teri- and this one's from me ' she said repeating the process. 'Be happy- like Steve and I are' she said.

Steve thought she looked beautiful in her tan trouser suit with brown scarf at the neck- worn in the bridegroom's honour. She was driving Slugger, Hazel and Jeff to church. Steve was driving himself and Ron to save on taxi fares as they had had to order two mini buses to transport Teri's family including Elizabeth.
Before he drove off Steve kissed his wife and son. 'Drive carefully darling' he said.

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Re: New Story Ron's Romance by Loopylin(Norfolk Dumpling)
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As they pulled up in front of the church Steve asked Ron if he was feeling okay.

'Yeah but I need a drink and a fag' he said looking longingly at the pub just across the road. You've had your drink. you can have one cigarette and then we go in out of the way of your future mother-in-law who'll probably wait until Teri arrives before she sits down.'

Cor me dad an' my aunt and uncle's just arrived- all dressed up like dogs dinners. Steve- you have got the rings haven't you?'

Steve produced them. Ron stubbed out his cigarette and replaced it with a mint.

'Afternoon son, afternoon Steve' said Stryker senior. 'Never thought to see this day- thought you was a confirmed bachelor. Still - I reckon you picked a good- un.'

More guests had arrived some of which Ron recognised from the pantomime. The photographer took some shots of Ron and Steve before they entered the church just ahead of the first of Teri's family. As they took their places in the front pew they were greeted by Father Michael and Father Marcus.

'Are you a Roman Catholic yourself Steven- that's a fine saints name you have.'

No father- I was married in the village parish church in the village near where I work.'

Dora had just entered the church and sat behind him with Jeff, Slugger and Hazel.

'This is my wife and son' he said proudly.'And Slugger and Hazel who work with us.'

'Nice to meet you all I'm sure.'

Elizabeth came in next followed by her two sons. Father Marcus went to greet them. There were a lot more people sitting on Teri's side than Ron's. He had decided against inviting Lewis and his other mates as he had heard that they'd tried to cause trouble at the pantomime. He fiddled nervously with his tie.

'Try to relax mate- it's nearly time' said Steve.

'I really don't know why I'm going through with this' said Ron.

The organ began to play 'Nights in White Satin' and Teri entered the church on her father's arm a vision in white satin and lace.

'That's why' said Steve winking at Dora as he ushered Ron into position. A beautiful smile lit up Ron's face as he watched her progress down the aisle. There was a distinct catch in his voice as he repeated his vows. Dora buried her face in Jeff's coat, Slugger blew his nose. Elizabeth wept openly. Steve swallowed a lump in his own throat as he remembered making those same vows just under a year ago .The priest had swung incense as the prayers were said and the smell was rather overpowering. When Steve came out of the vestry there was no sign of Dora and Jeff. He excused himself from the duty of escorting the bridesmaids and looked questioningly at Slugger.

'They've gorn outside- that smelly stuff was too much for Dora.'

The church had a side door which was open and while the rest of the bridal procession slowly made it's way towards the main door Steve slipped out to find her sitting on a wooden bench with Jeff on her knee.

'You okay know my sweetheart ' he said concern in his dark eyes.

' Yes- I just needed some fresh air- go on- they'll need you for the photo's.'

'I'll get Slugger to drive Hazel back in your car and you and Jeff can come with me.'

By the time they arrived back at the barn the colour had returned to Dora's face and she was able to enjoy the reception. She had helped Steve to compose his speech which was well received. Elizabeth looked down all the time Sean was speaking. Ron of course could not be serious and kept the guests amused with his short speech.

The reception did not go on too late as the family were leaving for Liverpool on Sunday morning. Teri and Ron were not leaving for Paris until Monday so their first two nights as a married couple would be spent in their new loft appartment. At Dora's suggestion Steve had got the spare key from the farm and made sure that no-one had tampered with their bed but everything was in order. They later found out that Elizabeth had threatened her family that fire and brimstone would rain on their heads if they did anything to ruin Tei's wedding night. Like it or not she had a new son-in-law and was looking forward to the birth of yet another grandchild.

Ron unlocked their door, kicked it open and carried his bride over the threshold. He set her down and re-locked the door before carrying her upstairs.


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